20+ Top Free Online Cell Phone Repair Training Courses

Interested in gaining a skill online? You may want to enroll in the free online cell phone repair training courses outlined in this article. The application links have also been provided to make enrollment easy for you.

The invention of the internet and IoT devices sure makes life easy for man, its implementation across multiple sectors has shown a lot of progress. Traditional educational establishments and institutions which seem not to have seen any progress for centuries now, with the internet, have finally seen some progress.

The internet is gradually changing the way we learn, many traditional educational institutions, if not all, now practice remote/distance learning. Also, there are many online learning platforms popping up all over the internet designed to teach and equip people with one skill or the other.

Some of these online learning platforms are affiliated with some universities and colleges which qualifies them to offer accredited degrees online. Through this means, you can easily get a bachelor’s degree online or even enroll in an online business school and graduate with a widely recognized and accepted business degree. In fact, if you’re looking for online colleges to attend, you will see that there are colleges that you already know but they have an extension that offers online classes.

Talking about skills to learn online, there are more than a truckload of that online but this article concentrates on the free online cell phone repair training courses. If you actually think about it, gaining cell phone repair skills can be lucrative at this time when nearly everyone has a cell phone.

No machine has 100% efficiency including yours, it is prone to develop faults caused by you or by default. When your mobile device is faulty, you either repair it or get a new one and according to a recent analysis, 80% of cell phone users will repair their cell phones rather than getting a new one.

Our cell phones have become part of us, we need to send a message, call someone, stream music or videos, etc. Your cell comes to mind as it has all the features to make life easy and simple for you. This is why we get devastated when it develops one fault or the other.

Well, not to worry, there are cell phone repair services here and there to work on your device and get it working once again.

This article is for you who have existing skills in cell phone repair as enrolling in these courses will help polish and advance your skills. It is also for you who have a passion or a thing for cell phones, you can learn more about mobile devices, how to repair them, and even use the knowledge to start a lucrative business.

How do I Become a Mobile Repair Technician?

Becoming a mobile repair technician is pretty easy these days, there’s the internet filled with online learning platforms where you can gain a diverse range of skills including mobile repair technicians. There are also institutions established for the sole purpose of teaching and equipping individuals with mobile device repair skills.

Since you are reading this post, you are on the right track to being a mobile repair technician. Some of the top free online cell phone repair training courses have been outlined and discussed here as well as application links to get you started.

How can I Learn To Fix my Phone Online for Free?

There are websites where you can learn how to fix your phone for free as well as get knowledge of general cell phone repair.
Many of these websites – the best ones – have been outlined and discussed in this article, so, look no further.

How Do I Make Money Through Phone Repair?

Firstly, you need to create publicity for your ideas and you can use both offline and online modes of advertising and marketing. This will allow people to know of your skills, you can also set up shop both online and offline to be able to reach more customers.

If you lack business and entrepreneurial skills, you can check online for courses you can learn to develop your business skills and integrate them with your cell phone repair business.

Just in case you missed it, the courses outlined here are offered for free, you won’t be paying a dime to gain skills in cell phone repair. With the air cleared on that, let’s dive into the main subject matter;

Top Free Online Cell Phone Repair Training Courses

The following are the free online cell phone repair training courses;

  • Cell Phone Repair: iPhone 3GS
  • Micro-soldering: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started
  • Mobile Cell Phone Repair Dictionary
  • iPhone Camera Repair
  • Android Phone Repair
  • Landline Phone Repair
  • How to Use A Soldering Iron

1. Cell Phone Repair: iPhone 3GS

This is one of the free online cell phone repair training courses offered by Udemy. In this course, you will gain insight and knowledge while uncovering tips and tricks associated with phone repairs from industry professionals.

The course will offer you no certificate when you complete this course but if you do want to be certified you will have to apply for the paid course. The course is offered only in English.

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2. Micro-soldering: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Soldering is one of the technical skills you need to possess to get started in repairing mobile phones. This course, which is one of the free online cell phone repair training courses, will teach you all you need to know about micro-soldering to get started.

You’ll also learn the basics of data recovery through micro-soldering, how to diagnose and troubleshoot common logic board problems, and how to separate the iPhone X logic board and put them back together. The course requires 4.5 hours to complete which includes four articles and a certificate you will need to pay for.

