Want to Study in UK With Minimal Spending? Here’s How

The UK is one of the countries that is a popular choice amongst students who wish to study abroad. Studying in the UK helps you grow beyond your coursework, with their incredible student clubs, volunteer work and part-time job opportunities.

The rich cultural and architectural heritage stemming in the UK, its vibrant festivals and its proximity to several European countries make it the one number choice for students across the world. The country can be expensive for international students and graduates. Yet, there are ways to study in UK without spending your entire life’s earnings. This blog is your guide to studying in the UK and not making a gaping hole in your income. 

Cheapest Universities in the UK

Most of the schools below have featured on the list of most affordable UK universities for several years.

  1. University of Wales Trinity Saint David- Annual international tuition fees is £11,000 which comes to roughly US$14,540. 
  2. Plymouth Marjon University- Annual international tuition fees is £11,000 which comes to roughly US$14,540.
  3. Buckinghamshire New University- Annual international tuition fees is £11,000 which comes to roughly US$14,540.
  4. Ravensbourne University London- Annual international tuition fees is £10,800–13,500 which is roughly US$14,300-17,700.
  5. The University of Sunderland- Annual international tuition fees is £10,500 which comes to roughly US$13,440
  6. The University of West Scotland- Annual international tuition fees is £10,600 which comes to roughly US$14,000
  7. The University of Cumbria- Annual international tuition fees is £10,500 which comes to roughly US$13,440
  8. The University of Suffolk- Annual international tuition fees is £10,080 which comes to roughly US$12,900
  9. Royal Agricultural University- Annual international tuition fees is £10,000 which comes to roughly ~US$13,200
  10. Coventry University- Annual international tuition fees is £9,000-12,600 which comes to roughly US$11,900-16,650

Cheapest Cities in the UK

According to QS World Rankings, the following are the cheapest cities for students who want to study in UK– 

  1. Aberdeen- Home to the Victorian structure of Marischal College, Aberdeen ranks 47th according to affordability and 55th in the Best Student Cities.
  2. Manchester- Being the second biggest city in the UK, it ranks at the 51st position for affordability and 24th overall.
  3. Newcastle- Situated on the River Tyne in the northeast region of England. It was a major shipbuilding and manufacturing centre during the Industrial Revolution. It ranks at the 56th position in the world and 56th for affordability.
  4. Nottingham- Titled as the Queen of Midlands, Nottingham is home to museums, art galleries, and many other pinnacles of history. It ranks at the 57th best city for affordability and is 47th overall.
  5. Glasgow- Glasgow is renowned for its architecture and is wealthy in heritage. It is a cultural hub and ranks 59th for affordability. It is one of the top 300 cities for students around the world.
  6. Birmingham- Being the largest city in West Midlands, it is home to several 18th-century landmarks. It ranks at the 51st best student city and is 64th most affordable. One of the most highly regarded institutions, the University of Birmingham is situated here.
  7. Edinburgh- Being the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh was the location of the popular Harry Potter movies. It ranks 16th according to best cities for students and is the 66th most affordable.
  8. Coventry- Coventry is the 12th largest city in the UK and ranks 71st for affordability in the best student cities index.
  9. Brighton- It is ranked as the 92nd best city for students and 80th for affordability. The relaxed and sunny lifestyle of Brighton is what attracts students to the city.
  10. London- London I ranked as the best city for students overall. It ranks 82nd for affordability. It is home to some of the most iconic landmarks and sites.

Methods of Reducing your Spending in the UK

Students who wish to study in UK have to be careful about their spending. Following are some tips which would help you in cutting down on your budget without sacrificing too much- 

  1. Make sure you write down your daily or monthly expenses. This makes you more conscious of the amount of spending you are doing.
  2. Save on Shopping for food. Make sure you shop in bigger supermarkets. They offer better deals and partake in cooking food yourself.
  3. Make use of the students’ discounts in the UK and make sure you get a loyalty card from your local supermarkets.
  4. Flee markets are available almost all the time, albeit on different dates and locations. Make sure you check out the closest ones near you. This would help you uncover hidden treasures that most students would not go after as the prices are much lower but the variety is less.
  5. International students in college often struggle with buying books due to the extensively high retail prices. As a rule of thumb, look for second-hand books, try asking seniors and alumni for their books. Looking up your closest library would also prove extremely useful. Most University libraries are very extensive and have a large collection of very diverse books. So, make sure you check out all these options before going in for buying textbooks.  
  6. Buy things one by one so you don’t cross the limit of your monthly budget.
  7. Try walking to most places or using a bicycle. This will not only help you in reducing your overall spending but will also help greatly in maintaining your health.

These were all the tips that can be used to reduce your overall cost in the UK. This will not only reduce your overall spending but will also help you in accomplishing your dreams to study in UK. By studying in these universities and staying in these cities, there will be a large amount of your part-time income that will be saved.

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