10 Free Online Courses With Printable Certificates

Do you know that there are some free online courses with printable certificates that you can take part in and be certified at the end and the certificate can be used to enhace your CV or to apply for Jobs in the field in either your home country or abroad?

Information they say, is power. This is why Study Abroad Nations is dedicated to providing valid information to all of its readers to empower them.

Online courses give you the flexibility of doing what ever you want to be doing where ever you want to be doing it while also studying online of which at the end you will get a certificate for the course.

There are several online courses with printable certificates but I will be writing about just ten of them that I have researched and have valid information as regards.

Before I go on, I will like to enlighthen you on some of the amzing topics I have written on earlier on this blog that I am very certain you will be interested as an international student.

Its obvious, not everybody likes online courses. People have varying reasons why they would or would never partake in online courses but how ever it be, for the sake of those who like online courses, we will provide every necessary information and update our website regularly on available scholarships for online courses whenever we learn about them.

Earlier, I wrote a comprehensive article listing online colleges that do not charge any application fee which I encouraged readers on this platform to take advantage of. These courses are called online courses but for the fact that they are online does not deny the reality that they are still very valuable and certificates obtained after an online course is seen as relevant too.

Infact online programs are the easiest ways you can receive certificates from reputable universities abroad while sitting in the comfort of your home. Some of them are far cheaper compared to what it may cost you to travel to that country to study and get same certificate.

I also took out time to research and write on cheap available online undergraduate courses for both international and domestic students and these courses all have the option for a printable certificate at the end of the program. These courses offer bachelor degrees just as every other student who had gone to a university for the course would have it.

Canada being a country of major interest by international students also offer online courses and you can partake in these courses either from Canada or from the comfort of whereever you choose to stay outside Canada.

All you need is to ensure you come online to join others whenever there is to be any collective interactive class.

I researched and wrote on some free online courses in Canada with certificates that you can take part in from any country of the world. You can check out the list through the link above.

There is the Unicaf scholarships majorly for Nigerian which supports international students who want to undertake degree courses either online or offline. These scholarships in some cases take care of about 70% of a scholars school fees and it has helped many international students to study abroad.

I hope these information help you better as a fan of online programs.

Going further, below are free online courses with printable certificates for international students. You can take part in any of these programs for free as you have the option to decide on whether to be given a certificate at the end or not.

Though the certificate matters, the knowledge in some cases may even matter more.

10 Free Online Courses With Printable Certificates

  1. Human Resources Management Capstone – The course is offered on the coursera platform which is one of the most popular online learning platforms in the world.The course would help you learn how to manage the human resource of any company and the certificate will improve your chances of landing a human resource job which is one of the most coveted jobs in some companies.

    The Human Resources Management Capstone free online course will start by 9th Sep 2019 and there will be an optional paid printable certificate available at the end of the program.

    Apply Here.

  2. Introduction To Game Developement – This free online course is offered on the edX platform and would last for a period of 12 weeks. It needs about 6 to 9 hours weekly commitment and a certificate is issued at the end of the program.It teaches the basic concept of game design and programming and prepares participants to take up their own space on the internet on programming games.

    If you want a platform where you can learn how to develop android game programs for free, then you should apply for this.

    Apply Here.

  3. Web Development – This free online course with a printable certificate for participants is offered on the edX platform for international particpants. This is to say you will be learning the program alongside other participants from different counytries of the world.This course will teach you all need to know about codes (Python and JavaScript) and website designing.

    You will learn about APIs, HTML, QSL, CSS etc. at the end of the program and you can prinyt your certificate in hardcopy after it has been presented to you.

    Apply Here.

  4. Mobile App Developement – By the end of this course, you will be tasked to design your own app running fully.The course is offered on the edX platform and a printable certificate is obtained at the end.

    This free course will teach you everything you need to know about mobile app developement and it is expected to last for a period of 13 weeks with not less than 6 hours weekly commitment.

    Apply Here

  5. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies – If you read a business course in the university, this will be a plus to your CV. The course comes with a verified printable certificate.This free online course with printable certificates is expected to last for a period of 6weeks with not less 3hours weekly commitment.

    Apply Here

  6. Principles of Marketing – If you are a digital marketer or your are interested in any form of marketing or looking for a job in the field of marketing, this free online digital marketing course with printable certificate will be very useful to you.Apply Here
  7. IT Project Management – this free online course covers project management in the context of IT projects, including software projects.Apply Here
  8. Introduction to Corporate FinanceApply Here
  9. Fundamentals of Graphic DesignApply here
  10. Visual Elements of User Interface DesignApply Here

All these free online courses with printable certificates here are offered by reputable international universities and educational institutes and the cdertificates you get at the end of these courses is directly from these universities though most of the courses offer certificates at a fee.

These courses maybe free but they are very useful in the areas for which they were created. If you pay attention to the lessons, do your assignments, follow all recommendations, you could be an expert in the selected field.

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