27 Free Online Security Courses with Certificates

This article contains a comprehensively compiled list of free online security courses with certificates along with details on how to apply for any of the courses that catches your interest.

This article provides concrete information on everything security courses, from cybersecurity to physical security courses all the details are provided herein. The courses are all online and offer certificates at the end of each. Although they are free courses, you may have to pay a nominal fee for the certificate.

What matters most anyway is having the knowledge, the certificate is secondary. So you should care more about learning the security hacks in these courses deeply than clamoring for just a certificate. While the certificate is very necessary for documentation and verification uses, the knowledge is the most important.

If what you want is a degree in security management, you can go for this homeland security emergency management degree by Grand Canon University.

Cyber Security Training for Beginners

Cybersecurity is a hot-in-demand skill in this digital era, every organization, and businesses that utilize the internet for information storage, recovery or execution require individuals skilled in cybersecurity to protect their data and customers.

Data theft and malicious cyber-attacks are happening daily, if money isn’t stolen then some other valuable information will get stolen. In some cases, it might not even be about stealing but about bringing down a competitor, cyber attack is an easy way to do that.

Whatever it may be, cybersecurity is very important even in keeping your personal data safe. You can gain this skill online for free with a certificate and begin to apply it in your business, organization or go freelance.

The Importance of Cybersecurity Training

Needless to say, there are vast importance of cybersecurity; securing the online space and keeping it safe for both individuals, businesses and corporate bodies is something of great importance and all of these lie majorly on the shoulders of cybersecurity experts.

The major importance of cybersecurity is to protect you online and there is just so much we do online that needs to be protected. There are personal information and other valuable data that needs to be protected, since the Internet of Things (IoT) came along, it’s been hard saving data offline.

It is important for organizations to put their employees through cybersecurity training, like an awareness program, so they can be able to avoid security breaches of some sort.

When everyone in an organization has some knowledge of security, they are all contributing to the progress of that company. Most attack or hack attempts can easily be avoided and overall security is increased as well.

Investing in cybersecurity training programs for all your employees may seem like much but when you are spending millions to save billions, then that’s a good investment.

A single hack can cost an organization millions of dollars but a much lesser amount would have been used to train all the employees of that organization in cybersecurity, at least at its basic level. You’ll save time and money, employees are empowered and the organization equally gets to retain customer’s trust.

If you aren’t with an organization yet, having a cybersecurity skill along with your degree before joining the workforce will make you very valuable to almost every organization or business operating partially, partly or fully on the internet.

We know of how much value it is to have a good security system both offline and online and this is part of the reason why we took out time to source for and lost out these free online security courses with certificates to encourage broader participation in this field.

Some Online Security Trainings for Beginners

Since you are a beginner, you should jump in on these online security training courses;

  • Introduction to cybersecurity by Coursera
  • Cybrary introduction to IT and cybersecurity
  • SANS cyber aces online
  • Essentials of cybersecurity from edX
  • Risk management in the information age by Harvard cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity for beginners by Heimdal

These courses are fully online and do not necessarily require students to have cybersecurity knowledge but if you have, it’s still fine. They are cheap and offer certification upon completion.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post that it contains concrete details on various sorts of both online security and physical security courses all offered fully online. You can apply for any of them as they are completely free and, of course, you get certified. Check below for the different sections, security courses and their application links.

Free Online Security Courses with Certificates


Free Online Security Intelligence Courses

Cyber Threat Online Security Intelligence Course

This is the only free online security intelligence course I was able to find, others are mostly paid courses. This Cyber threat intelligence course is offered online by IBM via Coursera, designed to equip learners with the foundation needed to gain cybersecurity skills.

In this course, you will learn to point out the major concepts around threat intelligence, be able to use a data prevention tool, how to classify data in your database environment, and others.

This is one of the unique free online security intelligence courses with certificates you should immediately dive into, it takes approximately 29 hours to complete which stretches for up to 5 weeks. There’s an available certificate upon completion which comes with a fee.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a scarcity of free online courses on security intelligence on the internet because almost all of such courses I came across during my search are paid.


I was able to find another online security intelligence course and Ive rightly given details below.

Online Security Intelligence Course on Cyber Security Threat

This online Cyber security threat intelligence course is offered for free on the Udemy platform by CyberTraining365 and it ranks on the first page among other very popular cybersecurity courses.

Though the course is free, it isn’t even a beginner-level course and it goes deep to treat the issue of cybersecurity threats and responses. Below is what you are expected to learn at the end of this course;

You will have a high-level overview of the 7 threat intelligence phases which includes;

  • Hunting – The goal of hunting is to establish techniques to collect samples from different sources that help to start profiling malicious threat actors.
  • Features Extraction – goal of Features Extraction is to identify unique Static features in the binaries that help to classify them into a specific malicious group.
  • Behavior Extraction – The goal of Behavior Extraction is to identify unique Dynamic features in the binaries that help to classify them into a specific malicious group.
  • Clustering and Correlation – The goal of Clustering and Correlation is to classify malware based on Features and Behavior extracted and correlate the information to understand the attack flow.
  • Threat Actor Attribution – The goal of Threat Actors is to locate the threat actors behind the malicious clusters identified.
  • Tracking – The goal of tracking is to anticipate new attacks and identify new variants proactively.
  • Taking Down – The goal of Taking down is to Dismantled Organized Crime Operations.

