6 Powerful Ways to Improve Your Accent in English

Interested in learning how to improve your accent in English? Here are 6 powerful tips that can help you dramatically improve your English accent in a considerably short period of time.

English is the most studied language on the planet, followed by French. Most English learners are people who come from countries where English is not the first language. If you think that your accent in English is tricky and impossible to do it right, then perhaps you are using the wrong method.

While mastering the accent can be quite a challenge, it is not totally impossible. With the right tips, you can significantly improve your accent. Below are some practical tips to help you improve your accent in English.

Tips to Improve Your Accent in English

Below are 6 awesome ways we’ve carefully put together to help you on your journey to improving your accent in English.

Get an English-speaking instructor

The first step to improving your accent is to start your learning process with a native speaking instructor or private tutoring.

Learning from a native speaking instructor will save you from making the simple initial mistakes that may become more difficult to correct later on.

If you start learning your English language with an instructor or through private tutoring, you will be tackling pronunciation from day one. That means your accent will require less perfection compared to when you decide to train yourself. You can learn more about English courses at verborum.fr.

Listen more

The internet has plenty of audio materials that can help you improve your pronunciation. Listen to such audios more often.Don’t just focus on the vocabulary and grammar, but also the phonetic aspects of the English language.

When listening to a short audio track, pay attention to the rhythm, breaks, and intonation.

Watch movies and TV shows and listen to the radio in English

Although this may not yield an overnight difference, absorbing the sounds of how the language is spoken can gradually impact the learner’s ability to imitate accents.

Focus on media that’s made for native speakers and not language learning materials that tend to be less natural.

Record yourself practicing speaking English and then play it back to test your accent

The best way to test your accent is to record yourself and see how far you have improved.

You can use your smartphone to record yourself speaking and then listen to that recording to assess yourself as neutrally as possible on how natural your accent is and the rhythm of your speech.

By doing this, you will be able to notice any error in the way you pronounce words or the rhythm of your speech and then correct them. You will also be able to notice mistakes and practice further until you get it right.

Read out loud every day

Reading out loud can help improve your accent. That’s because it makes you feel more confident. It also makes you focus on sentences and paragraphs instead of the individual words which will, in the end, improve your delivery.

Practice makes perfect

Improving your accent in English needs some skills and time, and so you must be patient. Don’t give up if it doesn’t happen overnight. To improve your accent as quickly as possible, make your training sessions more frequent- if possible, make it every day or not more than two days between sessions.


Improving your accent in English has many advantages. It helps you communicate efficiently and confidently and also exposes you to opportunities.

Good English accent could land you high paying jobs as an on-air presenter, media person or even as an ambassador in an English speaking country. The opportunities in for you are actually boundless.


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