University Of Winnipeg Requirements | Fees, Programs, Scholarships, Rankings

Are you a prospective student seeking admission into a Canadian university? Here is everything you need to know about the University Of Winnipeg in Canada, their application, tuition and school fees, their admission requirements, academic rankings, programs, and more.


University of Winnipeg, Canada

The University of Winnipeg is one of the public Universities in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada founded in the year 1967 with the founding colleges as Manitoba College and Wesley College, which merged to form United College in 1938.

U of W is one of the largest institutions engaging in innovative research programs, sporting activities (canoeing, snowshoeing, hockey games, vibrant arts and cultural scene), career and development programs, high standards of academic programs ranging from graduate to undergraduate level.

U of W welcomes all races and languages to learn. The university drives academic culture of excellence to works of life. In addition, the university has dedicated staff and many international and Canadian citizens are admitted for studies.

There are also, many international and local financial aids granted (bursaries, scholarships, grants, awards and prizes) by the University of Winnipeg. Its alumni body is strong and full supports from them are greatly reflected in the university community.

The University of Winnipeg is an institution fully engaged in innovative and diverse research programs. Research is an important aspect of education such that no institution can survive without it.

University of Winnipeg has hosted the following research institutes as a collaborative body to fast track progress in the area of research: Cisco Research Chair in Collaborative Technologies, the Richardson College for the Environment, the Canadian Oral History Centre, Canada Research Chairs, and numerous other research chairs, institutes and centres.

University of Winnipeg gives supportive programs to help in the building of a career in order to aid your stand and remain relevant to society. Career and development Services are provided in a wide range, to students and graduates.

These services include: Career Planning tips and tools on how to assess your potentials, explore different fields, decide on a career path and then make it happen, resources on occupations, graduate schools and pre-professional admission testing (MCAT, GMAT, etc.), and ways to get experience through internships and volunteer position.

Why should I apply to the University of Winnipeg?

There are many reasons why you may need to apply for the University of Winnipeg for your academic works. These reasons are not to convince you but to help you make some choice. The reasons are as follows:

  • University of Winnipeg is an institution founded by two institutions; meaning that these two institutions will pull resources together to help make academic works moves faster.
  • As a public research institution, the University of Winnipeg stands a chance to be more global. They have more alliances with many research centers and its students and staff are highly oriented in research through internal and final year projects.
  • University of Winnipeg is a community that promote cultural practices, so you stand a high chance to be educated in different foreign cultural practices as you participate and interact with students
  • University of Winnipeg encourages sporting activities. This is their heartbeat. You will gain more as you engage in social and cultural activities.

University of Winnipeg Ranking

In a bid to pursue academic excellence, the University of Winnipeg has been ranked by many recognized bodies. The following are the ranking scores of the University of Winnipeg: World Rank is 1836, national ranked it 41 in research, it is ranked 1775 and the university has an overall score of 66.4.

University of Winnipeg Acceptance Rate

When it comes to acceptance rate, selection remains by performance. It is not a guarantee that you will receive admission when you perform poorly.

This is an estimate for those who will perform better in the application and examination processes. The admission acceptance rate of University of Winnipeg is within range of 60-70%.

This is great news as much percentage of applicants will have the chance to be admitted.

University Of Winnipeg Faculties

University of Winnipeg has undergraduate and graduate programs. The University offers more than 400 courses in over 50 fields of study. The faculties of the university include:

  • Faculty of art
  • Faculty of science and kinesiology and applied health
  • Faculty of business and economics
  • Graduate program studies
  • Faculty of education

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University of Winnipeg Tuitions

Many people give up on schools when they get to hear tuition fees. Actually, no knowledge is free, even giving attention of is a price to pay for listening.

University of Winnipeg is not a costly institution, there are many cost to pay such as accommodation, school fees, student fees. Good news is that you do not pay at once; some come as you have started your academic works. The tuition is summarized as following:

Canadian Students Tuition

  • Undergraduate tuition fees: $3,810 – $4,389
  • Graduate tuition fees: $6,800.

International Students Tuition

  • Undergraduate tuition fees: $14,220
  • Graduate tuition fees: $14,000.

Check fee estimates for all programs

University Of Winnipeg Admission Requirements

The University of Winnipeg is a delightful place to study. The university community is great and many students, staff joyfully pursue their academic careers. The University has more than 1,200 international students from over 80 countries.

