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On this page, you will find everything you need to know about Lakehead University in Canada as an international or domestic student aspiring to obtain a degree or take up a certificate program at the institute.


Lakehead University, Canada 2021

If you intend to become an international student, you have to carry out careful research on the institution you’ll love to apply. By so doing, you will gather relevant information ahead, so as to Fastrack your success of application, knowledge about the school, and what to expect upon your arrival at the university’s campus.

So, you might have probably heard about Lakehead university and my guess is that you’ll want to know more about the university’s requirements, acceptance rate, faculties available, tuition fees, scholarships, as well as its reputation.

Yes! You’re at the right place. Brace up and get ready as we sail you on the journey to getting familiar with this amazing citadel of learning because we at studyabroadnation have carried out painstaking research to bring you, all the detailed information you need to know about LU.

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Birthed as a research-intensive university, Lakehead is a delightful place to study as it strives in nurturing discovery, innovation and it is a key player in advanced learning, as well as research. This is just a basis of what to expect from this article. To get started, let’s quickly glance at the genesis of this great transformative institution of learning.

Years back in northwestern Ontario, there was a rising need for a higher center of learning. Then the Lakehead technical institute was established in its response.

Also, there was the Lakehead college of arts, science, and technology which was created to train skilled professionals. The merger of both institutions brought about the emergence of Lakehead university in 1965 under the Ontario Act.

Today, Lakehead University is a non-denominational and public research university located in Ontario, Canada. It is a highly, dynamic, modern learning center, that offers a comprehensive academic experience with fantastic study facilities, learning spaces, hi-tech laboratories, and a library rich in academic resources.

Currently, the university ranks among the top 10 universities in Canada and it leads in cutting-edge research, innovative programs and teaching. In addition, national and international undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students apply for admission into LU, annually.

Academically, LU has program study for undergraduates, graduates and postgraduate students. The university runs both full-time and part-time programs and operates three academic sessions ( fall, winter and spring ).

Also, the university awards degree that leads to a bachelor’s, master’s and diploma in a wide array of disciplines including; medicine, business, engineering, behavioural sciences, social sciences, humanities, education, etc. In addition, the university operates two campuses, thunder bay and Orillia, where its academic activities are carried out.

Thunder Bay is close to lake superior, which is considered the world’s largest freshwater. This campus has about 7,900 students and it offers professional courses like kinesiology, social works, medicine, law, business, nursing, forestry etc.

Orillia campus has about 1,400 students and it offers such programs as; arts, science, education etc.

Why You Should Study At Lakehead University

Apparently, Lakehead university combines cutting edge research to tackle vital issues related to individuals, communities and the planet as a whole. Its network of researchers collaboratively work with diverse institutions and government to create discoveries and innovation for the betterment of society.

So, students are rigorously exposed to a learning experience that’ll make them take on real-world research challenges that’ll yield a positive impact on society.

As a result of its deep commitment in fostering learning and research, the university has been named Canada’s #1 research university in the undergraduate category by research Infoscope. Hence, for the record here are reasons to get you started;

Firstly, Lakehead university is the ideal university for thousands of researchers and collaborators. It has partnerships with tons of research institutions and organizations as well as educational bodies, on broad project collaboration. Hence, great research opportunities are available to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Secondly, the city where Lakehead is located, boasts of an incredible natural environment, arts and culture and it is very conducive for learning.

Thirdly, the university offers a wide array of degree programs that cut across almost all disciplines in ten faculties.

Fourthly, the university has more than $11 million for the disbursement of scholarships, awards and bursaries.

In addition, the university has an overall student ratio of 25:1. In other words, 90% of classes are received by fewer than 60 students.

Lastly, the employment rate from Lakehead University is 94%. Graduates from the university, on average, receives employment not later than 2 years after graduation.

Lakehead University Ranking

For the record, Lakehead University is recognized as one of the leading universities in Canada. The university has spearheaded outstanding discoveries, research and innovation for the betterment of the society.

Hence, many university ranking bodies have given LU a rate for its incredible academic performance. Its ranking is based on such academic indicators as funding, research, student satisfaction, reputation and endowments.

