10 Cheapest Universities in UK for International and Domestic Students

There are some low cost universities in uk for international students and today I am bringing the top 10 cheap universities UK to your notice along side the exact amount each of the universities charge as tuition fees.

Almost 90% of my readers here are passionate hopeful international students either seeking for scholarship to study abroad, geuine information that would help them make the best choice on where to study or both.

This is the reason why we toil restlessly to provide these information here.

You should know that there are universities in UK that are not just cheap for domestic students but also very cheap for international students.

It doesn’t even end that these universities are cheap, they still have internal scholarships and are open to external scholarships too. These scholarships are open to deserving students both international and domestic.

How about student aid? These universities also provide student aids to students finding it difficult to pay up their fees on grounds of verified considerations.

As an intending international student you should make series of researches to be sure you are going for what you want. This is why there are several study-abroad agencies and consultancies out there to help you.

Here at StudyAbroadNations, we make these things easier, providing you almost all the needed guides which are free to access from the comfort of your room.

CHECK: For the list of cheapest universities in UK below, if you think that there is a University that is supposed to be on this list because they a cheaper tuition fee, contact us with proves and we will effect the change ASAP.

10 Cheapest Universities in UK for International Students

NOTE: At the time of this update, 1GBP = 1.23USD. Tuition fees in the UK are charged in GBP(Pounds Sterling).

Coventry University :- As at 2018, Coventry was the 9th largest university in the UK by enrollment. I am not too sure if this statistics has changed.

Anyway, Conventry over the years has remained one of the most sort after schools in the UK. The school is open to both domestic and international students. Just like others, they charge different fees for for domestic and internatioal students.

Domestic Students: 9,250 GBP
International Students: 11,750 GBP

Royal Agricultural University :- Being reverenced as the first agricultural institute in the whole English-speaking world, RAU has shined since 1845 attracting thousands of international students.

The university is very accessible with links to practically everything you will need from the school displayed on the homepage.

During admission times, the school makes it so easy for applicants to make enquiries by going to the extent of providing an official line that the students can easily use to reach them on phone.

Their tuition fees for both international and domestic students are all within pocket level. Unlike Coventry university with extra 2,500 GPB for international students, RAU as one of the lowest cost universities in the UK charge just extra 1000 GPB for international students.

Domestic Students: 9,000 GBP
International Students: 10,000 GBP

University of Suffolk :- I don’t know much about Suffolk expecially on what they charge as tuition fee for domestic students but being of of the cheapest universities in the UK for international students, University of Suffolk charge a tuition fee of 10,000 GPB for international students.

Domestic Students:
International Students: 10,000 GBP

University of Cumbria :- Cumbria accepts application from international students all over the world and also grants admission to any qualified applicant.

The school is in partnership with several other schools abroad as they encourage indigenous UK domestic students in their school to study abroad whenever possible and they make the processs earsier for them through these partnerships.

Domestic Students: –
International Students: 10,500 GBP

University of the West of Scotland :- this is one of the chepaest universities in UK with about four campuses in the towns of Paisley, Hamilton, Dumfries and Ayr, as well as a campus in London.

The university has a student capacity of about half of that of Coventry and among this number are international students inclusive.

Domestic Students: –
International Students: 10,600 GBP

University of Sunderland :- This is the youngest university on this list, having gained its university status in 1992. Though the institution has been providing education since 1901 but not as a University.

About in every 5 students in Sunderland, 1 is an international student. The university accepts international students from over 100 countries of the world.

Domestic Students: –
International Students: 10,500 GBP

Ravensbourne University London :- Ravensbourne University London is a digital media and design university, with vocational courses in fashion, television and broadcasting, interactive product design, architecture and environment design, graphic design, animation et.c

The University admits both international and domestic students but have a far greater number of domestic students.

Domestic Students: 9,250 GBP
International Students: 13,500 GBP

Buckinghamshire New University :- Buckinghamshire New University is the cheapest university for international students in UK and it would have also doubled as the cheapest university in UK for domestic students if not for University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

Domestic Students: 7,500 GBP
International Students: 8,900 GBP

Plymouth Marjon University :- It is one of the cheap universities in the UK. Deadline for application is generally 15th of Jan but applications coming beyong thius given time are sometimes considered expecially if the course being applied is filled up yet.

Tuition fee: 9,250 GBP

University of Wales Trinity Saint David :- University of Wales Trinity Saint David is the cheapest univesity in UK for domestic students.

Domestic Students: 3,375 GBP
International Students: 9,348 GBP

Below is a more simple compilation of the top ten cheap universities in UK for domestic and International students.

  1. University of Wales Trinity Saint David
  2. Plymouth Marjon University
  3. Buckinghamshire New University
  4. Ravensbourne University London
  5. University of Sunderland
  6. University of the West of Scotland
  7. University of Cumbria
  8. University of Suffolk
  9. Royal Agricultural University
  10. Coventry University

These universities listed above are the top Cheapest Universities in UK currently from what I have and we will always update this when ever we get valid information as regards any other cheaper university not featured here.

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