Over 12% of her total student population comes from outside of Canada. The application is done online. The application portal is available below: follow the link below and fill in your details as instructed.

Start here

The application deadlines of some faculties in the University of Winnipeg do not end at the same duration. Some end before the other. For instance,

For Canadian citizens and International applicants, the estimated deadlines to apply for the Faculties of Arts, Business and Economics, Kinesiology, and Science are: Fall (September July 2), winter (January November 1) and spring (May,  March 1), while the deadline for the faculty of Education is June 1.

International applicants are requested to apply early so as to start the processing of their international documents. It will also help not to reach a deadline so that you will not fall the victim of re-applying in the next season. Application Deadlines

There is a non-refundable application fee required when you apply. This fee must be received by the University before we can start assessing your application. The fee is as follows:

Indigenous citizens (Canadian) pay $100, International applicants pay $120, Continuance (domestic) applicants pay $50, and Continuance (international) applicants pay $120.

The payment portal is at the application portal online. You can as well pay offline by billing your payment to the admission office in the university.

Application documents

The following documents are accepted for the application of the admission. They are listed below.

  1. Original copy of your Transcripts: this could be emailed by your institution or you submit it in person.
  2. Name change documents
  3. Proof of citizenship
  4. Landing card

Diplomas can be scanned and uploaded to the Application Portal, or submitted via mail
Scans of passports and study permits etc.

University Of Winnipeg Scholarship

The University of Winnipeg has created more than 50 new entrance scholarships for new international students who will be admitted this year for the first time. These scholarships include both Undergraduate, Graduate, Collegiate, PACE, or ELP. For undergraduate scholarship, you can check the link here

Applicants are required to have a minimum 80% admission average or equivalent and must have leadership Values.

The scholarship is of substantial amount; example is that of University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarships for World Leaders for Graduate Students are valued at $5,000. This is a great amount right?

You might be interested and also at the same time asking for the requirements, cheers, the eligibility of these scholarships is for all student irrespective of your citizenship with the exception of students in the Theology (students holding NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, or PDGSS awards are not eligible too), and Joint Masters Programs, Have a minimum GPA of 3.75, must be the first or second year of an eligible master’s program Be enrolled a full-time master’s program.

Do you wish to apply? This is the application procedures:

  1. A completed application form
  2. One 250-500 word personal statement
  3. A good curriculum vitae
  4. Two referees attesting for your extracurricular works.

When you are through with all the above, send your complete application, including supporting documents, in one PDF document to
The University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for World Leaders deadline: June 1

Graduate scholarship: There are also many available awards and scholarships for graduate students. These include:

The University of Winnipeg Graduate Student Scholarship (UWGSS) is valued at $15,000 for a period of one year. There is no yearly renewal in two hundred levels, only valid in the first year. This is to help you settle for some costs that may pose challenges.

Tri-Council Awards, Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Scholarship Program, UWinnipeg Graduate Studies Awards & Scholarships, Master’s & Doctoral Funding. You can access many financial aids available here

University of Winnipeg Alumni

University of Winnipeg has graduated many students from different field of study who turn out to be great elites in society. They also have a great alumni body that is associated with strong associations.

The alumni of University of Winnipeg are committed to great support to the university community. The following but a few are among the alumni:

  • Eleanor Coopsammy, CTV Winnipeg Morning Show host
  • Hilary Druxman, jewelry designer
  • Jamie Jurczak, lawyer, Vice-Chair Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneur
  • John Langstaff, Former Chief Executive Officer and President, Cangene Corp.
  • Leonard Asper, former CEO of Canwest Global Communications Corp, media entrepreneur, philanthropist
  • Joe Martin, Partner (Deloitte Management Consulting Canada), Director (Rotman School of Management), Author (From Wall Street to Bay Street)
  • Raymond McFeetors, former CEO of Great-West Lifeco. Inc


University of Winnipeg is actively involved in innovative research programs that lead to the utmost academic fulfillment.

As a student in this institution, you’ll be given full attention, as well as support from dedicated faculty members and other students, for your academic success. Primarily, the university connects people from diverse cultures and nurture global citizens.

Apparently, with its high acceptance rate and low tuition fee, you’re certain for admittance provided you meet up the university’s admission requirements.