15 Easiest Bachelor Degrees to get Online

Studying online is becoming more and more popular, with the COVID-19 incident that took place in 2020, where lots of colleges saw a need for online classes. In fact, during the 2020 pandemic, more than 11 million undergraduates had to enroll in at least one online course.

Even students that never thought of online studies are now seeing how greatly important it is, which has made more students consider the easiest bachelor degrees to get online. 

It’s not just about getting a degree, another thing to consider is those majors that can pay you well because one of the best reasons for getting a degree is to get a good profession. 

It will be a painful decision to complete a degree and not get a job immediately, or even in the worst case, you won’t be paid well. However, most of the simple degrees we provided here are promised to give you employment opportunities and even pay you satisfactorily.

Benefits of getting a bachelor’s degree online

Online bachelor’s degree will sound more interesting if you are already busy with work, family, or you are from another country trying to get a degree abroad. So here are some of the benefits of getting an online major.

Lower Cost

Some schools give online students the privilege to pay lower tuition for the same degree their on-campus counterparts are taking. Even in schools that don’t give online students lower tuition, you also have the privilege to save money on accommodation, parking, meal planning, etc.

Study from Anywhere

With an online degree, you don’t need to visit the on-campus for any lectures, and this gives you the privilege to study from wherever you are in the world. So you don’t need to be moving from home to campus, all the time, which also saves you time and money.


This is one of the major reasons people enroll for the easiest bachelor degrees online, you’re opportune to plan your academics according to your schedule. On-campus classes won’t give you this form of freedom, you have to plan your schedule according to your academics, which significantly affects your life especially if you have other obligations.

In online classes, the lectures are always accessible, 24/7, so when you’re free, you can go and learn, and you can even listen to them over and over till you understand the lecture.


This could be a determining factor if you will succeed in an online bachelor’s degree because if you find it difficult to discipline yourself, you won’t do so well in an online degree. But if you’re able to discipline yourself to consistently attend online lectures at least 5 times a week, and always read, then you will master one of the greatest skills that only a few have.

easiest bachelor degrees to get online

Easiest Bachelor Degrees to Get Online

1. Marketing

Marketing has to do with helping a customer to understand the value of a product or service so that they can trust your company, buy the product or service, return again, and become a loyal customer. Marketing goes beyond buying and selling (which is what sales are all about), a marketer doesn’t just want the client to buy, but they are more interested in the customer’s trust in the company. 

That’s why it is their responsibility to understand their customer’s experience. How did this customer feel after purchasing the product? Was the delivery as fast as it should be?

So in your undergraduate online marketing degree, you can either choose the BS (Bachelor of Science) or the BA (Bachelor of Arts), and you will be spending 3 or 4 years to complete your degree.

2. English

An English degree doesn’t usually teach students hard skills like programming, treating a patient, etc. But it mostly focuses on soft skills such as analytic thinking, good communication, creativity, adaptability, and many more. These soft skills might not make them work in the factory or lab, but when it comes to writing for companies, speaking at public events, and teaching students they are the best in the field for it.

You can even become a prolific fiction writer, and sell your books to Amazon, or even become a podcaster, social media manager, or journalist, the career options are limitless.

3. Liberal Arts

Some students are running away from this degree to majors that are in the STEM environment because they are looking for something that will give them more money, I believe so. That makes this degree even easier to get, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get a nice career prospect.

The courses in this degree are so broad, and it touches across lots of other degrees, whether it is art, science, or even mathematics, which gives you the advantage to work in most companies. Almost like an English degree, you will learn how to communicate well, collaborate with a team, write properly, and even critically solve problems.

With an online degree in Liberal Arts, you can work in an advertising company, you can work as a marketer, an editor, a technical writer, a historian, and many more.

4. Business Administration

This is another easy-to-get online bachelor’s degree, and it also promises a lot of employment options for graduates. Lots of companies are looking for leaders that can manage and lead roles in their companies, that’s why this degree gives you the option to also focus on a particular field such as project management, healthcare management, and finance.

You can even decide to further your studies and get a master’s in business administration, which gives you more options and opens more doors to earning lots of money as the CEO of a company.

5. Communication

There are lots of professionals that know what they want to say in their heart but finds it very difficult to express their thoughts to the understanding of their audience. You’ll hear some of them say “I know what I want to say, but I don’t know how to explain it…” And this doesn’t only happen in speaking, it also happens in writing.