This is certainly the best free online security intelligence course you will find out there, if there are others better than this, they will certainly be paid courses.

You can join the free course here.

5 Free Online Security Guard Courses with Certificates

In the course of my research, there unfortunately weren’t any free online security guard courses with certificates but there are some ridiculously cheap ones worth 10 – 50 Euros with free certificates attached at the end.

These online security guard courses listed here are not just cheap but they also offer free professional certification upon course completion.

Security Guard – Essential Skills

This is a full online self-paced course with a fee of 50 Euro, it is designed to equip learners with the skills and practical technique to protect people, property, and buildings.

You can join course here.

Security Guard – Course

This is a level 3 security guard course suitable for security beginners and those already in the field.

The course instills in learners the skills and confidence to deal with security issues and emergency situations. The course fee is 10 Euro and it takes a duration of about 2oo hours to course completion.

You can join course here.

Online Security Guard Course on Working within the Private Security Industry

This course equips students with the fundamental skills and qualities in major areas like customer care, health and safety, emergency processes, detecting crimes, monitoring safety skills, and more.

This professional security guard course is designed to make learners become skillful and intelligent security operators.

The course duration is 2 hours, the fee is 14 Euros and comes with a certificate of completion.

You can join course here.

Professional Security Guard Course on Protection against Explosive Devices and Terrorist Related Attacks 

this is a bite-size course and provides knowledge on the different types of explosive devices that are used. Through this online course, you will learn how to protect people and properties with a focus on terrorism and explosive devices.

You can join course here.

Fire Extinguisher Professional Security Guard Course

This is an online security guard course with a free professional certificate attached to it. This courses if fully online and is RoSPA approved and CPD Certified. This makes the course a professional courses that can be attached to CVs.

It takes about just an hour to complete and it is all about learning the various types of fire extinguishers and how to use them and deepening your knowledge on fire safety regulations.

You can join course here.

These are the available cheap online security guard courses with certificates I am able to find for no.

Though most of these security guard courses listed here are paid courses, they come with free professional certificates that can be downloaded online and equally printed.

The course links have been rightly provided for you to apply and start learning.

4 Free Online Physical Security Courses with Certificates

There are several online physical security courses with certificates on the internet today that you can sign up for to get certified to help you secure employment with a security agency or any other establishment in need of your skill and services.

However, these courses aren’t totally free, as there aren’t any of such available; but if you are truly interested, you can still gain the skill for a little fee.

I have put together some awesome online physical security courses with free printable certificates to save you the stress of looking for it on the internet yourself. Like I wrote earlier, these courses attract a participation fee but have free available certificates at the end.

Certificate in Advanced Physical Security and Risk Assessment

This is one of the popular physical security online courses with certificates on the internet today.

The course is offered online by the Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security, National American University it is open to everyone to join.

The certification is designed both for people entering the security field for the first time and already existing security personnel to make a better security professional of them.

You’ll get to learn some of the elements of threat assessment and other critical issues including stalking and workplace violence and learn the proper measures to intervene in such situations.

You can join course here.

Physical Security Specialist Online Course

Security specialists will forever be in high demand and it is never late to dive into the security industry.

You can partake in this online physical security course, obtain a certificates at the end for a special purpose or monetize it by joining or starting a security agency.

This course comes with a certificate and covers many important security concepts such as physical security countermeasures, duress alarms, key control systems, intrusion detection systems, and more.

The program is completely online and offered by the International Security Training agency.

You can join course here.

End User Physical Security Online Course

This is a physical security course offered online by Cybrary with a free professional certificate at the end.

The course introduces learners to physical security, its importance and goes on to teach various physical security methods.

Some of the things students will learn include access control policies, internal security, surveillance, and lots more that will make them become professionals in this field. Upon completion, students will earn a certificate.

You can join course here.

IQ Level 5 Certificate in Physical Security

This online physical security course is fully offered online by the International Secure Minds Training Academy (iSMTA).

The program offers certification in modern physical security training both to beginners and professionals who want to upgrade their skills and become more recognized.

With enhanced knowledge of modern security training, you will become more valuable when seeking career opportunities.

These are the available online security guard courses, they are cheap to join and offer certificates upon completion.

You can join course here.

10 Free Online Security Courses with Certificates India

The following are free online security courses with certificates in India that both Indian and other nationales can take on the internet today.

All of the listed courses are completely free to join and there are optional certificates upon completion.

Fundamentals of Internet Security | Secure Your Environment

If you are from India, you can dive into this free online security course and be sure to obtain a certificate of completion at the end.

