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As an aspirant, here is what you need to learn about Concordia University Canada, their tuition and application fees, scholarship programs, degree programs, academic rankings and more.


Concordia University, Canada

If you want an institution that’ll give you a headstart in your career and academic pursuit or you want to boost your creative ingenuity and become a champion in your field, the University of Concordia has all it takes to help you fulfill your dreams. Considered as the ‘Next-Generation’ University, Concordia is shaping the future of education.

The university was so named, after the unification between Sir George Williams University and Loyola College in 1974. Now, it is a remarkable public university situated in the vibrant city of Montreal, Québec, Canada.

Concordia is well recognized for excelling in the fields of Social sciences, Health, Engineering, Science, and the humanities. It offers a flexible and experiential learning model that is tailored to meet the expectations of its student.

The school also demonstrate a great momentum in blending classroom activities with practical and real-life situation.

Hence, as a student with Concordia, you’ll be given a headstart in becoming an innovative creator, inventor, and a disruptor in your field of study.

It is the largest bilingual university in the world. Meaning that it offers both English and French-speaking courses and it is rated as a top university in the Canada education board.

Concordia champions handling innovation in research, learning, and creative exposure to foster growth and development in all sectors of human life. Its students are rigorously exposed and prepared to a wide variety of knowledge by doing, making, and creating.

In this regard, you’ll be nurtured to work autonomously, handle advanced technological devices and possibly create one to meet the demands of your field. Remarkable discoveries and inventions are carried out here and at Concordia, everyone is an inventor.

The pedagogical philosophy of this unique university is second to none in Canada. Its charming environment will make your stay feel like home. You get to network with amazing individuals and bright professors who will encourage, teach, support, and groom you to achieve your academic and personal goals.

Just like any other university, a distinguishing factor about Concordia is that it is totally committed to approaching societal problems from a broad perspective through research.

It takes into consideration, to align learning opportunities with the significant challenges facing society.

As a ‘Next-Generation’ university, it prides itself in providing an education that is rich in technology, coupled with e-learning facilities, science hubs, art studio, co-op, workshops, hi-tech laboratories for its students to learn with extreme comfort and convenience.

It sets its sight more further and ahead of other institutions by investing in its student to creatively uncover new technologies and ideas that’ll rapidly improve and foster growth around the world.

Quick Facts About Concordia University

  1. More than 50,000 students enrolls in its programs,about 10,000 are international students.
  2. Unique faculties with strong ties to industry and community
  3. 118 Research chairs
  4. $180 million investment in facilities
  5. 300 undergraduate programs
  6. 195 graduate programs
  7. 40 postgraduate programs
  8. CAD$242.8 million of endowment
  9. 2,400+ professors and librarians
  10. $56 million in research
  11. 2 on-campus medical clinic
  12. 11 online fitness class
  13. 30 undergraduate scholarships

Concordia offers an amazing range of academic programs for undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and continuing education in its four faculties with specialties in different disciplines that cut across arts, sciences, engineering to business and leads to an award for Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees.

Depending on the field of study, all undergraduate programs run for three to four years, while masters program usually takes a year and a half up to three years, the Ph.D. program is four years and certificate and diploma courses take about one and half year to complete.

The university operates two campuses that are spread about 7km from each other.

The Sir George Williams Campus is located in the downtown core of Montreal. It harbours the engineering, computer science, and visual arts complex, as well as the John Molson School Of Business.

Loyola, the second campus has its presence in the residential west-end district of Notre-Dame-de-Gràce. It is the administrative arm of the university and it houses the communication studies and Journalism building.

The campuses has three library that maintains the university state of reposition with awesome collections, antiques, million of printed books, texts, manuscripts, e-resources, audio-visual materials. The university’s library is in partnership with the Canadian Research Knowledge Network.

More so, since inception, the university has produced over 200,000 alumni who have achieved remarkable accomplishments in many fields.

Concordia University Acceptance Rate

Concordia has over 50,000 students enrolled in its program. 10,000 of this populace are international students that come from more than 150 countries of the world.

It ranks among the most top choice university in Canada, having an acceptance rate of 58%. This shows that you have a good chance of securing admission in Concordia if you meet the necessary requirements.

