Best IELTS Online Course Offered for Free by The University of Queensland, Australia

This is one of the best ielts online course currently offered by a reputable university in Australia with certication available at the end of the programs.

Overview of The Best IELTS Online Course

This online course is offered on the edX learning platform by the University of Queensland in Australia and it is created to help students pass the IELTS test perfectly.

The course is dividend in sections and last for a period of 8 weeks with just 5 – 8 hours of weekly commitment.

The university of queensland provides a paid certificate of $99 for those who successfully completes the course with good grades worth certifying. Apart from that, the course is entirely free and open to registration and participation from international students.

This best ielts online course is a self-paced course covering listening, speaking, reading and writing.

These four areas are used in the ielts test to asses students and grade their English proficiency level which is a very important requirement to studying in Australia.

Below are what you benefit from the course of this free IELTS Online Course program;

  • Learn about the IELTS test procedure and format
  • Learn useful test-taking strategies and skills for the IELTS Academic tests
  • Develop your English reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

According to the official edX page for this course, below is what is expected the 4 different sessions of this best free ielts online course form international students.

The module of the best ielts preparation online free course begins with an overview of the IELTS Listening Test and what it includes.

it is expected to give you important facts about this module and what it is designed to assess. Following this, you will learn the differences between each section of the IELTS Listening Test and the types of questions you will need to answer.

You will also have opportunities to practise these types of questions and gain the skills that you need to pass the IELTS test once and excel.

This module outlines the different features of the Speaking Test.

In preparation for Part 1 of the Speaking Test, focus is placed on some of the grammar that you can use to talk about your likes and dislikes. You will also be given some examples of how to extend your answers, or make them longer.

For Part 2 of the test, focus will be shifted to the “Individual Long Turn”. You will learn how to analyse the task effectively and how to organise your ideas so that you have a good start, and end, to your talk.

For Part 3 of the test, focus will be on “The Discussion”. You’ll learn to develop vocabulary related to common Part 3 topics and also some of the common grammar features you need for success in the discussion.

This includes focussing on tenses and making comparisons.

This alone will tell ypu tha this is literaryly one if not the best online ielts preparation course. It is open for free application from both Students in Asutralia and from all over the world.

This module begins with an overview of the IELTS Reading Test and what it includes. This will give you important information about what the test is designed to assess and the different question types used in the test. There will be opportunities to practise the skills you have learned.

The module begins with an overview of the IELTS Writing Test and what it includes.

In preparation for Task 1, you’ll learn how to identify different types of visuals, identify and describe the topic and the main features of these visuals, and also how to write an overview paragraph to summarise the key information et c.

How To Apply for the Best IELTS Online Course for Free

  1. Go to the free ielts course website link
  2. Create an edX account to SignUp or just click on Enroll Now
  3. Choose “Register Now” or fill at the info if you clicked on Enrol Now to get started.


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