6 Best Colleges For Undergraduate English Majors With Average Tuition Fees

Here are the 6 best colleges for undergraduate English majors in the world with their full details and average tuition fees per year.

You have a keen interest in English studies and want to develop and sharpen your skills in the area of study? It is just normal for you to attend a school that will help you not only to develop your skills but provides you with the knowledge needed to grow in the real world and become successful.

This article is for you who want to develop and grow your potentials in English studies as I have successfully gathered well-detailed information on the best colleges for undergraduate English majors.

To be a master of English studies, it is required you start at the initial stage, undergraduate, and if you like to progress from there but the undergraduate stage will greatly help you in starting your career and the colleges I have gathered will help in your growth as well.

English is a significant field of study with lots of career opportunities, and if you get to study it to the highest level, you will be surprised at the amount of contribution you will be making to the world and pursuing an undergraduate degree in one of the best colleges in the field of study marks the beginning of your success.

For those who want to study pure English in International universities abroad, You can check out our guide on the best universities in the UK for English studies and you can as well check out how to study English in Turkey.

English is a really broad course filled with different forms of arts and literature and other branches which you may decide to take up in your postgraduate studies. English studies will open you to a different set of ideas and creativity you will get to meet renowned people in the field such as globally recognized writers, journalists, artists, publishers, etc.


Careers after an English Majors

Studying English will equip you with creative skills, interpretation, critical thinking skills, organization, research, proficiency in communication, writing, and grammar which prepares you for a diverse range of professional fields.

Below are careers that you can take up after completion of an English major in college.

Journalism, Teaching, Publishing, Humanities, Law, Media, and Communications, Copywriting, Public relation specialists, Librarian, Advertising, and more.

The opportunities to grow in your career as an English major are endless and studying in a good college will better prepare you to take on these fields after graduating and learn how to manage the respective positions efficiently.

In choosing a good college to major in English you will be trained to write well, organize ideas in a logical way, carry out research, analyze complex information, read and observe critically and develop arguments.

How long will it take me to complete an English Major in any of the Best Colleges?

Normally, it takes 4 years to complete an English major and obtain a certificate.

To obtain an English major, you will come across the following courses;

History, Poetry, Literature, Philosophy, Creative writing, Fiction Writing, Language and linguistics, Literary theory and criticism, Drama, Creative non-fiction, Prose, among others.

After extensive research, I was able to compile a list of the best 6 colleges for undergraduate English majors which will definitely lead you to success.

Best Colleges For Undergraduate English Majors

  • Wellesley College
  • Swarthmore College
  • Williams College
  • Florida Southern College
  • Hamilton College
  • Colby College

1. Wellesley College

Situated in Massachusetts, United States, and was established in 1875, Wellesley College is ranked as one of the best colleges for undergraduate English Majors equally known for offering excellent education with unique campus culture, a gifted faculty, and a beautiful, convenient learning environment.

Students who come here for an English major will acquire knowledge of English literary history from diverse cultures, be able to write with clarity, style, and originality. Students will also be taught to recognize and demonstrate an ability to work with critical methods employed in the discipline of literary studies, construct a lucid and persuasive argument and be able to read literature with deep attention and intensive responsiveness to content, language, and form.

In the end, you will be able to analyze literary language, compose and organize poems, essays, stories, novels, and plays, develop critical and analytical thinking, and also the skills to manage your newly-found knowledge in the workforce.

Average Annual Cost – $72,000
Graduation Rate – 93%
Acceptance Rate – 22%

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2. Swarthmore College

Founded in 1864 with its location in Pennsylvania, Swarthmore College is one of the best colleges for undergraduate English majors to shape their ideas into a successful career.

Students will learn how to read closely, think inventively, and write analytically and creatively. Classes are offered on a wide range of topics from novels to new media, from critical theory to popular culture, from poetry to digital humanities with students open to exploring from their classroom learning.

Students who pursue an English major at Swarthmore College are provided with the best training to make them ready to apply their skills and knowledge to society and make positive contributions to the world at large.

Average Annual Cost – $71,000
Graduation Rate – 94%
Acceptance Rate – 11%

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3. Williams College

Situated in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and established in 1793, Williams College is one of the best colleges for undergraduate English majors dedicated to offering the best form of education, skills, and knowledge that will be needful to achieve their aim.

Studying for the English major at this institution will teach you the importance of literature, and how it has shaped man thus you will explore the century-old and modern literary piece, and you have experienced tutors to guide you all the way.

Average Annual Cost – $73,000
Graduation Rate – 96%
Acceptance Rate – 15%

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4.   Florida Southern College

With its location in Lakeland, Florida, and established in 1883, Florida Southern College is listed as one of the best colleges for undergraduate English majors provides students with a one-of-a-kind living and learning experience and a mission to prepare students through dynamic, engaged learning to make a positive and consequential impact on society.

The English faculty is filled with scholars and creative writers who will help to sharpen your writing skills make you a critical reader, writer, and thinker. Getting a degree in English major will put your skills in the field to use in good employment positions and make a positive contribution to society.

Average Annual Cost – $52,000
Graduation Rate – 57%
Acceptance Rate – 51%

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5.   Hamilton College

Located in Clinton, New York, and founded in 1793, Hamilton College is one of the best colleges for undergraduate English majors focusing on teaching students to think independently and communicate clearly with a co-curricular program that provides internships and other experiential learning and leadership opportunities.

Pursuing an English major at Hamilton’s College, students are offered quality education on their academic interests, explore the breadth of the liberal arts and graduate with strong foundations in creative and critical thinking, writing, and speaking.

Average Annual Cost – $70,000
Graduation Rate – 92%
Acceptance Rate – 24%

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6.   Colby College

Founded in 1813 and situated in Waterville, Maine, Colby College is one of the best colleges for undergraduate English majors with renowned academic programs led by world-class professors to shape students for the outside world, grow and develop their potentials to contribute positively to the community.

This is the college for you if you’re intrigued by classical myth, Greek tragedy, the Roman Empire, or general ancient history, languages, and cultural traditions. You get to learn all of these taught by Colby’s classics professors, join them to examine the civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome and their impact on the world

Average Annual Cost – $71,000
Graduation Rate – 94%
Acceptance Rate – 16%

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There you have the list of colleges for undergraduate English majors from around the world considered as the best among the rest. These colleges hopefully will help you develop and shape your potentials, offer you guidelines, encouragement, and inspiration through its world-class professors and facilities.

These colleges, no matter the one you pick, will give you the skills and profound knowledge on what it is to be an English major. You will learn all there is to know about the subject matter, explore your creativity through the facilities that are ever ready for you to make use of.

The details of this article are up to date but do not fail to make further research on your own like contacting the school management or write to their email to get more details.


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