5 ExxonMobil Scholarships for Undergraduate & Graduate Nigerian Students

Here, you will find all details, including the required documents and application process for the NNPC & ExxonMobil scholarship awards. The scholarships illustrated in this article are for Nigerian undergraduate and graduate students and they are jointly sponsored by NNPC and ExxonMobil.

Scholarships are designed to provide educational financial support to students. They are often awarded to outstanding students with financial needs to encourage them to work harder in their academics. Though in cases of merit scholarship, the financial background of the student isn’t usually considered.

The Nigerian ExxonMobil scholarship is equally designed to encourage Nigerian undergraduate and graduate students who are academically sound. All the scholarships are awarded only based on merit.

The undergraduate scholarship is open to applications from Nigerian students who are into an undergraduate program in any of the disciplines below;

  1. Petroleum Engineering
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Mechanical Engineering
  4. Electrical Engineering
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Geology/Geophysics
  7. Medicine
  8. Agricultural Science
  9. Computer Science

You need to already be an undergraduate student in any of these disciplines(more can be added in the future so always make inquiries before application) to be able to apply for the Exxon-Mobil undergraduate scholarship as a Nigerian student.

What is ExxonMobil?

As stated in the ExxonMobil official website, “ExxonMobil is one of the world’s largest publicly traded energy providers and chemical manufactures to develop and apply next-generation technologies to help safely and responsibly meet the world’s growing needs for energy and high-quality chemical products.”

The company, ExxonMobil, provides a number of scholarships award for tertiary Nigerian students to sponsor their higher education and also quiz competitions for primary and secondary school students where they get to win lots of prices.

All in all, ExxonMobil is not just contributing to the energy world but also extends its contributions to assisting and financing students’ education in major disciplines that will contribute to the progress of the country and the world at large.

The ExxonMobil MPN scholarship alone is awarded annually to 500 undergraduate students across Nigerian universities who are in any of the disciplines I have listed out above and must have applied with the necessary documents and application processes which I explained properly below.

However, students who qualify and win the ExxonMobil international PG scholarships are funded for one year though this can be renewable if the student keeps up with their outstanding academic performance and related reports from the institution such as good behaviour, actively participating in extra-curricular activities, positive contributions in their discipline and so on.

As a winner of the ExxonMobil scholarship and you keep up with the above statements you could complete your undergraduate education without paying for tuition fees.

Another interesting package that comes with winning the ExxonMobil scholarship is that you MIGHT actually have a shot at working with ExxonMobil or its other affiliates such as the NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation), MPN (Mobil Producing Nigeria) etc, which are major organizations in the energy production sector in Nigeria.

But, note that you being an awardee of the Exxon Mobil scholarships award does not necessarily qualify you to get employed by the organization upon your graduation but it is an opportunity still.

How much is ExxonMobil scholarship for Nigerians?

The exact amount value or worth of the scholarship is not exactly stated, only that it is awarded annually to 500 undergraduate students with a one-year window but can be renewed the following years and if the awardee keeps up with excellent academic records and is well disciplined.

When is ExxonMobil scholarship for Nigerians starting?

The NNPC Exxon-Mobil scholarship usually opens to receive new applications at mid-year( within June and July yearly).

When is ExxonMobil scholarship deadline?

Application for the NNPC cum Exxon-Mobil scholarship usually ends in August yearly.

Where is ExxonMobil located in Nigeria?

ExxonMobil is located in several places in Nigeria having up to seven main offices. With two offices in Lagos State precisely Victoria Island and Apapa, another two in Rivers State at Federal Ocean Terminal, Onne and Bonny River Terminal.

Two in Akwa Ibom at Uyo and Qua Iboe Terminal then lastly, one in Abuja.

Is ExxonMobil scholarship the same with Mobil scholarship?

The Exxon Corporation and Mobil corporation are mergers, thus they carry out one operation also the scholarships as well. So the ExxonMobil scholarship is the same with Mobil scholarship.

NNPC Exxon-Mobil Scholarships

There are 3 scholarship programs and 2 quiz programs sponsored jointly by NNPC and ExxonMobil across Nigeria for Nigerian students at different levels starting from primary school to secondary school and up to university level. Below are these awards;

  • MPN Scholarship Awards
  • EEPNL Scholarship Awards (Local and international)
  • NNPC/MPN/STAN National Quiz
  • Science Quiz Competition in Akwa Ibom state

ExxonMobil MPN Scholarship Awards

The Mobil Producing Nigeria, MPN Scholarship Awards jointly funded by ExxonMobil and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) awards 500 undergraduate scholarships annually to academically outstanding Nigerian students.

