15 Free Bible Schools Online with Certificates

As a bible scholar, have you been on the search for free bible schools online with certificates that you can enroll in and still juggle other life priorities? You just found your answer!! Pay close attention as I unravel the information you need.

Learning online can be a hazel sometimes, but there are good interactive online tools that one can use to make it easier to learn online. There is nothing that cannot be learned online in recent times.

 Different things can be learned on various online platforms. There are online degrees, online certifications as well as online courses and programs that one can enroll in, learn and become a qualified professional in any field of choice.

If you are interested in becoming a pastor, you can get a pastoral certificate online. There are different courses you can learn and get a degree online. There are free Islamic courses with certificates and free Quran classes for Muslims.

For students interested in becoming legal practitioners, there are online courses on family law and criminal law that they can learn without spending a dime.

These online courses can be accessed from different online platforms like Alison, edX, Coursera, and a host of other online platforms.

As a Christian, there are online contents you can source and learn online too such as some bible courses with certificates of completion, online audio bible apps, and sites, as well as trivial bible questions and answers just for you to have the knowledge about them. Online schools are not left out, as there are Pentecostal  bible colleges you should know about

You should also know about the most accurate bible translations as a bible scholar, and if you do not want to be confused or have doubts about your Bible beliefs, you can check out these bible translations to avoid.

It is worthy of note that not all online schools are free, as some are paid for. Whereas, others may be free, but their certificates are paid for. But, this article is written to talk about the free bible schools online with certificates. Now, let’s delve properly into these bible schools and know what they offer.

Free Bible Schools Online with Certificates

Free Bible Schools Online with Certificates

There are lots of free bible schools online with certificates, that one can offer, but I will be listing and discussing on few of them. Links to their various official websites will be available too. They are as follows;

  • Dallas Theological Seminary
  • AXX Bible College
  • WVBS Online Bible School
  • Luther Rice College and Seminary (Paid)
  • Biblword Courses
  • The Prophetic Voice Institute
  • Christian Leadership University
  • Love God Greatly Women’s Ministry
  • Proverbs 31 Ministries
  •  College of the Open Bible
  • Christian Leaders Institute
  • Moody Bible Institute
  • Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Bible Mesh Institute)
  • TELL Network
  • World Bible School

1.       Dallas Theological Seminary

This is the first on our list of free bible schools online with certificates. Dallas Theological Seminary is a non-denominational evangelical seminary in Dallas, Texas, with satellite campuses and regional locations throughout the United States and the world.

 Founded in 1924, their mission is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide.   For more than 90 years, DTS has been committed to teaching the truth found in Scripture.

They have trained thousands of pastors and teachers over the past nine decades, but our mission has always gone far beyond the borders of their physical campus. They have also launched online courses for their students. Some of their online courses are; Galatians, Intro to the Prophets, Selected Psalms, and other online courses too.

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2.       AXX Bible College

This is the next on the list of free online bible schools with certificates. This College was founded in 2018 by Dr Brendan Roach, who is also the President and Founder of AXX. AXX has been founded to provide biblically-based effective ministry training, and leadership programs that are trusted and accessible globally for pastors, leaders, and disciples.

 In particular, they have been founded to provide free high-quality Bible College training to pastors living in poverty and under persecution. Some of the programs they offer are; Pastoral Ministry, Bible, and theology, church planting lots more.

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3.       WVBS Online Bible School

This is the next on our list of online free bible schools with certificates. WVBS Online Bible School is designed to provide students with an online, comprehensive, in-depth study of the Bible. The lessons are pure non-denominational teaching based on an accurate “drawing out” of what the Bible teaches, not reading into the text what someone might think it teaches.

The courses cover every book in the Bible, plus four additional subjects which help you in your understanding of the scriptures (Christian Evidence, Hermeneutics, Greek, and How We Got the Bible). The school is designed for anyone who wants a focused, organized, and thorough study of the Bible.

All the instructors in the school have had years of study and have prepared themselves to teach these subjects. Each master teacher is presently or has been, an instructor in a Bible training school. They are among the finest teachers available today.

There is no tuition for WVBS Online Bible School. It is free to all who want to take advantage of the schooling it offers. WVBS is organized as a non-profit and is recognized by the United States IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.

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4.       Luther Rice College and Seminary (Paid)

This is the next on the list of free online bible schools with certificates. The mission of Luther Rice College and Seminary is to serve the church and community by providing biblically-based on-campus and distance education to Christian men and women for ministry and the marketplace with an end to granting undergraduate and graduate degrees

All degree programs have been specifically designed to be completed entirely online. Luther Rice faculty have been providing distance education for over 60 years (20+ years online), offering personalized guidance and advising every step of the way. You can earn your biblically-based degree anytime, anywhere, with Luther Rice. Their tuition costs are ranked in the lowest 10% of all private, non-profit, four-year schools according to the U.S. Department of Education College Affordability and Transparency Center.

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5.       Biblword Courses

This is the next on our list of online free bible schools with certificates. Biblword Courses is a platform where people can find answers to life questions and can get education on Biblical content. In this process, they are guided by a personal mentor who answers their questions. Biblword Courses is offered by the Dutch church ‘Hervormde Gemeente Kamperveen’ and GlobalRize.

The Hervormde Gemeente Kamperveen cooperates with Biblword Learnnn in promoting and distributing articles, blogs, and courses about life questions and faith. On the Biblword Learnnn website, there are digital courses about the Bible, faith, and life questions. In these courses, students are guided by a personal mentor who answers their questions.

