NNPC-Chevron Undergraduate Scholarship for Nigeria | How to apply and win

Here’s everything you need to know about the NNPC-Chevron undergraduate scholarship, how to apply and win it, eligibility criteria, the amount involved, application timeline and lots more.

Chevron Nigeria Limited, in collaboration with its joint partner venture, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) offers scholarships every year to award brilliant and less privileged undergraduate students so as to enable them a university education.

This application is in most cases for second-year undergraduate students who are true students of recognized public institutions across the country.

Chevron is one of the largest oil-producing companies around the world. Every year, they offer scholarships to a lot of students in tertiary institutions and other levels of education in the world.

This scholarship is open to basically students of engineering, medicine, law and administrative courses but that is not to say that students who are studying different other courses in their institutions cannot get this scholarship as well, after all, you won’t know if you’ll win unless you try.


How Much Does Chevron Scholarship Worth?

The NNPC-Chevron scholarship is worth between 100,000 NGN to 150,000 NGN depending on the category. The Chevron Masters scholarship worth is not the same as the Chevron Undergraduate scholarship.

Chevron Masters Scholarship Worth

The Chevron scholarship for masters students is worth about 200,000 NGN though it varies depending on the category.

Who can Apply for Chevron Scholarship in Nigeria?

The Chevron scholarship are expected to possess certain qualifications before they can apply. People who can apply for this scholarship are:

  • A Nigerian or international student studying in any of the recognized public universities in Nigeria.
  • A 200level Nigerian undergraduate for the undergraduate scholarship. Chevron offers postgraduate scholarships too.
  • The scholarship is not restricted to engineering students but coming from the engineering faculty is an added advantage to the student. Medical students too stand a top chance.
  • The student must have a CGPA of second class rating and above depending on the university scale of rating as at the time of applying.
  • Students of reputable and worthy character as the departmental head has a very vital role to play in recommendation.

Chevron Undergraduate Scholarship Eligible Courses

The Chevron scholarship body can make decisions yearly to add new courses to the list of eligible programs to apply for the scholarship or otherwise, but at the moment, below is a list of courses that can apply for the Chevron Undergraduate scholarship in Nigeria. Undergraduate students from these departments can apply for the Chevron scholarship;

  • Accountancy
  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Agricultural Science
  • Architect
  • Business Administration/ Economics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Computer Science/ Computer Engineering/ Systems Engineering
  • Electrical/ Electronic Engineering
  • Environmental Studies/ Surveying
  • Geology/ Geophysics
  • Law
  • Mass Communication/ Journalism
  • Mechanical/ Metallurgical & Material Engineering
  • Human Medicine/ Dentistry/ Pharmacy
  • Petroleum Engineering

What CGPA do I need to apply for the Chevron scholarship?

The Chevron scholarship is basically for students who are academically excellent and at the top of their class.

In some universities, the second class upper is from a CGPA of 3.5 while it might be otherwise in some other schools; it is in most cases dependent on the university/ school grading system but however, the Chevron undergraduate scholarship requires applicants to have a second class upper CGPA and above. Anything less is unacceptable.

When does Chevron scholarship application start?

The Chevron undergraduate scholarship starts around May each year and ends by September.

Chevron scholarship full requirements for Nigerians

To qualify for the Chevron undergraduate scholarship for Nigerians, there are certain requirements that must be met to be able to complete the application successfully and these application requirements are duly listed below;

  • Passport photograph with white background not more than 3 months old.
  • School ID card
  • JAMB & School Admission letter
  • Birth certificate
  • O’ level result
  • JAMB result
  • Local Government Area Letter of Identification
  • A result statement or transcript duly signed and stamped from school stating previous session CGPA results clearly (This is usually to be signed by your course adviser)

Recently the Chevron scholarship body has added the National Identity Number as part of their application requirements so you should get one if you do not have.

How to apply for the Chevron scholarship in Nigeria

  • Before you start out your application, ensure that you have all the necessary documents for the application filled out and properly scanned.
  • Visit the Chevron website and click on Scholarships and carefully create an account or directly create an account through Scholastica.
  • Go on to your email box to activate your account
  • Input your personal information, additional information, educational information, other required information as well and then upload your required scanned documents.
  • Upload your passport photograph which has to be in a white background.
  • Crosscheck your application to avoid unnecessary errors, and ensure that you view all documents again after uploading. Your name on each of the documents has to be in the same order and pattern but if otherwise, you may need to upload a copy of a court affidavit for verification.
  • When all the required boxes have been filled, click on Submit Application and then wait for a confirmation email to confirm that your application went through.

Tips on how to win the Chevron undergraduate scholarship

If you happen to be among the scholarship board of any of these organizations, you’ll understand how important it is to apply extra care when submitting application.

Submit your application on time

The earlier you submit your application, the better. This is because submitting your application on time gives you an edge over other people who might send in their application later.

There are thousands of students all over the country who are in dire need of the same scholarship that you need as well. So the only way to be ahead of another student who has the same grade in school as you do and who still stands the same chance as you is to get the board review your application first before theirs.

Obey the guiding rules of the scholarship

There are laid down rules governing board and it is the duty of the student to follow these rules if he/she must be considered for the screening.

Disobedience to the rules can trigger instant disqualification of the student by the screening board. All documents submitted during applications are subject to thorough scrutiny and verification.

Understand the stages involved and judiciously follow up

Every scholarship in Nigeria follows certain stages and protocols and it is best for the student to understand all of this and follow appropriately.

Normally, after the call for applications, the next thing that comes up usually is that students submit their applications and then await further shortlisting and screening, then the interview stage and exam comes up next.

To pass through this phase, one needs to carefully prepare and be a master at likely interview questions that might be required by the board.

If you scale through the first stage and then fail out afterward, then it would have made little or no sense at all because you won’t get the needed opportunity to pass through to the next. The board still subject students who pass through the second stage to one very last stage which is called the verification stage.

They do this in order to make sure that all documents provided by the student wasn’t in any way falsified for selfish reason.

Read past questions and try to understand the nature of their questions

This is a good way of trying to see what their questions look like and be in appropriate preparation of what to expect.

Maintain a very good CGPA

Whether you’re already a recipient of the Chevron scholarship or someone who’s intending to, you still need a good CGPA to stay in line.

If your CGPA falls below minimum after you’ve been awarded the chevron scholarship, the scholarship will be withdrawn.

Conclusion and Recommendation

There are many opportunities out there for people who are on the verge of either dropping out of school or giving up on their dreams regardless of if it has anything to do with a university education or not. Sometimes, all one has to do to boldly shoot that shot no matter what things might look like.

To apply for the NNPC-Chevron scholarship, you need to have a valid Scholastica student account.

It’s not even just Chevron that offers this nature of scholarship to students in Nigeria, there are other scholarship opportunities everywhere from different other organizations and well-meaning citizens. Take the step towards getting that financial aid you need today.

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