8 Free Online Bible Courses with Certificate of Completion

As the world is getting more and more industrious; new perceptions, new religions, and beliefs keep emerging, we’ve grown to a world that is more confused about their existence within a few years than it was in the past centuries. The LGBTQI… keeps having a letter added to it to adopt some people that just woke up to coin an existence we never imagined – I’m now a one-legged black lesbian transgender cactus, therefore you should use both they and she when pronouncing my pronoun – what a bizarre world.

These things would have been avoided if only we nurtured the principles of Christ through the Bible, the Bible is not only meant for Christians because the principles in it deal literally with all works of life. For instance, if we knew and abided by the scripture “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman It is an abomination,” (Lev 18:22) all these confusions wouldn’t have started.

By the way, the bible is not only used for correction, but also beautifully used in leadership, war, and even business. One of my favorite scriptures remains “Do you see a man who excels in his work? He will stand before kings; He will not stand before unknown men.” 

Did you know that there are several amazing free online bible courses with certificate of completion that you can easily use to become a better Bible student? In the same way, there are free bible schools online and even some amazing Christian scholarships for int’l students.

Before I list these schools, let me share this story, I was watching an interview between Candace Owens and Andrew Tate, and AT claimed how the world, America in particular blasphemes over Jesus they claim they love, and that was why he had to become a Muslim, after moving from being an Atheist to Christian. I just love the response CO gave, she said she doesn’t blame him, America is no longer a Christian country, however, so many Christians in America are rising to stand on the truth, to speak about the scripture, and to defend the gospel.

The scripture, you’re the light of the world and the salt of the earth has never been needed more than now, so I encourage you to diligently follow through these courses to become very useful to our world.

Why Choose Free Online Bible Courses?

I would always say, that acceptance of online learning is one of the best things the pandemic did for us, and through online Bible courses, you can build your spiritual life better in the comfort of your home.

As a matter of fact, most people choose free online Bible courses because they have so much on their table that does not allow them time for conventional classes.

These online courses allow them to grow in the things of God without disrupting their work schedule.

Free Online Bible Courses with Certificate of Completion

To begin your journey to advance your spiritual life, here are 8 free online bible courses with certificates of completion you can take advantage of.

1. Christian Leaders College

The Christian Leaders College runs a website where students can sign up and access more than 150 free online Christian and Bible courses, ministry college credentials, etc., and obtain a valid certificate at the end of the program.

The Christian Leaders College was, in November 2019, accepted into Applicant Status by the ABHE for accreditation that is recognized by the United States Department of Education.

When you are done, you receive a certificate of completion which you’ll pay a little fee of $30.

2. Christian Leadership Institute Courses

CLI provides several free online bible courses with certificate of completion and low-cost college credentials.

They are supported by Christian leaders, foundations, and churches in several places who see the importance of giving this opportunity to as many people as possible. The goal is that Christian leaders can study and not be strapped with crippling debt.

The Institute has 100 plus courses available to take at Christian Leaders Ministries. CLI has many courses available like Theology, Old Testament Survey, Biblical Interpretation, Life Coaching Ministry, Enterprise and Business, Prayer, Youth Ministry, Discipleship, General Education, Philosophy, and lots more courses that fit your calling.

Click here to sign up

3. Yale University’s Religious Studies

Yale University’s Department of Religious Studies provides opportunities for the scholarly study of several religious traditions and disciplines.

Through the Open Yale Courses, you can learn any course for free including Bible Introduction to both New and Old Testament programs. However, they don’t award a certificate of completion.

Here is a link to an Introduction to the New Testament and one to the Old Testament.

4. World Bible School

Learning from the Bible should be enjoyable, not a burden. There are no time limits and no schedules, so feel free to take the courses as you have time. You can learn through the website, or even by downloading their app.

Every week, thousands of people use the World Bible School website to learn from God’s word.

Click here to learn more

5. Judaism 101

While not technically a course, the Judaism 101 website is the perfect introduction for people who want to learn more about what it means to be Jewish.

Each page of the encyclopedia site is labeled to help readers choose to learn information based on their familiarity level.

‘Gentile’ pages are for non-Jews, ‘Basic’ pages contain information that all Jewish people should know, and ‘Intermediate’ and ‘Advanced’ pages offer scholars a closer look at the Jewish faith.

This gives some perspective into how some Old Testament practices work.

6. Free Online Grace Bible School

This Institution provides some amazing free online Bible courses with certificate of completion, all thanks to Ken Legg and his wife Marianne who have been in full-time church planting and pastoral/Bible teaching ministry for 44 years.

Learn More

7.  Certification of Pastoral Ministry

This is not exactly among free online Bible courses but it will be beneficial for those who intend to become Pastors. Axx Bible College is on a mission to train 1,000 pastors for free, which means you won’t only study your Bible properly, but you’ll also be trained on the leadership of becoming a Pastor.

 The certification is particularly aimed at pastors and leaders who live in poor countries or countries suffering persecution. The Certification of Pastoral Ministry has 8 courses, 143 lessons, and 30.5 hours of on-demand video.

Visit Website

Cheap Online Bible Courses with Certificate of Completion

8. STEP Online Bible Course

Cost: $99 per course

This course offered by the University of Notre Dame’s McGrath Institute for Church Life was created to deepen your understanding of what God expects of you, and your understanding of God.

STEP online courses are well-suited for catechists, school teachers, lay ministers, deacons, and other adult Catholics who seek distance learning that is intellectually rigorous and faithful to the Catholic tradition.

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They say most people don’t value free things, we would beg you, because these courses are free doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them the value they deserve. An effort has been made to create them, we have also done our best to compile them and make them accessible to you, please value them. 

You must not use all of them, just choose anyone or those that align with your growth and diligently finish it/them.

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