GlobalRize proclaims the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Internet. Millions of people across the world are being reached every month through social media, their website platforms, and free online courses. GlobalRize currently distributes the Gospel in 30 languages. More than 600 people worldwide, both paid and volunteer, work on GlobalRize’s mission every day.

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6.       The Prophetic Voice Institute

This is the next on the list of free online bible schools with certificates. PVI is a non-denominational Christian training school, begun by the leading of the Lord Jesus through Joseph Kostelnik, a minister with nearly 50 years of experience who also pastors a church in Cincinnati, Ohio.

 There are three courses available, totaling over 700 pages of power-packed material, which will help Christians become more knowledgeable in the Word of God as well as empowered to do the work to which the Lord Yahweh has called them

Their curriculum is designed to be effective, inexpensive, and convenient. Over the years we have trained students with over 22589 registrations in one of their three courses in different countries.

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7.       Christian Leadership University

This is the next on our list of online free bible schools with certificates. Christian Leadership University’s professors are proven national and international leaders. They progressively integrate the internet and distance education.

Thirteen majors are offered which lead to accredited Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees, preparing you to disciple nations.

Accredited certificate programs are available.

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8.       Love God Greatly Women’s Ministry

This is the next on the list of free online bible schools with certificates. This is a ministry for women. Their desire is to help every woman in every nation have access to God’s word in their language. To accomplish this goal, Love God Greatly has developed a network of trained translators, who help them translate all their Bible studies into 40+ languages. As a result, they have been able to establish hundreds of Bible study communities globally, and their Bible study tools have now reached 100+ of countries of the world.

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9.       Proverbs 31 Ministries

This is the next on our list of online free bible schools with certificates. Proverbs 31 Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit Christian ministry that seeks to lead women into a personal relationship with Christ. With Proverbs 31:10-31 as a guide, Proverbs 31 Ministries reaches women in the middle of their busy days through free devotions, podcasts, speaking events, conferences, resources, online Bible studies, and training in the call to write, speak and lead others.

They are real women offering real-life solutions to those striving to maintain life’s balance, in spite of today’s hectic pace and cultural pull away from godly principles. Wherever a woman may be on her spiritual journey, Proverbs 31 Ministries exists to be a trusted friend who understands the challenges she faces and walks by her side, encouraging her as she walks toward the heart of God.

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10.    College of the Open Bible

This is the next on our list of online free bible schools with certificates. College of The Open Bible offers recognized degree and diploma programs. Major concentrations are available in theology, pastoral ministry, Christian counseling, evangelism, missions, music ministry, and youth ministry. Also available are non-degree Bible study options and programs that lead to ordination and ministry licenses.

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11.   Christian Leaders Institute

This is the next on the list of free bible schools online with certificates. Christian Leaders Institute is located in Spring Lake, Michigan. The college staff oversees the work of the institute and the college. Much of the administration work of both the college and the institute is conducted at the Michigan location. 

Christian Leaders College is an institution of higher education with the mission to launch leaders worldwide with deep biblical knowledge, vibrant godliness, strong and empowered ministry skills, and a passion for making disciples, expanding God’s church, and sparking a revival.

 This Christian Leaders Institute website gives you assess to the programs of Christian Leaders College, a religious non-profit educational organization. Students earn awards, diplomas, and certificates in the different courses and programs they offer.

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12.   Moody Bible Institute

This is the next on our list of online free bible schools with certificates. Moody Bible Institute began with the idea that ordinary people could be transformed by the clear, practical teaching of God’s Word. In 1886 Dwight L. Moody forged a coalition of Chicago business leaders who supported his vision of a Bible training center in an urban setting.

 Today there are over 47,500 Moody alumni, serving God’s people around the world. In 1901 Moody pioneered distance learning—college courses through the mail. Now Moody offers online courses through Moody Bible Institute and Moody Theological Seminary. They offer a variety of biblical courses and programs for the award of different degrees and certificates

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13.   Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (Bible Mesh Institute)

This is the next on the list of free bible schools online with certificates. Established in 1950, Southeastern is one of six Southern Baptist Convention seminaries, with 85 percent of its students coming from Southern Baptist churches.

 Currently, the seminary enrolled 5,300 students working toward bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees, thousands more than the average member institution of the Association of Theological Schools, one of the main North American accrediting bodies for graduate theological education.

Southeastern has more than 60 faculty members and has been offering online classes since 2004. This seminary school partnered with Bible Mesh Institute.  Bible Mesh Institute course offerings span the theological disciplines.

Students enroll in each course on a subscription basis for $225 per month. On average, students complete a course in three months, though some move through more quickly.

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14.   TELL Network

This is the next on our list of online free bible schools with certificates. TELL is an E-Learning program that is set to teach you simple truths from God’s Word that you can share with others. Their instructors have extensive knowledge of biblical languages, history, world religion, and more.

It’s their job to teach you the truth of the Bible and answer your personal questions about faith and religion. They also give you the unique opportunity to advance your studies and train you to become a certified TELL Bible Leader.

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15.   World Bible School

This is the last on the list of free bible schools online with certificates. WBS’s mission is to share the Good News of Jesus with the world using everyday Christians and interactive Bible studies. They offer a core set of lesson booklets and online lessons known as the Master Series.

The Bible-based lessons teach the fundamentals of God, His grace and love, Jesus, the Gospel message, the church, and Christian living. WBS courses are designed to increase your knowledge and faith in God by seeing for yourself what the Bible says.

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These bible schools are all taught online and free. So, if you are interested in earning any biblical degree without spending a dime, you can opt to enroll in any of these bible schools.