Concordia University Rankings

Will you like to know if Concordia university is best for you? Here is the thing. Every university in Canada has a standard to which they are accounted for, in terms of their performance in providing quality education and Concordia university is not an exemption.

It has gained worldwide recognition from various ranking bodies for its role in striving to provide an experiential education model that is tailored with modern innovation to facilitate fast development in diverse industries.

From its cozy environment, exceptional faculty members and instructors, to its students, Concordia pays attention to making its vision of “Well-being through harmony” a reality.

  • A recent study conducted by the Academic Ranking Of World Universities ranks Concordia 601th – 700 in the world and 21st – 24 in Canada.
  • More so, QS World University Rankings for 2021, ranked it 477th in the world and 17th in Canada.
  • Times Higher Education World Universities Rankings, kept it in 601th – 800 in the world and 22nd – 26 in Canada.
  • The U.S.News & World Report (2020) in its global university ranking, places Concordia 670th in the world and 22nd in Canada.
  • Also, in its Comprehensive Universities category in October 2020, Maclean’s ranked the university 10th place in Canada.

Concordia is also known for other academic prowesses. It’s John Molson School Of Business is Ranked among the top 10 Canadian business School. The university was also ranked 7th in Canada and 229th in the International Professional Classification Of Higher Education Institutions, worldwide.

Concordia University Faculties

The programs offered at Concordia are so fascinating and quite remarkable. The university boast of a faculty strength of 2,419 Academic staff and 4,220 (2019 – 2020) Administrative staff.

It offers about 300 undergraduate programs, 195 graduate and 40 postgraduate programs integrated in its four exceptional faculties.

  • Faculty Of Arts and Science


Political Science


Actuarial Mathematics



  • John Molson School Of Business


Finance Marketing

Management and Supply Management

Business Technology Management

  • Gina Cody School Of Engineering and Computer Science

Building, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Computer Science

Software Engineering

Chemical & Material Engineering

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

  • Faculty Of Arts

Studio Arts


Contemporary Dance



Design and Contemporary Arts

Concordia University Tuition Fees

Studying abroad especially in an industrious and intellectually inclined state like Canada, comes with a price.

As an international student, it is expected of you to be with a budget that’ll sustain your academic journey.

The tuition at Concordia is very affordable for domestic students and moderated a bit for international students. However, fees may differ depending on the program and student status both for national and international students.

Check the school calculator to calculate the tuition fee for your field of study. The tuition are calculates based on the number of credit load or unit for a course of study.

Undergraduate Tuition

The estimated range of fee for domestic citizens and permanent residents in Canada for a full-time study of 30 credits $3,700 up to $4,600, while international students undergraduate fee ranges from $20,000 to $27,000.

Graduate Tuition

The estimated range of fee for domestic Québec graduate students for the different degree program as follows;

  • For Certificate program: $2,300 – $2,400
  • For Diploma ( with 30 credits ) : $3,900 – $4,100
  • For Master’s Program ( with 45 credits ) : $6,000 – $ 6,300
  • For PhD Program ( with 90 credits ) : $11,700 – $12,100

International Tuition Fees

Meanwhile, for international students, the fees are estimated as follows

  • Certificate : $11,100 – $14,800
  • Bachelor : $20,400 – $27,300
  • Master’s : $29,900 – $40,000
  • PhD : $60,100 – $64,100

Additional Cost For Domestic Students

Students who are of Canadian origin or with permanent residency, are expected to incur the following estimated cost;

  • Tuition & Compulsory Fee ( including Health ) : $3,775.71
  • Internet/Cell phone: $800
  • Books & Supplies: $2,265
  • Personal expenses: $1,320
  • Transportation: $400
  • Total: $10,677.71

Additional Cost For International Students ( Living in Montreal Residence )

  • Tuition : $18,530
  • Housing : $6,277.00
  • Internet : $800
  • Food : $5,800
  • Books : $2,234
  • Personal : $1,320
  • Miscellaneous: $500
  • Total : $37,631.10

In addition, the estimated total cost for international students living outside Montreal is $45,884.10.

Concordia University Application Fee

The application fee for all undergraduate programs is $78 while that for graduate program $150.

Concordia University Admission Requirements

There are thousands of students that apply to study in Concordia every year and with an acceptance rate of 58%, it shows that you have a high chance of securing admission successfully.

