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Here is everything you need to know about the tuition fees, scholarships, degree programs, admission requirements, and application process to the University Of Windsor in Canada either as an international or domestic student.


University Of Windsor, Canada

Do you desire to study in Canada and still brainstorming on the institution to apply?

The truth is, it can be extremely challenging, as a prospective applicant to choose from the tons of university available in Canada which offers top-notch education. However, the universities here, are well-known for offering world-class learning experience and recognized certificates.

So, you have to cheer up because we, at study Abroad nations, make it easy for our readers to access top-notch universities in Canada that’ll satisfy their academic pursuit.

On this note, we present to you the university of Windsor, a highly dignified Centre of higher learning that is transforming academic experiences for many individuals.

Historically, Windsor traced its roots back to the establishment of the Roman Catholic Assumption College in Windsor, 1857. During this time, the city’s growth and rising demand for quality institutions of higher learning, by the citizens, led to the transition of the Roman Catholic Assumption College to a non-denominational institution.

However, it was not until 1962 that the series of incorporation Act of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, brings into existence, the University of Windsor.

Today, the university is a fully comprehensive and research-focused center of higher learning situated in Canada’s traditional ‘automotive capital’, Windsor in Ontario.

The university was founded on the bedrock of research with a heightened focus on environment, international trade research and social justice. Since then, it has widened its tentacles to cover the fields of natural science, entrepreneurship research & health.

In the university’s several decades of existence, it has gained famed internationally and recognized as the only school, that offers social justice program at the ph.D level in all of Canada.

In addition, the university is also known as the only school in North America that offers ‘Argumentation studies’ option in law, at the graduate level.

Statistically, the university has more than 11,000 full-time and part-time undergraduates and about 4,000 graduate students. It welcomes more than 5,000 international students from about 100 countries around the world.

Literally, the University Of Windsor offers an exclusive 100 undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a variety of disciplines that cut across law, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and up to Engineering. In addition, it also offers doctoral degree programs.

At the university, students are educated by award-winning, top-rated faculty members. They are also taught to create out skillset with the latest trend in technology, industry practices and strategies that’ll keep businesses to thrive. Also, there is a strong student-faculty relationship that is embodied to make students successful in their academic pursuits.

University Of Windsor campus is located at the cross-boundary between North America and the United States. The campus is very close to a waterfront at the Detroit River.

Covering an area of 51 hectares, the campus features a small arboretum and its buildings, and halls are depicted by Christian architecture since it was initially a religious institution.

In the addition to its campus, the university operates three other federated colleges;

  • Assumption University, which offers a degree in pastoral ministry and religious education.
  • Canterbury college which focuses on Library arts.
  • Iona College which is a small theological school

Why You Should Study at University Of Windsor

Coming from a background that is rooted in the Christian religion, it shows that the University Of Windsor is a school that is moral and ethically endowed and it offers an appealing education that delivers great academic results.

The school is highly sought after by national and international students. Here now are the reasons you should take into consideration.

Firstly, the program at Uwindsor are designed and tailored to help students succeed in their career. Students are taught singlehandedly by brilliant faculty members and innovative researchers.

Secondly, the tuition for its high class and dignified programs are affordable and it offer a low cost of living

Thirdly, international students are provided with an opportunity to both work and learn at the same time. It further creates an avenue for an internship.

Furthermore, all the faculties/programs are accredited by the Ontario University Council on Quality Assurance. So you have to be rest assured because its degree is recognized worldwide.

The university has a program called using talent which allows employers to hire students upon graduation.

Lastly, it has a library, called the Leddy library which consists of a collection of more than 3 million electronic resources and printed materials to enable fast research, scholarly publication, dissertation and thesis writing.

So, if you like to read and make research, the library is rich to give you ample resources to satisfy your knowledge bank.

University Of Windsor Ranking

For the record, the University Of Windsor not only offers a pleasant education but an experiential one that is tailored to innovation, creativity, research and lifelong support.

It bores the characteristics of being warm, open and friendly and this has made it the university to attract numerous students. The school is ranked among the top universities for student choice in Canada and below are statistical results from world ranking bodies concerning Uwindsor.

  • Q.S world categorically ranked Uwindsor the 701st place out of 800 in the world and 25th place in Canada.
  • Times World, in its recent report, emphatically placed University Of Windsor in the 601st mark out of 800th in the world and 22nd in Canada.
  • The U.S News & World Report, ranked it 1049 in the world and 25th in Canada.
  • As a comprehensive university with an outstanding specialization in diverse fields, Maclean’s ranked Uwindsor the 14th place in Canada.

University Of Windsor Acceptance Rate

Apparently, University Of Windsor has to its traits, a great reputation in fostering remarkable learning experiences. It welcomes numerous students from diverse cultures and nations.

In its 2018 enrollment record, the university received about 16,321 students out of the well over 23,150 that applied.

In summing up the enrollment figures, about 10,572 and 1,711 full-time and part-time undergraduate students were admitted, while 3,934 and 104 full-time and part-time postgraduate students were admitted respectively.

Hence the university’s acceptance rate is well over 61%. This implies that, out of the 100 students that applied, then 61 applicants are offered provincial admission.

University Of Windsor Faculties

University Of Windsor offers a broad range of full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate degree programs. There are about 120 majors and minors and 55 master’s and doctoral degree that is offered in its nine faculties. In addition, the university embodies inter faculty programs for special majors like; Forensic science, Environmental studies, Art’s and Science concentration. It also has co-op educational programs for interested students.