Engineering and Geosciences undergraduate programs take 60 percent of the NNPC/MPN scholarship allocation, while 40 percent are for other approved business and social science-related studies.

Most of the awardees of the MPN scholarship make it to work with Mobil Nigeria after their graduation from the university though there is no guarantee that Mobil will accept all the awardees to work with them.

ExxonMobil EEPNL Scholarship Awards

Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria, Ltd in collaboration with ExxonMobil awards two different postgraduate scholarships to Nigerian students.

  • ExxonMobil EEPNL International Post-graduate Scholarship Awards
  • ExxonMobil EEPNL Local Post-graduate Scholarship Awards

ExxonMobil EEPNL International Post-graduate Scholarship Awards

ExxonMobil and EEPNL awards scholarships worth up to $60,000 for one-year postgraduate programs and $80,000 for two years postgraduate program to Nigerian students to study abroad.

10 graduate students qualify for this scholarship from Nigeria yearly. The scholarship is usually for one academic year once awarded but it can be renewed to cover the duration of the approved study(for those whose postgraduate program abroad would take more than a year to complete).

The renewal is based on the recipients’ academic performance and related reports from the institutions so the awardee is expected to maintain high academic and moral records to be able to receive a renewal of the scholarship after a year.

The ExxonMobil International post-graduate scholarship award is basically only for Nigerian students in the Geosciences and Engineering disciplines. Successful applicants are to study either in the United State or the United Kingdom.

ExxonMobil EEPNL Local Post-graduate Scholarship Awards

The ExxonMobil EEPNL local post-graduate scholarship awards are for Nigerian students who want to take up postgraduate degree programs in Nigeria too. It is a very competitive scholarship program though not as competitive as the EEPNL international PG scholarship.

More graduate students are selected for this scholarship yearly and it spans beyond just Geoscience and Engineering field unlike the other. This is to stay that students from other fields of study aside these two can also apply and win the scholarship.

The scholarship was commenced in 2007 and it has been maintained since then up until now.

ExxonMobil NNPC/MPN/STAN National Quiz

For several years, the NNPC/Mobil Producing Nigeria Joint Venture (JV) has been the title sponsor of the National Quiz and Projects Competition, organized annually by the Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN).

This competition is nationwide and is open to primary school pupils and secondary school students in Nigeria.

ExxonMobil Science Quiz Competition in Akwa Ibom state

The Science Quiz Competition known popularly as Schools Challenge in Akwa Ibom state is targeted to improve the students’ performance in science examinations, as well as encourage the study/teaching of sciences in secondary schools across the state.

Over 360 private and public schools in Akwa Ibom enter for this competition yearly. This number increased by over 300 to compare to when the competition first held in the state in 2003 with just 62 schools taking part.

How to Apply for the ExxonMobil Scholarship for Nigerian Undergraduate Students


Who can apply for the ExxonMobil scholarship in Nigeria?

It is obviously only for Nigerian citizens but that is not all that is required to apply and pass the ExxonMobil scholarship, there are certain eligibility criteria and documents that interested applicants must have in their possession before applying for the scholarship award

The Eligibility for the ExxonMobil Scholarship are as follows;

  • Applicants must have completed the senior secondary school education and written the WASSCE exam or its equivalent, such as GCE, NECO etc, with at least six subjects passed at a sitting with a minimum of 5 distinctions.
  • Applicants must already be enrolled in an accredited Nigerian university and show proof of it such as the JAMB admissions letter or any other document confirming their admission into the tertiary institution.
  • Applicants must have the university identity card.
  • Applicants must be in their first or second year of study, enrolled in a full-time undergraduate science course.
  • Applicants must provide a document of their current year of study
  • Have in your possession the local government state of origin identification document which should be signed by the chairman or secretary of your local government.
  • Provide current passport photographs.
  • Shortlisted candidates are required to come with both original and photocopy of all the documents listed, for screening prior to taking the qualifying test.
  • Do not apply if you are currently on a similar scholarship from another oil and gas production company.

So, there you have the list of what it requires to apply for the ExxonMobil scholarship. The application is done online via the ExxonMobil online scholarship application system.

Scholarship Details

Application Link

Conclusion and Recommendations

The ExxonMobil scholarship requirements and application process have been listed out in the “eligibility” section of this article and begin your application.

The ExxonMobil scholarship assists the federal government of Nigeria in training and developing medium and high-level manpower for the country while also enhancing a possible feeder pool of employable candidates into the company.

Thus opening a slim chance of opportunity for the ExxonMobil scholarship awardees to enjoin in the oil and gas sector.

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