This is just one of the many free online security courses with certificates available on the Udemy online learning platform. The course equips learners with the skill on how to secure their online business environment from cyber attacks.

Secure your working environment is more like securing your website, social media profiles, and so on from being hacked. Because the online presence you have built did require a lot of hard work and time and watching it go like that due to hacking it really painful.

You can join course here.

FinTech Security and Regulation

This is one of the free online security courses with certificates that Indian students can dive into. It is provided by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology via the Coursera online learning platform.

With the rise of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other ICO products, the need for data protection and security is more demanding and you can dive into this course to gain the necessary skills to take up issues like this.

The course is offered in English and Chinese languages and takes approximately 14 hours to complete in a fair span of five weeks.

You can join course here.

Introduction to Cyber Security

This is one of the best free online security courses with certificates in india for not just only indian students but all interested students across different countries of the world.

It is obvious that in recent times uur daily activities are mostly internet-based, even this course you want to study is completely online-based, this blog inclusive. As a matter of fact, their are billions of public and private information and sensitive data on the internet today and ensuring their protection is something paramount.

This cyber security free online course is one of the efforts of well-meaning individuals and organisations to raise larger army on the internet in the fight for internet safety and protection.

The course will introduce you to the importance of online safety and equip you with other cybersecurity skills like network security, cryptography, and risk management.

This online course, Cyber Security, is offered by one of the best free tuition online universities in the world, the Open University via the FutureLearn online learning platform. The course takes 8 weeks to complete with 3 hours of weekly study. Certification is also available upon course completion.

You can join course here.

Enterprise and Infrastructure Security

This course is one of the rare advanced free online security courses with certificates because you don’t get to see an advanced online course for free.

This course is offered by the Tandon School of Engineering, NYU via coursera and builds the foundation on a series of advanced and current topics in cybersecurity.

The course is offered only in the English language, it is four weeks long with approximately 15 hours to complete and comes with a certification upon completion. Indian and foreign students can sign up for the course.

You can join course here.

Cyber Security Threat Intelligence Researcher

You’ve always wanted to know who or what is behind a cyber-attacks and where it is launched from, this is your chance to acquire the cybersecurity skill to do this for free!

This course, Cyber Security Threat Intelligence Researcher, is just one of the free online security courses with certificates offered via the Udemy platform. You will learn every important thing behind all cyberattacks and how to take down attackers.

The course is available only in the English language, 100% online and comes with a paid certification upon completion.

You can join course here.

Certified Security Analyst Training

This is another free online security courses with certificates in india offered via the Udemy platform.

This free security courses teaches interested individuals to become security analyst; who with their acquired skills can be able to rescue businesses when breached and also put in measures to prevent malicious cyber attacks.

This course is also in English and with a little fee, you get the necessary certification.

You can join course here.

Cyber Security Advanced Persistent Threat Defender

Udemy sure has an amazing portfolio of free online security courses with certificates just waiting for you to click, learn, and gain unique skills.

This course presents interested Indian citizens with the skills on how to intelligently detect and bring down advanced cyber threats. You can still take part in this course if you not in India as it is globally available on the internet.

You can join course here.

Industrial IoT Markets and Security

This is one of the best IoT free online security courses with certificates offered by the University of Colorado Boulder via Coursera.

This course will develop students with the major skills required to be employed in the IoT space, and also go on to equip learners with computer security and other encryption techniques.

The course is offered only in the English language, takes five weeks to complete with approximately 21 hours and there are paid certificates available.

You can join course here.

Linux Server Management and Security

You might not know this but chances are your PC is operating with a Linux system, you may be surfing a random site or Netflix, doesn’t matter. The world operates on Linux and in this course, you will learn how Linux works from an enterprise view.

This course, Linux Server Management and Security, is just one of the free online courses with certificates offered by the University of Colorado. It takes approximately 13 hours to complete in 5 weeks and with a little fee you get certification.

You can join course here.

Internet Defense Against the Digital Dark Arts

Just like in the real world where the dark arts are magic and vampires, the digital space equally has its dark arts and it is cyber crime, hacking and other forms of cyber attacks.

This is one of the top free online security courses with certificates on the internet today. It is offered by the by the company operating the largest search engine in the world today, Google, via coursera.

The course is specifically designed to equip learners with wide varieties on the concept of IT security, related tools and best practices. It also provides students an insight into encryption algorithms and how they are used to secure data.

The course is six weeks long with an approximate 29 hours to complete, offered in English, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.

Upon course completion, you are expected to gain skills in cybersecurity, cryptography, wireless security and network security.

You can join course here.

Conclusion on Free Online Security Courses with Certificates

This brings an end to this article on free online security courses with certificates, and hopefully, it has been helpful in helping you in your career choices.

Cyber security is an in-demand skill and there is no doubt it will forever be. Since all businesses are heading online, they’d surely need to protect their data from theft and their customers from attacks.

With your certification in cybersecurity you will become a valuable individual to yourself and your organization. You can go on to take any of the other security programs to add to your knowledge and enhance your knowledge portfolio.


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