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3. Mobile Cell Phone Repair Dictionary

Mobile Cell Phone Repair Dictionary is a course for beginners in the cell phone repair industry, that is, those who are just starting to learn how to repair cell phones. Enrolling in this course will teach them common terms related to cell phone repair.

You will learn some abbreviations and their meaning and use the knowledge to communicate with other phone repair experts.

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4. iPhone Camera Repair

Is your iPhone camera faulty? Or are you a phone repair technician tasked with repairing a faulty iPhone camera but don’t know how to get started? Well, here is a solution for you. This online course, iPhone Camera Repair, will train you with a step-by-step guide with images on how to repair a faulty iPhone camera and the course is without any cost.

Whether it is your first time working on a phone or you have experience working on multiple phones, this course will come in handy and save you on a rainy day.

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5. Android Phone Repair

Android Phone Repair is a guide provided by ifixit and it contains a list of Android phones of all shapes, sizes, brands, models, and colors to help you fix any Android phone. When you go to the website, select the phone category you want to repair then select what you want to repair and the guide to repair or replace that particular part of that phone will be available for you to follow step by step.

This is a guide that every phone repair technician should have. Even if you have no knowledge of repairing phones, you can make use of the guide to fix your faulty Android device and make it as good as new.

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6. Landline Phone Repair

Landline Phone Repair is also a guide similar to Android Phone Repair. It is a guide that helps phone repair technicians and non-technicians alike repair or replace any parts of a landline phone. Select the model of the landline phone and you will see how to assemble, repair, or replace the part that is faulty.

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7. How to Use A Soldering Iron

A soldering iron is the pen of a phone repair technician, they use it for nearly every repair and replacement of parts on mobile devices. If you are just starting out as a phone technician, then the first thing you need to learn is how to use a soldering iron. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go anywhere to learn the skill, with this course, you can master the skill from the comfort of your home.

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Unfortunately, there aren’t many free online cell phone repair training courses aside from the ones listed and discussed here. However, you can go on YouTube to learn more, there are hosts of videos there you can learn either as a beginner or expert to grow your skills.

You can also apply to cell phone repair institutes to develop your skills, and to ease you of doing so much research, we have compiled a list of places to get cell phone repair training courses, check them below.

Places to get Cell Phone Repair Training Courses

Listed and discussed below are places you can get cell phone repair training courses either online or offline;

  • Cell Phone Repair Academy
  • Primz Institute
  • Udemy
  • Mobile Phone Repairing
  • Cellular Repair School
  • Electrocourses

1. Cell Phone Repair Academy

Cell Phone Repair Academy is one of the places to get cell phone repair training courses, the mode of teaching here is offline, that is, in-person, therefore physical attendance is compulsory. The academy will build your skills from the ground up with its 100% hands-on training and repair courses to make you a professional.

The courses cover basic, intermediate, and advanced repairs on the latest models in the market. Aside from learning the hardware and software aspects of mobile device repairs, you will be groomed with business skills such as price points, profit margins, wholesaler contacts, and more.

The cell phone repair training courses at Cell Phone Repair Academy are not free you will have to pay to partake in the classes and you get a certificate after completion.

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2. Primz Institute

Our readers from India, Mumbai precisely will find this one exciting.

If you are in Mumbai and have always wanted to become a mobile digital device technician, this is the institution for you. Prizm Institute is a premier technical institute in Mumbai, India that conducts various short-term technical courses. The institute is popular in the area for its top-notch repair services and even extends it to laptops and computers.

Do not fret, at Primz Institute, you are in professional hands, thus, you will be groomed to become a professional repair technician as well.

Also, if you aren’t in Mumbai or India altogether and find Primz Institute exciting, you aren’t left out, you can join them online from anywhere in the world and gain these professional skills as well. The courses aren’t free either, you have to pay for the course and get certified.

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3. Udemy

Udemy is a popular online learning platform and has a wide range of online courses on cell phone repair. These courses are so much they are in other languages as well to satisfy as many people as possible. You can learn how to repair iPhone and Android software and hardware and many more.

