16 Free Online Government Certifications, US, India, Others

In this article, we’ve revealed some free online government certifications in the US, Canada, India, Nigeria, and several other countries that could boost your chances of landing a decent job with pretty good pay. 

By and by, online learning is gradually getting adopted by everyone, including organizations too, after all, what better way to utilize these technologies and in this global pandemic times it has really come in handy. And now, with the proper digital tools, mostly a stable internet connection and a PC, you can learn and study online for a degree or for any other certifications.

The style of learning, online study, is convenient and has more advantages over the regular kind of study which is making its adoption very fast. The importance of the digital age is to make every traditional thing as easy and convenient as possible than it used to be and it has excelled too in education.

The government too is a part of the growth process of online learning, encouraging people to partake in special online courses and get provided with certificates after completing a course online. And by government, I mean the government of your state, country and governmental organization bodies.

Interested participants who partake in these special online courses are awarded a certificate by the government body that is hosting the online course. Not to worry, through this article, you will know all the free online government certifications and be provided with links to join them.

Without further ado, I will list and explain the free online government certifications from the United States, India, Nigeria, and other countries of the world.

Free Online Government Certifications

After extensive research, I was able to find and compile the following free government certifications online;

  • SAFe for Government Certification Training Course in Nigeria
  • Introduction to Go.Data
  • Standard Precautions: Waste Management
  • Introduction to Competency-Based Learning
  • Code Enforcement Officers
  • Health Cluster
  • County Commissioner
  • Municipal Elected Officials
  • Incident Management System
  • Certified Public Manager
  • Economic Development Professionals
  • Introduction to Operational Readiness
  • 100 Worst Mistakes to Make in Property Management
  • Government Property Basics
  • Risk Communication Essentials
  • Public Works

SAFe for Government Certification Training Course in Nigeria

This is a 2-day online training course in Nigeria hosted by Invensis Learning, a global learning service platform. SAFe for government trains interested learners in the Agile methods offered by Scaled Agile necessary for participants to learn the principles and practices of SAFe.

This free online government certification will provide you with skills and knowledge that will make you capable of exploring large solution coordination within the government agency, be able to adapt new flow-based practices towards technology, strategy, budgeting, compliance, and governance processes.

A certification in this course can easily and quickly get you a position in a governmental organization.

Introduction to Go.Data

Go.Data is a web-based platform and a mobile application tool, designed and coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO), used to collect field data such as lab, contact details, chains of transmission, and hospital data.

Introduction to Go.Data is a free online government certification program that teaches interested learners the key features and functionality of the Go.Data software, including how to make use of the tool in the case of an outbreak.

Standard Precautions: Waste Management

Do you know that there are different waste materials and they require different methods of being disposed of? Apply for this free online government certification course and learn about the different categories of waste and how to manage them which also covers disposal methods.

Introduction to Competency-Based Learning

This is a free online government certification program provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) designed to equip health workers with the skills and knowledge to efficiently handle modern health emergencies like in the case of a future outbreak or pandemic.

Code Enforcement Officers

This is a free online government certification program offered online by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, University of Georgia.

This course teaches participants vital information enforcing the local codes and ordinances within their jurisdictions, not only can first-timers take this course, but also people already in this field can join it too to sharpen their knowledge and skill in the subject matter.

Health Cluster

Health cluster is a technique applied to meet the humanitarian needs of affected people in a reliable, effective, and inclusive manner whilst respecting humanitarian principles.

The health cluster free online government certifications program was developed by the Global Health Cluster (GHC) to train and equip more people with the skills and knowledge of being teams and partners to effectively respond to humanitarian crises.

County Commissioner

Being a leader isn’t as easy as it sounds, it is a position that will test your temperament in all levels and situations. This free online government certification program provides county commissioners with the necessary teachings to enhance their governing and leadership skills.

Municipal Elected Officials

This free online government certification program is conducted by the Harold F. Holtz Municipal Training Institute which provides a series of voluntary training programs for managers, mayors, and council members.

The program is designed to enhance the leadership and governing skills and the knowledge of participants as municipal officials.

Incident Management System

This free online government certifications program is organized by the WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme which trains and builds the competencies of staffs, equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to improve deployment and response capabilities.

Certified Public Manager

The right leadership skills will always produce the right kind of productivity and being a leader is not just about having the tag it takes much more than that.

Advance your leadership skills and knowledge through this free online government certification program and learn how to lead and manage and organize more effectively.

Economic Development Professionals

Dive into practical courses that will push you to become an economic development professional by taking this free online government certification program as it will help to improve you effectively and enhance your skills in areas such as professionalism and initiative, technical and industry knowledge, relationship building, analyzing, assessing and problem-solving, and leadership and influence.

Introduction to Operational Readiness

Designed by the World Health Emergency Operation Readiness program, this free online government certifications program aims to equip learners especially front-line responders with the knowledge and skills on how to handle all emergency response and hazards at both country and regional levels.

100 Worst Mistakes to Make in Property Management

This course is designed by NMPA to both professionals and non-professionals, teaching them the common mistakes associated with property management and how to avoid them.

Government Property Basics

This five-day course introduces learners to government property systems, teaching them the proper management methods of these properties and the regulatory requirements of property management.

Risk Communication Essentials

Risk communication is the exchange of information, advice and opinions between experts, officials and individuals to face threat to their well-being, enable informed decision making and adopt protective measures.

This free online government certification course provides you with the knowledge of effective risk communication, its principles and applications.

Public Works

The free online government certifications program, Public Works, is taught online by both the Institute of Government instructional faculty and public works professionals.

The program trains public works managers and supervisors a practical method of becoming professionals in their field and enhances the knowledge of effective management practices and develop skills to help managers provide outstanding local government services.

Free Online Government Certification India

The Indian government provides free online classes for its citizens to partake in, a good thing you are reading this article now, you are now one click away to join the free online courses provided by the Indian government and you will get your certificate after completion.

The free online government certification India are;

AI and Data Science by NASSCOM

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science has and is still contributing immensely to the world as a whole, as it is being able to quickly and easily solve complex mathematical problems and equally be implemented in other machines to solve problems faster.

Now, taking this free online Indian government certification course will provide you with the AI and Data Science skills, technical know-how and how to develop your new learnt skill into a successful career.

ICT Initiative

This is actually an online learning platform provided by the government of India which provides different free online classes on the computer and Artificial Intelligence for interested individuals to learn for free and get a certificate after completion.

The platform is also affiliated with other online learning platforms to increase the provided courses that students can choose from.

These are the free online government certifications courses provided by the Indian government that individuals can apply for and get certified as proof of completion. Students are advised to follow the online learning rules so they can gain their certificates.

If you are an Indian and you are also looking for available scholarships to study abroad, you can click here to access some study-abroad scholarships for Indians.


Free online government certification courses and programs will enhance your existing skills, brush up your knowledge or give you new ones, depending on what you want to study. The courses I have listed are free and takes a few hours to complete them, thus you may decide to take more than one course only if you can handle it.

The skills and knowledge you will gain from any of these online courses merged with your existing skills will make you an asset wherever you go and with your certificate to show for it, your employers will understand and respect your hard work too.

Taking online courses have always been fruitful, it produces better results once completed especially when you get certified for it you get a better opportunity in the workforce.