15 Free Online English Test with Certificate

This article contains a compiled list of free online English tests with certificate along with their details and direct links to get you started. Through this test, you can be able to test your English proficiency and get certified either for study, visa application, or employment purposes.

If you are familiar with study abroad guides, then you must know that one of the main requirements for studying abroad is to take an English proficiency test and submit the results.

English is the most commonly spoken language in the world and even in countries like Italy where it is not the first language, international students are still required to submit an English proficiency score.

It is one of the major requirements that will facilitate your admission into any higher institution anywhere in the world.

Although various universities require different scores for the English proficiency test, you will have to check that out on your own and learn about the required score of your host institution.

There are different kinds of English proficiency tests and your host institution may hint at accepting a particular kind.

Sometimes, it is based on the location of the university or college, for example, a UK-based higher institution will require the Cambridge Test. There are even Universities in the UK without IELTS requirements for you to enroll in. Aside from the Cambridge Test, there are also other internationally recognized tests which are; IELTS, TOEFL, OPI and OPIc, TOEIC, and PTE.

The Official English Proficiency Tests with Certificates

There are of course lots of English tests but not all of them are official or internationally recognized, the ones I listed above are the official ones. Explaining them further would help you understand them, that is if you don’t already.

  • IELTS: This is short for the International English Language Testing System, it is the number one most used and recognized English exam. Most, if not all, universities require it as a must for international students coming to study in the country. This test is divided into four parts namely; Listening, Academic Reading, Academic Writing, and Speaking. This test is available in both computer and paper-based writing and the IELTS certificate is valid for two years.
  • TOEFL: Short for Test of English as a Foreign Language and it is very similar to the TOEFL, but it is computer-based, unlike the other exams. For a score to be considered good for this exam it has to be 90 and above although still differs by university applications, visas, etc. There is also a paper-based test offered only in locations without an internet connection. This test is divided into four parts namely; Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. The TOEFL certificate is valid for two years.
  • Cambridge Test: This test, Cambridge Assessment English, is usually accepted all over the UK and provides results from A1 for beginners to C2 for advanced mastery.
  • TOEIC: This one stands for Test of English for International Communication and it is used to test student English-speaking skills for a workplace environment.
  • OPI and OPIc: Both tests have different purposes, the first one stands for Oral Proficiency Interview and measures speaking skills. The other OPIc is the same exam but it is computer-based and you’ll be graded on a scale ranging from novice to superior.
  • PTE: This stands for the Pearson Test of English and it is designed to assess the readiness of non-native English speakers to join a post-secondary level English language instruction program. The PTE test is divided into 3 sections namely; Speaking and Writing, Reading and Listening. The PTE certificate is valid for two years.

Each of these tests has specific purposes and certain countries or schools usually prefer to use one over the other. The one your host institution prefers is totally up to them and it is left to you to find out which, information can be gotten in the “admission section” of your host institution.

These widely recognized English tests have the same similarities such as being internationally recognized, widely accepted certificates (for school, visa, or employment), and are quite expensive.

However, this post is created to help you learn about the free online English test with a certificate and there are quite a few of them available.

However, these ones are not internationally recognized but if your host institution, HR, or visa application requires you to submit an English test score you can still go on to present it.

It isn’t necessary that you have to participate in this free online English test with a certificate because you want to use it for schooling or other purposes, you can also take the test simply to test your English and see how good you are at zero cost.

Since you have shown much interest in testing your English skills, scroll ahead to learn about the free online English test with certificate, and begin immediately.

 Free Online English Test with Certificate

The following are the 12 free online English test with certificate which you can start immediately;

  • EF SET
  • Exam English
  • EnglishRadar
  • Language Level
  • ESL Language Studies Abroad
  • FluentU
  • BridgeEnglish
  • British Study Centers
  • EU English
  • Stafford House International
  • Canadian College of English Language
  • Duolingo English Test
  • Business English Certificate (BEC)
  • Integrated Skills in English Exams(ISE)


EF SET is a free online English test with certificate that aims to make English proficiency testing reliable, affordable, easy to use, and always accessible. The EF SET score ranges from A1 (beginner) which is a score of 11-30 and C2 (proficient) which ranges from 71-100.

EF SET designs a 50-minute test that will measure your English skill from the range of beginner to proficient which is in alignment with the internationally recognized standard, the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

You can keep using the EF SET to track your English level for months or even years so that you can evaluate your progress.

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TrackTest is a free online English test with certificate and also uses the CEFR standard for organizations and individuals who may want to test their English level. The English proficiency levels are from A1 to C2 and after each completed test you get a Tracktest CEFR English Exam Certificate.

The certificate can be attached to your CV to boost your employment and put you ahead of the workforce competition. You can equally attach it to your job application, Erasmus, Erasmus Mundi, and Erasmus Plus internship.

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3. Exam English

Exam English is a free online English test with certificate to show your level after taking the test. It also offers reading tests, use of English, listening test, grammar test, and vocabulary test.

You may select anyone you want and test yourself and you can also go on to attempt all the tests, they are free and require no form of payment.