But before you begin your admission process, you must be in possession of certain documents. In addition, your GPA, working experience, Research, Discoveries, language proficiency are all significant while applying.

Also, international students are required to have a good score in the following tests;

  • TOEFL: minimum score of 79
  • ACT: minimum score of 18
  • SAT: minimum score of 980
  • IELTS: minimum score of 6.5

International Undergraduate Admission Requirements

  1. Higher School certificate/
  2. Test scores in either of SAT,TOEFL,IELTS
  3. Statement of financial requirements
  4. Academic Transcripts

International Graduate Requirements

  1. English Proficiency test scores
  2. Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university
  3. Statement of purpose
  4. Acceptance Letter
  5. Proof of finance
  6. Valid passport/travel documents

How To Apply Concordia University

  1. Visit the school portal
  2. Choose a program of your choice and check the requirements
  3. Fill an online application form at the official website and provide necessary documents like transcripts, proof of language proficiency, statement of purpose, CV, references.
  4. Submit the completed application and wait for an update on your admission status.

Concordia University Scholarships

Concordia is a generous school. There are tons of scholarships and awards the it provides to meritorious students. The scholarships are to cater for cost of living and insufficiency in finances and other internal and external expenses.

Undergraduate Awards

The university awards scholarship to its undergraduate students that demonstrate good academic excellence, leadership abilities.

Many of the scholarship awarded in this category requires different criteria of entry and application. However, excellent eligibility required for any scholarship is a good GPA.

Here are some undergraduate scholarship available 

  1. Brian T. Counihan Scholarship
  2. Faculty Of Engineering and Computer Science Student Life Award
  3. Queen Of Angels Academy Memorial Award
  4. Pariso Scholarships In Communication Studies
  5. Highwater Foundation Scholarship For Students Veterans
  6. Undergraduate Entrance Bursary Program

Graduate Scholarships and Awards

There are over 1,700 awards worth about $15 million CAD available to graduates students. However, the scholarship are categorized into;

  1. Entrance Awards
  2. Provincial and Financial Awards

Entrance Awards

Here are some high-value scholarships available

1. Concordia Doctoral Graduate Fellowships

Value: $14,000

Duration: 4 years

2. Concordia International Tuition Award Of Excellence

Value : $37,915

3. Concordia Merit Scholarship

Value : $10,000

Provincial & Federal Award

  • The FRQ – Sociète et Culture ( FRQSC )

Responsible for providing financial aid to researchers taking a postgraduate degree in social sciences and humanities education.

  • The FRQ – Sante ( FRQS )

Responsible for providing financial support to postgraduate degree students in health, public health and health services.

  • FRQ – Nature et technologies

Provides financial support to postgraduate degree students in engineering, mathematical sciences and natural sciences.

Concordia University Alumni

Concordia has a strong Alumni network of 220,000 members with a presence in more than 140 countries.

The body through its Concordia University Alumni Association works together to bring about Career programs, Great networking opportunities, Complimentary subscription to Concordia, chance to help current students through fundraising efforts.

A lot of the Alumni have also achieved fame for their remarkable contributions in their fields

  • Kim Sawchuk ( scientists )
  • Nino Ricci ( politician )
  • Georges Vanier ( Businessman )
  • Annie Murphy ( Film maker )
  • Evan Beloff ( Musician )
  • Kathleen Zellnery ( News Anchor )
  • Theodore Fairhust ( Speaker)
  • Jin Corsi ( Dance artist )
  • Majical Cloudz ( Athletes )
  • Will Arnett ( Actor )
  • Keith Heron ( Philosopher )
  • Evan Beloff ( Musician)
  • Dareen Abu Ghaida ( Mountaineer )
  • Mordecai Richler ( Politician )
  • Steven Wolosheri ( Filmmaker )


The Concordia University receives tons of applications from thousands of applicants from hundreds of countries each year.

You have a fair chance of securing admission into this highly celebrated university, if you meet the entry requirements and credentials. Hence the reason, we provide this detailed information that’ll successfully guide you in your application process.

Here is the thing, whether you want to improve your career and academic pursuit, Concordia University has all it takes to make your ambition a reality.

Come experience the real definition of what it takes to be called the “Next-generation” university!


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