  • The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) ranked LU 901th in the world and 27th in Canada.
  • Ranked #601 in the world and #21 in Canada by TimesHigher Education.
  • Ranked #1254 in the world and #31 in Canada by U.S News & World Report.
  • Ranked #1218 in the world and #31 by Center For World University Rankings (CWUR)
  • Ranked #32 in Canada by webometrics
  • Maclean’s ranked LU #8 in its undergraduate category

Lakehead University Acceptance Rate

Annually, Lakehead university welcomes more than 8,000 students into the IRS campus for academic degrees in various programs. International students make up about 25% of the population and they come from more than 90 countries around the world. Hence, for the record Lakehead university acceptance is 83%.

Lakehead University Faculties

The university provides a program that cut across business, engineering, law, medicine, social science, humanities, for both undergraduate and graduate students. The programs are delivered and integrated in its 10 faculties which includes;

  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty Of Business Administration
  • Lakehead Medical School
  • Faculty Of Law
  • Faculty Of Education
  • Faculty Of Health & Behavioral Science
  • Faculty Of Social Science & Humanities
  • Faculty Of Science & Environmental Studies
  • Faculty Of Natural Resource Management
  • Lakehead University Of Graduate Studies

See more programs available in each faculties

Lakehead University Tuition

As a prospective applicant, you might likely want to know more about the tuition fee at Lakehead University. Literally, the university charges fees based on the services it offers.

However, its fees differ for each program or area of study. For the record, the average estimate for undergraduate tuition is $30,000 annually and $5,000 per term for graduate students.

  • Diploma $21,016
  • Undergraduate $17,560
  • Postgraduate $17,080

In addition, find below the estimated tuition fee for different undergraduate and graduate programs.

Undergraduate Fees

The following fee estimates for undergraduate students is payable for each term

  • Arts : $5,000
  • Business : $5,789.33
  • Engineering : $6,400
  • Kinesiology : $5,000
  • Science : $5,000

See breakdown of fees estimates for each undergraduate programs

Graduate Fees

The estimated tuition fee for graduate student is given below and ot is calculated per term

  • MBA : $37,800 per year
  • Social Work : $7,666.66 per term
  • M.Sc Management : $9,333.33 per term
  • M.Sc Engineering : $10,000 per term
  • English : $7,666.66 per term

See breakdown of fees estimates for each graduate programs

Lakehead University Admission Requirements

Basically, Lakehead university operates an eight-month academic year with three seasons of intake ( fall, summer, and winter ). It is highly recommended that a student begin program study at the fall session ( September ). However, Lakehead continues to accept applications and also reserves the full right to close admission to any program.

General Admission Requirements

  1. Secondary certificate from country of origin
  2. Program-specific prerequisite courses completed at senior level
  3. Equivalent of a minimum 70% overall final average

Supporting Documents

The following documents are required for the admission process

  • Official Transcripts
  • Course Descriptions
  • Language Proficiency Test Scores
  • Consent Form & Reference Letters

How to Apply to Lakehead University Canada

  • Apply directly from the Lakehead university undergraduate application form
  • Select the desired program
  • Check for the eligibility
  • Submit all supporting documents required by scanning and uploading
  • Wait for a confirmation email after applying successfully

Start Your Application Now

Lakehead University Scholarships

To assist students in pursuing their academic dream to the fullest, Lakehead university generously awards scholarships in form of finances to meritorious students. Each year, more than $8,250,000 is disbursed to support students.

Some scholarships available are;

  • International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships
    Value : $3,000 – $22,500
  • International Graduate Scholarships
    Value : $7,554 for masters and $8,238 for doctoral students

See more scholarships available

Lakehead University Alumni

Lakehead University has more than 40,000 alumni students to its name. Most of the Alumni are well-known politicians, celebrities in sports, news & entertainment, academicians, technocrats, business tycoons etc.

Notably among such names are;

  • Jim Lalonde (research director, codexis)
  • Stephen Low (imax filmmaker)
  • Roy Piovesana (historian)
  • Dian Schoemperlen (novelist)
  • Karl Skogstad (economist)
  • Karl Subban (inspirational speaker)
  • Lloyed Lobo (cofounder of cloud factory)
  • Anthony Leblanc (sports executive)
  • Livio Du Matto (economist)

Lakehead University


Here, at long last brings us to the end of this article on the Lakehead University. As you can see, we have succinctly open your mind to the possibilities that await you at Lakehead University.

In summary, the university is rated among the best universities in Canada. It has an acceptance rate of 83%, which shows a very high degree in admission intake.

Also, it offers programs that are rich in research work. Hence its exceptional educational model will propel you to achieve your academic endeavours. Success on your application.


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