Simon Fraser University Requirements | Fees, Scholarships, Programs, Rankings

In this article is a number of things you need to know about the Simon Fraser University, its admission requirements, scholarships, application fee, tuition fees and lots more.


About Simon Fraser University, Canada

Founded in 1965 and established as a public research university, the Simon Fraser University (SFU) has three campuses, the Burnaby campus, which is the main campus, the Surrey campus and the Vancouver campus all located in British Columbia, Canada.

The university offers admission to Canadian citizens, permanent residents of Canada and international students into her various undergraduate and graduate (masters and Ph.D.) degree programs, providing students with excellent education and a globally recognized degree certificate.

Simon Fraser University has renowned lecturers and top professors, convenient classrooms with state-of-the-art teaching facilities, research facilities housing cutting-edge infrastructures to make learning easier and more practical.

The institution gets its funding from various organizational bodies including the government of Canada and alumni body which is fully invested into the teaching of students to provide world-class education.

The three campuses of Simon Fraser University are located in areas that enhance learning, connection with the people and community around, and an appropriate standard of living and suitable lifestyle.

With a vision to be the leading engaged university defined by its dynamic integration of innovative education, cutting-edge research and deep community engagement. With this vision, Simon Fraser University has been providing excellent education and producing notable alumni among which some are Nobel Prize winners.

If you are a prospective student, entering whether graduate or undergraduate degree program in Simon Fraser University, keep going through this post to learn about the necessary requirements, documents and eligibility criteria you need to possess for a successful admission application into your preferred degree program.

You will also learn about the scholarships that you as an international or domestic student can apply for to help with your educational funding.

Simon Fraser University Requirements | Fees, Scholarships, Programs, Rankings

Simon Fraser University Ranking

Simon Fraser University has contributed majorly to the progress of science, the arts and management fields which has benefitted the community and the world as a whole. These contributions didn’t go unnoticed by world university ranking platforms and have ranked the university amongst top universities in Canada and the globe.

Institutions are ranked based on their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence, some major world university ranking platforms ranked Simon Fraser University using these set of indicators as well.

According to the US News World Report, Simon Fraser University is number 290 in the best global universities and number 12 of the best universities in Canada.

Another ranking platform, the QS World University Ranking has placed Simon Fraser University on number 323 of global universities and ranked by Times Higher Education (THE) around number 251-300th world university rankings.

These ranking data are provided based on its most recent survey.

Simon Fraser University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at Simon Fraser University is 59%. Knowing the acceptance rate of the university you’re aspiring to enter is very important, it helps to know your chances of getting into the university.

The 59% acceptance rate of SFU is a big enough chance to get admitted, just have the right requirements and pass the eligibility criteria.

Simon Fraser University Tuition Fees

The tuition fee at Simon Fraser University varies from international to domestic students, degree programs and levels of study.

The tuition fee for a domestic undergraduate student at Simon Fraser University is $2,881 per term while international students are charged $14,124 per term.

The tuition fee for both international and domestic graduate students at Simon Fraser University is $1,909.

However, graduate tuition fees vary by the program also for undergraduate tuition fees at the 200 level and above offered by the Faculty of Business Administration, the School of Computing Science and the School of Engineering Sciences are higher. See the varying tuition fees HERE.

Simon Fraser University Faculties/School

These are the faculties and schools at Simon Fraser University that offers various disciplines;

  • Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Beedie School of Business
  • Faculty of Communication Art and Technology
  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of Environment
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Science

Simon Fraser University Scholarships

There are a series of scholarship opportunities offered by the University of Fraser to recognize the outstanding academic achievement of domestic and international students. The scholarships vary from international to domestic student and level of study.

Simon Fraser University Undergraduate Scholarship Requirements

  • Applicant must have completed at least 12 units of standard graded courses at SFU
  • You are already enrolled in at least a minimum of 12 units of standard graded courses at SFU in the term of application
  • Applicant must have a minimum CGPA of 3.50 at Simon Fraser University and have outstanding academic achievement.

There is a long list of scholarships, bursaries and awards that undergraduate students can apply for at Simon Fraser University that is aside from the entrance scholarship this does not require students to apply for instead students are selected based on the requirements set by the admissions board but mostly it is awarded to students who show excellence in academic performance and involvement in extra-curricular activities.

Simon Fraser University Undergraduate Scholarships

  • Anne Cubitt Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Chevron Canada Limited Scholarship
  • SFU Alumni Scholarship
  • University’s Women’s Club of Vancouver Scholarship
  • Dueck Auto Group President’s Scholarship
  • Dossa Family Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Edward and Emily McwWhinney Foundation Scholarship
  • Father Michael Bach Memorial Scholarship
  • Evelyn and Leigh Palmer Scholarship
  • Kenneth E. Mackenzie Scholarship
  • John Tell Skyes Scholarship
  • Linda Brideau Scholarship and lots of in-course scholarships which you can find HERE.