The courses on cell phone repair are over 40, so yeah, there’s a wide variety for you to choose from. Also, the courses aren’t free but unlike the others listed here, they are very much affordable. Classes start from as low as $9 and you get a certificate of completion afterward.

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4. Mobile Phone Repairing

Mobile Phone Repairing is a website owned by Santosh Das and on this website, Santosh shares free tutorials, life hacks, tips, and more to repair your device. It goes beyond just repairing your mobile device – which includes laptops and computers – but he also goes on to teach people how various mobile repair tools work and all of these for free.

That’s right, you aren’t paying for all of this knowledge and anyone with a stable internet connection and smartphone, tablet, or PC can have access to this website. The website teaches from scratch so that those who have no cell phone repair experience won’t feel left out, it is also a cool place for experts to learn more.

However, the downside of this is that you won’t get any certification to prove that you know these things thus, you just might never have any customers when you decide to start selling your services online. But you won’t be a novice any longer and you can decide to attend an established cell phone repair institute to learn more and get certified.

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5. Cellular Repair School

Cellular Repair School is one of the places to get cell phone repair training courses and also get help to start and scale a cell phone repair business. At this school, you will be equipped with the right cell phone repair skills and business skills to promote yourself in the industry.

Armed with both skills you will become a fully-fledged professional in the mobile phone repair industry and successfully start a business. Training courses are offered both online and offline mode, so, if you find Cellular Repair School interesting you can join the training by registering online.

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6. Electrocourses

Electrocourses is located in Houston, Texas, United States, and offers training courses on repairing all kinds of electronic devices such as smartphones, televisions, laptops, refrigerators, and more. The training courses are offered online so you can learn anywhere anytime.

Students can choose whichever electronics they want to gain skills on – you can choose as much as possible – and taught by experts.

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These are the places you can get cell phone repair training courses you may also want to check out YouTube, simply type in “cell phone repair training” in the search box and click on any of the results to start learning.

Special iPhone Repair Training Courses

  • iPhone 6 Screen Repair
  • Master iPhone LCD Repair
  • iPhone Chip Level Motherboard Repair
  • Learn to Fix iPhone and Start a Delivery Service

1. iPhone 6 Screen Repair

This is one of the special iPhone repair training courses offered by Udemy designed to teach you how to fix an iPhone 6 cracked screen like an expert. The class is a hands-on step-by-step guide on how you can repair or replace your broken or cracked iPhone 6 screen for your clients.

The course includes a 40-minute video and 2 articles which are in English language, cost $9.99, and come with a certificate of completion.

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2. Master iPhone LCD Repair

This course is for beginners or cell phone repair technicians who want to add to their skill portfolio. Learners will be taught from scratch, with hands-on video, how to repair the LCD of any iPhone and become an expert.

The course is taught in English, costs $9.99, and comes with a certificate of completion.

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3. iPhone Chip Level Motherboard Repair

This course is also from Udemy and costs $199.99 to learn, learners will be equipped with the following skills and knowledge;

  • How to fix camera and Wi-Fi issues
  • Why your iPhone cannot be turned on and how to fix boot issues
  • Charging issues, why they are common, and how to fix them
  • Why your iPhone displays abnormally and how to fix that
  • How audio signals are transmitted and how to fix related issues
  • How to make use of different tools and materials for motherboard repair.

The courses are taught in English and after completion, you get a certificate.

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4. Learn to Fix the iPhone and Start a Delivery Service

In this course, you not only learn how to repair iPhones but also how to grow a successful mobile iPhone repair business. The course consists of a 2-hour on-demand video, 9 downloadable resources, and a certificate of completion.

The course is provided by Udemy and offered in English, learners will be equipped with the following skills and knowledge;

  • How to start making money immediately repairing iPhones
  • How to scale the growth of your iPhone business
  • The pros and cons of the iPhone repair market and how to leverage both
  • How to market your iPhone business as a mobile service online and offline
  • The type of iPhone repair to target

If you are seeking independent income, want to work from home, or both you should consider enrolling in this course.

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Unfortunately, there aren’t many iPhone repair courses online or offline but you can always use YouTube to learn more about iPhone repair or apply for a cell phone repair academy, they teach students to repair all sorts of digital devices including iPhones.



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