Summarily, here are the faculties available at University Of Windsor:

  • Faculty of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Engineering
  • Odette School Of Business
  • Faculty Of Graduate Studies
  • Faculty Of Human Kinetics
  • Faculty Of Law
  • Faculty Of Nursing
  • Faculty Of Science

See programs available in each faculties

University Of Windsor Tuition Fees

Apparently, good education and quality education comes with a price attach to it. University Of Windsor charges fees based on the academic program it offers. The fees however, vary in price and it depends on the program of consideration. Domestic and international student.

For the record, the estimated tuition fee for undergraduate program is in the range of $16,340 – $18,620 while the graduate programs ranges from $20,900 – $24,320.

International students tuition fees is estimated at the range of $24,410 – $24,680

Students are however advised to use the student site to estimate fees for their program option.

Check fees for the different programs

How To Pay Tuition at Uwindsor

Basically, payment of fees is made easy and accessible in various ways, which are;

In-person: here, you pay fees by cash, cheque, or money order at the students account office.

By mail or dropbox: here, cheques and money orders are made payable only to Uwindsor. Ensure to print your name and ID while crediting the account.

CIBC International Student Pay: as the name implies, international students makes use of the CIBC to make payment to Uwindsor in the student’s local currency.

Internet and telephone banking

University Of Windsor Admission Requirements

The admission requirements vary for undergraduate, graduate and national students. Possession of minimum requirements will not guarantee admission.

University Of Windsor Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Below are the necessary requirements expected from undergraduates admitted into Uwindsor

  • High school certificates
  • Academic transcripts
  • TOEFl/IELTS test scores
  • Course work during high school
  • A minimum score of at least 70%

University Of Windsor Graduate Admission Requirements

University of Windsor graduate program is tailored to a whole lot of research-based specialization. A mere possession of minimum requirements will not guarantee admission. Apparently, the minimum admission average for master’s program is 70% and 77% for PhD programs

  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
  • Application fee of $125
  • Reference letters
  • Transcripts of all post-secondary schools attended
  • English language proficiency test score
  • Writing samples
  • Personal profile
  • Resumes
  • Letter of intent

How To Apply For Admission Into University Of Windsor

Basically, you must fulfill all the admission requirements, before applying for admission into Uwindsor. Three means are available for the application process

  1. You can apply through the university’s website
  2. You can as well apply through Ontario University Application Centre ( OUAC )
  3. Through educational agents

Follow these steps to apply

  1. Log into the application website and create an account.
  2. Upload supporting documents and complete the application
  3. Pay the application fee
  4. Click the ” Submit Application” bar

You will be contacted via email once your application and payment have been processed. To view the status of your application, kindly log into eGAS with your Uwin ID and password.

Start your application

University Of Windsor Scholarship

University Of Windsor provides scholarships, awards and bursaries to new and continuing students. There’s an automatic grade based entrance scholarship that’s offered to students entering directly from full-time secondary school.

For Canadian students, the Ontario Student Assistant Program ( OSAP ) provides funds to help students pay for their university.

When you apply for OSAP, you’ll automatically be considered for both grants and loans. Money obtained as grants are not repayable but, student loan needs to be repaid upon completion of school.

International Student Scholarship And Bursaries

International students are automatically considered for open entrance scholarships. Below are some scholarship opportunities available for consideration.

  • Uwindsor Skill Competition Scholarships
  • Value : $1,000
  • Windsor Regional Science, Tech and Engineering Fair
  • Value : $2,000
  • Dr. Lillian McCarthy Scholarship
  • Value : $1,000
  • Greg and Sharon Buttler Piano Awards
  • Value : $1,500
  • John C. McGuire Scholarships
  • Value : $900
  • Dr. Roy J.Coyle Memorial Bursary
  • Value : $900
  • Lead Entrance Scholarship
  • Value : $2,024.00
  • The Chancellor Jackman Scholarship
  • Value : $5,000
  • Graybiel Entrance Scholarship
  • Value : $1,000
  • Dean’s Renewable Entrance Scholarship
  • Value : $2,500

Check more scholarships and how to apply

University Of Windsor Alumni

The university has a number of famous alumni working in diverse industries and sectors. Some are celebrities, lawyers, politicians, businessmen, actors. The alumni enjoy great benefits like bonus points on their MasterCard, health insurance, on-campus facilities, and career services.

Some of the notable alumni are:

  • Lorney Abbony ( businessman )
  • Douglas Fegin ( co-founder of blackberry limited )
  • Bob Weeks ( golf analyst )
  • Sergio Marchione ( ceo of fiat )
  • Lynsay Sands ( author )
  • Amanda Tapping ( actress )
  • Kara Ro ( boxer )
  • Navdeep Bains ( Canadian politician )


As you can see, we have provided all the detailed and updated information concerning the University of Windsor that’ll help your academic pursuit.

Uwindsor is a warm, open and friendly institution that’ll give you a pleasant educational experience that you will so love and cherish. With its high acceptance rate and low tuition, you can easily secure admission, provided you meet the university’s requirements.

Notwithstanding, we also indicate that Uwindsor has awesome scholarships that you can apply, so that you can obtain funds to assist your educational financial needs. You can check more of the scholarships available here.

However, did this article meet your expectations? Please comment below. Till then, good luck on your application.


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