Becoming an expert in communication opens doors to you in lots of fields, because you will be taking classes on public speaking, writing, international communication, media communication, journalism, public relation, etc. This is one of the easiest bachelor’s degrees to get online because it goes across lots of fields.

6. Computer Science

Since this degree doesn’t need your presence in a traditional college, you will find it very easy to complete it from the comfort of your home. All the practical aspect of it is done on your computer, and the best of it is you will have lots of opportunities when you graduate with this degree.

Moreover, when you graduate, you can earn an average of $75,000, so this also answers the question if the degree is worth it.

7. Religion

This major is best for those that are so fascinated with the history, the tradition of religion, and the impact religion has had on the world. Just like most art-related degrees, this also strengthens your critical thinking, research ability, communication skill, etc.

With a degree in religion, you can become a counselor, a pastor, a theologist, an advocate, etc.

8. Education

This is another fastest degree to get online, but it doesn’t really pay well, you need to have a long-lasting passion for it, or for your best purpose, and also get a master’s degree in it. The average salary you can earn with your BS or BA in education is $55,000, which is not so bad, anyway. 

But when compared with the fees and the 3 or 4 years you’ll spend in college, you will understand why I said you need a committed passion for it. 

9. Nursing

Although some people might see it unnecessary or unprofessional to study nursing, online. Some might not even consider this major, easy. But the best colleges that offer this online degree have made it in a way that you can easily go through the classes from anywhere you are.

The bachelor of science in Nursing can either be 3 or 4 years, and you’ll be learning courses like mental health and wellbeing, adult healthcare, and children’s nursing.

10. Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies have to do with combining more than 1 academic discipline into one major. So if you have an interest in science, and also want to be a good communicator, this degree helps you to balance both fields, thereby making you a pro in two major fields.

Some colleges can help you to even develop your own major, this allows you to pick those areas that you love and would easily become an expert on. You can choose to pick a business administration degree with a marketing or finance degree, or you can choose biology with global health.

11. Women’s Study

Studying online can be easy and interesting, especially if you are a feminist because you’ll be learning how gender position affects our world. You’ll learn the number of social injustices women have faced, the level of impact, and its effect, above all, you will understand what sparked the need for feminism.

You’ll start understanding and appreciating some profound leadership of women that have passed on this earth. You’ll be learning courses such as women’s health, women’s history, women & politics, feminist theory, etc. 

This also doesn’t require much GPA, and as a bachelor’s graduate, you can work as a clinical social worker, human rights advocate, lawyer, public relations manager, rape crisis program director, and many more.

12. Film Studies

If you want to become a director, a screenwriter, a movie producer, a cinematic designer, or a movie critic, then taking this easy major degree can be one of the best choices. Film study helps you to understand the theory and history of movies. You will see cinema from a critical standpoint, you will learn all the genre of films, understand the camera, lighting, and also the roles an audience play in creating films.

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13. Music

We know that “Music is to the soul what words are to the mind,” and the importance and desire for music will never stop. One might say, I don’t need to go to college to become a professional musician or even a popular musician. The major reason someone should consider a music degree is because of being employed, so if you want to be a music director, an agent, an audio engineer, or a music Therapist, then getting your degree is very important.

14. Criminal Justice

This degree is not just one of the easiest bachelor’s degrees to get online, but there is also a high demand for it, you can become a lawyer, a detective, an FBI agent, a forensic scientist, a forensic psychologist, etc. You need to complete a 120 credit hour, and you’ll be majoring in courses in the constitution, humanities, social sciences, and multicultural.

15. Political Science

If you love politics and want to learn more about government, law, and history, then this could be an easy major you can pursue wherever you are. You don’t need to show up in any college to start and complete this degree, and all their materials are presented to you online.

Although it has a “science name” attached to it, don’t worry there is nothing science-related in it. 


Stringent degrees are not for everyone, and you must not study in these tough majors to make a worthy living, even though they are the ones that pay well. You have seen that most of these easiest bachelor degrees to get online are Bachelor of Arts-related majors, and you should make sure that whichever one you choose is your best option.

Because, sometimes, “easy” is not always the best choice to work with.

Easiest Bachelor Degrees To Get Online – FAQs

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