13 Best Fully Funded Canadian Government Scholarships

Lester B. Pearson Scholarship is one of the fully funded Canadian government scholarships you can apply for online for free. There are quite a number of government-sponsored, partnered, and private fully-funded scholarships available for Canadian students and international students seeking to study in Canada and we have listed some of them below with details.

Are you a Canadian or international student that wants to study in Canada through a scholarship? This article could be what you need to get started with a fully-funded scholarship.

Canada has been known to be one of the most academic friendly countries in the world, offers more scholarships than lots of equally developed countries, it is safe to both citizens and the foreigners who study there and the presence of diverse cultures and lifestyles makes the country interesting and a place you’d love to go for study.


About Fully Funded Canadian Government Scholarships

Some of the scholarships listed here also featured on our list of full-tuition scholarships in Canada.

You should know that we’ve also compiled a list of the best postgraduate scholarships in Canada and also another separate list of the best undergraduate scholarships in Canada.

Before I begin to list these fully-funded scholarships provided by the Canadian government cum other bodies, I’ll love to ask;

Do you know the necessary documents you need to apply for Canadian scholarships?
Do you know how to apply for a Canadian government scholarship or any other fully-funded scholarship in Canada?

Well, I’ll be happy to provide answers to these questions for you in case you don’t know.

Requirements for Canadian Government Scholarships Application

  1. Student visa (for only international students)
  2. A completed scholarship application form
  3. International or National Passport or any other original means of identification
  4. Statement of purpose
  5. Curriculum vitae or Resume
  6. Standardized test scores (IELTS/TOEFL) – You can find free IELTS courses here.
  7. A letter of recommendation
  8. Copies of transcripts or Diplomas

These are the common documents that should be in your possession before you start applying for a scholarship and remember to directly contact your school of choice for more details concerning other documents they may need.

How To Apply For The Canadian Government Scholarship

  1. Make all necessary research including direct contacts to the proper officials concerning the scholarship programs
  2. Understand and prepare all necessary requirements and documentations
  3. Choose your course and institution
  4. Take the language proficiency test (IELTS/TOEFL)
  5. Begin scholarship application
  6. Apply to universities
  7. Meet up with the scholarship application deadline.

Fully Funded Canadian Government Scholarships

( Sponsored by the government, Private bodies, and collaboration between government and private organizations )

  • MasterCard Foundation Scholarship – University of British Colombia
  • Lester B. Pearson Scholarships
  • University of Manitoba Scholarships
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships
  • York University Scholarships
  • Humber College Scholarships
  • University of Calgary Scholarships
  • Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships
  • Algonquin College Undergraduate Scholarships
  • Quest University Scholarships For Undergraduate
  • University of Winnipeg President’s scholarship
  • CPIJ Scholarship For Developing Countries
  • University of Toronto Art and Science Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme


The MasterCard foundation partners with the University of British Colombia to provide fully-funded scholarships to both Canadian citizens and foreigners. The interested student gets to pick a field of their choice or course to study at the University of Colombia.

Apply here


The Lester B. Pearson scholarship is the most sort after fully funded Canadian government scholarships that offer about 40 scholarships to undergraduates that want to study at the University of Toronto and yes, you get to go for a course of your choice.

While the Lester B scholarship is mostly for international students, Canadian students can obtain free student loans and grants through the Canadian government at the university

Apply here


This scholarship is fully funded and granted only to students who want to major in a Master’s degree or Ph.D. program at the University of Manitoba and you get to choose any field of your choice.

The scholarship awards are valued at $14,000 per year for 12 or 24 months, up to a total of $28,000 and they are awarded to only admitted masters or Ph.D. students.

Apply here


Also known as Vanier CGS, it is a fully-funded Canadian government scholarship awarded to both Canadian citizens and international students but it is only meant for Master’s degree and Ph.D. programs.

For doctoral studies, the scholarship is valued at $50,000 per year for up to 3 years of study.

This scholarship is in honor of the first francophone Governor General of Canada and it is open to receive applications from both Canadian and international students.

Apply here


The Global Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarships collaborating with York University is a fully-funded scholarship program awarded to international students to study for a bachelor’s degree at the University of York and students get to choose their preferred field of study.

There are a number of scholarships available to Canadian and international students who want to study at the York University. These scholarship opportunities are so broad that almost every student applying to the university has a category he or she is eligible to apply for.

Apply here


This scholarship is fully funded for international students to study for a Bachelor’s degree program in Canada for any field of their choice.

Apply here


International students can take up this scholarship offer awarded by the University of Calgary, it is fully funded and students get to choose a course of study from a wide range of courses offered by the university.

Apply here


This scholarship grant is fully funded and even comes with a stipend but it is only awarded to just 15 Ph.D. Canadian and international students.

Apply here


This is a fully-funded Canadian scholarship program open to students of every nationality to study their preferred course in Algonquin college and get a bachelor’s degree.

Apply here


This scholarship is specially awarded to students who have been known to contribute positively in their local communities or schools, so as a reward for their achievement they are awarded this scholarship to study a bachelor’s degree on any course of their choice.

Apply here


This scholarship is fully funded and open to students of any nationality to apply and it is open for all forms of degree which are; Graduate, Undergraduate, Collegiate, Professional, Applied, and Continuing Education.

Apply here


Canadian Partner for International Justice (CPIJ) is offering a three fully-funded scholarship grant to students mainly from developing countries to attend the International Justice and Victims Rights Summer School which will be held at the University of Montreal.

Apply here


This scholarship is awarded to doctoral students who want to advance their training in their field of study but this field of study must be within the Faculty of Art and Science at the University of Toronto.

So, these are the 13 fully-funded scholarships provided by the Canadian government and other worthy organizations for international students and Canadian citizens that you should reach out to place an application to.

Apply here


Canada has been known to offer several scholarship opportunities to citizens and international students, this lists I have compiled will help you get what you are looking for which is a convenient place to study for free so get started on the scholarship applications as I wish you Goodluck.



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