5 Free Resources to Help in Completing Your Degree

What if you were living in the 19th century and did not have a calculator to solve your problems? Can’t even imagine a life without a calculator, eh? Life without a computer and a calculator would be the one that you would never like to live in. Thanks to the internet and the modern technology that has saved our time effortlessly. 

When it comes to studying, gone are those days when the only resource for acquiring education was from the books. Now people have a wide range of resources that help them to gain knowledge.

From online tools to gadgets and different websites, people can take help for education from a variety of resources. In this article, we will talk about five of the resources that will help students from all over the world to complete their degrees. 


Not good with math’s? No problem at all as this tool is just the right thing for you if you struggle with remembering the formulas. This tool is one of the best tools to guide you with formulas and complete your math problems in a fraction of seconds. 

Many students struggle with long equations and loads of homework that consume a lot of their time and they are juggling with the answers. Using this tool will firstly save time and students will be able to solve equations quickly. 

This tool provides almost all types of mathematical, algebraic, and physics problems that a student comes across in his school and university days. 

Many students can’t afford to have a personal tutor due to which they lack behind in their studies. But with the help of CalculatorSchool, students can learn and grow without paying any kind of charges. 

With this, many people who study abroad can also utilize this tool to complete their assignments. Most people hate going to the university because of the bunch of assignments that are assigned to them daily. But online tools are a lifesaver and provide one of the best techniques to solve all types of problems. 


As the name says this tool is a one-stop solution for all your math problems. Whether it is a problem or you want to get prepared for your exams, Allmath is one of the best tools to solve all types of queries. 

Many people are not aware of such types of tools but they are very helpful as students get the formulas and equations to solve their problems in one place. 

Other than that, these types of tools are also really helpful for teachers who have to explain the terms and equations to the students. As time passes new techniques and tricks are invented to solve difficult problems. 

In such times, teachers can take help from this tool and explain to students how the sums are solved. As people say teachers are learners, therefore this tool is quite helpful for all types of generations and people can make use of it anytime they want to. 


One might say who has to check grammar when acquiring a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, but grammar and writing are everything that you need to be skilled at when completing a degree. 

Many educational programs include a lot of writing and assignments where students have to write on their own and submit a pile of assignments regularly. Here a grammar checker tool and an article rewriter can be of big help to them. 

People enrolling in Literature and Language programs have to get their hands on the rewriting tools that help students rewrite lengthy articles in just a few seconds. 

If you are a student and have enrolled yourself for a four-year program then you have to get these online tools in your life to save your time and effort. 

Get free online courses

Studying online would not be normal but having online education now after the pandemic is quite normal. The pandemic has led people to acquire online courses and get a free education while sitting at home. 

If you are stuck with a course in your degree or want to excel in skill then you have the entire internet in front of you that offers multiple types of online courses for free.

Many websites offer online courses or free subscriptions that help people complete their degrees and learn efficiently. These courses are either available for free or have free trials that allow people to gain knowledge while sitting in the comfort of their homes. 

Having an education is quite easy nowadays because of the easy access to it. If you are one of the nerds then getting free online courses is the thing that you would need in your schedule. 


The people of today’s generation are quite lucky to have youtube installed on their mobile phones. From watching the architecture of a building to making gold jewelry to taking classes online, youtube has everything. It is one of the best channels from where a person can acquire as much knowledge, they want without paying even a penny. 

However, it has its own pros and cons but it is one of the best platforms if people want to learn about something or gain knowledge about a topic in detail. 

Many people post different types of videos on Youtube on a daily basis which are quite helpful for people all around the world. Many makeup artists have learned and polished their skills from youtube and many children just type what they need to understand in detail and get ample information in just a click. Youtube is easy and accessible for people and it is one of the best resources one can use while studying.


Learning can be fun if students use the tools mentioned above. Many people hate studying because they feel there is a lack of resources and they have to spend extra money for extra classes. But why take extra classes when the internet provides us with such amazing tools.

The internet is filled with uncountable tools which can help you in completing your degree but the tools mentioned above are the best and most reliable ones. 

It is obvious that you would save a lot of money when you switch to online tools but spending money on paid tools would be a foolish thing to do when you have got such amazing websites for helping you out in your studies. 

Whether you have a math problem or need help with writing, the tools available online are just right there to get you passed with flying colors. So if you are still waiting for your tutor to solve your query then stop waiting and start learning online.