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4. EnglishRadar

EnglishRadar is another free online English test with certificate and you can join for free to find out your English level of proficiency. The tests have 12 English levels ranging from CEFR A1 to C2 and 60 questions on grammar, vocabulary, communication, reading, and listening skills.

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5. Language Level

This is another platform that provides free online English test with certificate to show the students’ English level which ranges from A1 (lowest), A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 (highest). The English tests offered by Language Level are 15 in number and designed to test your grammar and vocabulary.

The questions get easier or harder according to your responses and at the end of the test, your level of English will be assessed based on the CEFR.

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6. ESL Language Studies Abroad

ESL Language Studies Abroad is a website, like the others, that offers free online English test with certificate to anyone interested in testing their level of English. The test is a 40 multiple-choice quiz and requires 10-15 minutes of your time only and you can see your mistakes at the end of the test so you can learn how to fix them.

The quiz will help you evaluate a wide range of English language skills from grammar to listening. Before you start the test make sure your speakers are on or you have a pair of headphones for the listening section.

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7. FluentU

FluentU tests English proficiency in a whole new, adding a fun twist to it and diving out of the traditional way of English level test.

The website assesses your English language knowledge by using real-world English videos which are transformed into a personalized English lesson where you’ll prove your understanding of the vocabulary in the video.

The videos are organized into six different levels ranging from Beginner 1 & 2 to Intermediate 1 & 2 and finally to Advanced 1 & 2. FluentU will not assign you to any video but will let you pick the videos that are interesting to you and after watching a video you get a fun, brief quiz, and then based on your answers, FluentU determines your fluency level.

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8. BridgeEnglish

All of the other free online English test with certificate I have listed so far all have one thing in common – they are brief with the highest being 50 questions – but BridgeEnglish offers a lot more. If you want a longer test, then this is the website you should use as it provides 100 questions with 65 minutes of time.

The test evaluates your grammar, vocabulary, listening, and reading skills, you will get your result right after you complete the test and it is a good form of “testing water” before taking the IELTS or TOEFL.

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9. British Study Centers

This platform, British Study Centers, is also another free online English test with certificate but is designed to test your knowledge of English grammar. The test is a 40 multiple-choice quiz only on English grammar which requires about 10-15 minutes of your time.

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10. EU English

The English level test at EU English is designed to last for only 20 minutes and it gets more difficult as you progress. You will get immediate results for your tests and can also see your mistakes at the end of the test when you click on the designated features.

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11. Stafford House International

Stafford House International offers free online English test with certificate to interested people who want to evaluate their English level in a few minutes.

The platform only sets out 25 questions to test your English proficiency and most questions are designed to have more than one answer, but the most correct answer will get the highest point.

This is to help you find out your level of English fluency in real life and note the little mistakes you commit during conversations.

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12. Canadian College of English Language

The Canadian College of English Language offers free online English test with certificate to anyone that is interested in knowing how well their English is. It consists of a 60-minute test with 60 multiple-choice questions and a written section.

You simply need to sign up using your email and you can start the test, and your test score will be sent to you via the submitted email.

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13. Duolingo English Test

The Duolingo English Test offers interested candidates the opportunity to take free english tests online. The tests are taken anywhere at anytime. The test can be finished 1 hour and the results gotten in 2 days. The test is accepted by over 4500 universities all over the world.

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14. Business English Certificate (BEC)

Cambridge English: Business Certificates, also known as Business English Certificates (BEC), is a department of the University of Cambridge and offers a suite of three English language qualifications for international business namely;

  • Cambridge English: Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary) – CEFR Level B1
  • Cambridge English: Business Vantage (BEC Vantage) – CEFR Level B2
  • Cambridge English: Business Higher (BEC Higher) – CEFR Level C1
    Their qualifications and tests are accepted by over 25,000 organizations worldwide, and provide the English language skills to communicate and succeed in the real world.
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15. Integrated Skills in English Exams(ISE)

This English Test Certificate is offered by the Trinity College London. Trinity’s Integrated Skills in English (ISE) is a contemporary four skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) qualification recognized by governments and institutions as providing reliable evidence of English language proficiency.

There are two exam modules namely; Reading & Writing and Speaking & Listening. These can be taken together or separately, depending on whether you are taking the exam in a Trinity Registered Exam Centre, or in a UK Trinity SELT Centre. There are six levels of ISE Proficiency in the test namely; ISE A1 (A1), ISE Foundation (A2), ISE I (B1), ISE II (B2), ISE III (C1), and ISE IV (C2).

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With our compiled list of free online English tests with certificates, you can put your English to the test and get the results in few minutes and help you find out what level of English you are at.

With this knowledge, you can make correct decisions to improve it. The exams are fast and are multiple-choice questions that will help to evaluate your knowledge in different aspects of the language such as grammar and vocabulary.

Taking any of the free online English test with certificate listed here is also a good way to familiarize yourself with English tests before going for the official ones such as the TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

The knowledge you’ll acquire from participating in any of the free tests, it will make attempting the official exams much easier.

So these free online test with certificate is like “testing waters” before you attempt the real thing. To upgrade yourself, you should take the test once every month. English level certification is needed for the application of many university/college programs and visas.

Some jobs too require English language certification although rare, having one attached to your CV or Resume will make you stand out from the crowd.



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