Prospective graduate students are also offered various scholarships which they can apply for and be selected if they pass the eligibility requirement set by the scholarship body as there are various scholarships each with its own requirements.

Graduate students are eligible for a variety of financial assistance programs including entrance or continuing scholarships, graduate fellowships, awards, teaching and research assistantships, bursaries and loans.

Domestic students, as well as international students, are eligible for many of these scholarship awards offered through Simon Fraser University. Entrance scholarships are equally applicable to graduate students as well, it is offered to new incoming students based on excellent academic performance and research ability.

Simon Fraser University Graduate Scholarships

  • McCall MacBain Scholarships
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship
  • Provost International Fellowship
  • Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship
  • Private Entrance Awards
  • Graduate Dean’s Entrance Scholarship
  • Indigenous Graduate Entrance Scholarships and lots of in-course bursaries which you can find HERE

Simon Fraser University Admission Requirements

The admission requirements at Simon Fraser University vary from degree program to international or domestic students and field of study. But, there are general admissions requirements that every student need to have and I will list them out

Simon Fraser University Undergraduate Admission Requirements for Domestic Students

  • The prospective student must have graduated from high school or in their final year before applying for admission.
  • English language proficiency requirement
  • Approved Math 11 or 12, with a minimum grade of 60%
  • Social studies 11 or 12
  • English 12 with a minimum final blended grade of 70%

There are more program-specific requirements that domestic students who want to study at Simon Fraser University need to see HERE.

Simon Fraser University Undergraduate Admission Requirements for International Students

  • Proficiency of English language
  • Applicants must demonstrate competence in one of the quantitative and analytical skills requirement set by SFU, to see these requirements, click
  • Prepare and submit academic transcripts
  • Must have graduated from high school or in the final year at the time of application
  • Follow and complete the faculty/program-specific requirements, you can find these requirements HERE

Simon Fraser University Graduate Admission Requirements

  • English language proficiency is required
  • Applicant must have completed a four-year bachelor degree program from Simon Fraser University or its equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • Letters of reference
  • For some programs, applicants will take the GRE/GMAT exam and submit the test score.
  • A minimum CGPA of 3.5 for doctoral programs and CGPA of, at least, 3.0 for masters’ program, maybe more depending on the program of study.
  • Applicants must satisfy any further requirements set by the graduate program committee.

Most graduate programs have admission requirements in addition to the minimum, see them HERE.

Simon Fraser University Application Fees

Prospective candidates who apply for admission to Simon Fraser University will pay a non-refundable application fee, the fee varies from international and domestic students to degree program.

Graduate Canadian applicants of Simon Fraser University will pay a non-refundable application fee of $90 CAN while international students will pay $125 CAN.

Undergraduate applicants of Simon Fraser University will pay a non-refundable application fee of $78.

How to Apply for Admission to Simon Fraser University

The following are processes to apply for admission into Simon Fraser University and it is applicable to all students;

  1. Determine what kind of SFU student you are whether domestic or international student entering graduate and undergraduate degree programs.
  2. Be sure to meet SFU admission requirements
  3. Check SFU admission application deadline
  4. Complete SFU online application

Click here to apply and follow the admission application for your degree program carefully and after you have successfully applied wait for confirmation of admission.

Some Great Simon Fraser University Notable Alumni

Simon Fraser University has produced some great notable alumni some of which are renowned actors, surgeons, actresses, governors, presidents, authors, historians, artists, physicists, footballers and others who have contributed immensely to society and the world as a whole.

  • Terry Fox
  • Bettina Bradbury
  • Margaret Trudeau
  • Barbara Adler
  • Mimi Ajzenstadt
  • Francesco Aquilini
  • Mahamudu Bawumia
  • Cam Broten
  • Gordon Campbell
  • Jim Chu
  • Glen Clark
  • Marc Dalton
  • Andrea Donaldson
  • Isabel Ge Mahe
  • Jenny Wai Ching Kwan
  • Steve Kearns
  • Daniel Igali
  • Carol Huynh
  • Ed Hill
  • Lyn Hancock
  • Cary Fowler
  • Bill Dow
  • Andrea Donaldson and lots more.


This brings an end to the article on Simon Fraser University Requirements, Fees, Scholarships, Programs and Rankings, all the according details have been provided along with the necessary application links to make your admissions into the university a successful one.

Now, with this information at your hand, the ball is now in your court to utilize the information here to your advantage and begin the journey to starting or upgrading your academic career, knowledge and skills.



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