22 UK Universities Without IELTS Requirement

Can you study in the UK without IELTS? Yes, you can if you carefully follow the guidelines provided in this article. And for the icing on the cake, you get to read up on info on the various UK universities without IELTS requirement.

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is one of the major requirements to study in the UK, US, or any country abroad. The test is usually required by universities abroad to assess the English proficiency of prospective international students whose native language is not English. It isn’t just a university requirement it is more of a Visa requirement.

 The norm is, if you want to pursue an academic degree in another country abroad and you are not from one of the native English-speaking countries, you have to take the IELTS and pass the average score so that you can get your student visa and also get accepted by your host institution. Failure to meet the score mark won’t get you a student visa, and neither would you get a letter of acceptance from your host institution.

This is a norm in every country abroad including in the UK.

However, there are universities in the UK without IELTS requirements and it is not just in the UK alone there are also reputable universities in Canada without IELTS requirement for international students whose first language is not English.

But how is this even possible? As I mentioned earlier that it is also a visa requirement as well. So how is it supposed to work?

From here on, I would need you to read very carefully because this is the opportunity you’ve been seeking to enter the UK and study without qualifying for the IELTS.

Can I Apply To UK Universities Without IELTS?

Aside from the IELTS, universities in the UK offer other alternatives to assess the English proficiency of prospective students, these alternatives are:

  • Prior Education: If the previous education you had were fully instructed in the English language, the admission board in the UK may take this into account as proof that your English level is convincing enough.

    Pre-Session English Courses: If you plan to study in the UK without IELTS, then you can take a pre-session English course offered by one of the universities in the UK. You can then opt for these courses once you get accepted into the degree or diploma program.
  • Online Interview: Some universities in the UK may get you to do an online interview via Skype or Zoom with the admissions office to test your English proficiency. If your English-speaking skills are satisfactory, then they can waive the IELTS for you and offer you a letter of acceptance.
  • English Major: If your undergraduate program is an English major, you do not need to take the IELTS.
  • High School English Grades: Another alternative that UK universities use to accept students without IELTS is your English score but only in your senior years. If you score above 60% (scores vary by institutions) in English during your 10th and 12th grades you can be considered for admission without IELTS.

It is important to check if your preferred university uses one of the different alternatives above to test the English proficiency of students aside from IELTS. And if your school accepts one of these alternatives, the next is your student visa, right? Remember I noted that IELTS is one of the major requirements to get a student visa to the UK. So, how do you cross this bridge? Here’s what you need to do.

If your school accepts one of the alternatives above, that means you can study in that institution without IELTS but the IELTS is more of a student visa requirement than a university requirement. So what you need to do to get a UK student visa without IELTS are:

  • Get a document from your university stating that you can apply for a UK student visa without an IELTS score and present it to the immigration office.
  • Letter of acceptance from your host institution in the UK
  • You may take the mandatory Secure English Language Test (SELT) offered by UK visa and immigration as valid proof of English proficiency without IELTS.

Asides from the IELTS, there are also other English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL, PTE Academic, Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE), and the Duolingo English Test which are also accepted by UK universities.

Now that this has been clarified, let’s go on to the next section which is listing and providing specific info on the universities in UK without IELTS requirement.

UK universities without IELTS requirement

UK Universities Without IELTS Requirement

The universities in the UK that do not require IELTS are:

  1. The University of Bolton
  2. The University of Greenwich
  3. The University of Plymouth
  4. The University of Basel
  5. The University of Warwick
  6. University of Portsmouth
  7. Riga Technical University
  8. The University of Essex
  9. The University of Northampton
  10. Northumbria University
  11. Audencia Nantes School of Management
  12. Ason University
  13. The University of Central Lancashire
  14. Swansea University
  15. Robert Gordon University
  16. London South Bank University
  17. The University of Geneva
  18. Bangor University
  19. Sheffield Hallam University
  20. Aston University
  21. Brunel University
  22. Birmingham City University

These are the 22 UK universities without IELTS requirement, info on the top 10 of these schools are provided below.

1.     The University of Essex

The University of Essex is one of the top institutions in the UK that accepts Indians and other international students without an IELTS. It is a reputable public research university situated in Essex, England established by the Royal Charter.

The institution offers a wide range of academic programs at undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels as well as other diploma courses. International students are welcome to apply for any program of their choice at this top 40 university in the UK.

2.     The University of Portsmouth

If you are seeking a reputable university in the UK that does not require IELTS in the UK, then you should consider the University of Portsmouth. It is a public research university in the South East of England and rated as Gold in the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework. It is also recognized among the top 3 modern universities for research power.

Programs are offered at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as online courses and diploma courses. The tuition fee for international students at the University of Portsmouth is £19,200 per year.

3.     Birmingham City University

When it comes to diversity, Birmingham City University tops the list. The institution has more than 30, 000 students from around 100 countries. It is a large, diverse community of learners that any student will any part of the world would want to come to because of the homely presence it offers.

4.     Robert Gordon University

If you are seeking a cheap, yet reputable university in the UK as an international student, Robert Gordon University should be at the top of your list. It is located in Aberdeen, Scotland, and has a tuition fee of £9,500 per year for international students and is free for residents.

5.     The University of Plymouth

Here is another reputable public research university in the UK that waives IELTS requirements. It is one of the largest higher institutions in the nation and has campuses across South West England. If you are Nigerian, the University of Plymouth has resources available that will guide you to become a student of Plymouth easily.

6.     The University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is a Royal Charter higher institution in England and a member of the Russell Group. It prides itself as one of the top 10 universities in Britain with an international reputation for high-quality education and research. Undergraduate and graduate degree programs are offered across various disciplines.

7.     The University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is a public school with campuses in London and Kent. You can apply to this institution without an IELTS and get accepted into your preferred program. One of the perks of Greenwich is how it guides international students seeking to study there. There is a separate web page where prospective international students can get all the info they need to study at the University of Greenwich.

8.     Sheffield Hallam University

This is a reputable public research university located in South Yorkshire, England. The institution offers over a hundred undergraduate, postgraduate, and foundational courses to students. The tuition for international students is £14,415 per year but may vary by program.

Nigerians and other international students seeking to study abroad in the UK can apply to Sheffield without IELTS score and get accepted.

9.     The University of Bolton

This university right here ranks among UK’s top 5 for teaching quality. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate, as well as diploma, courses for domestic and international students. It is located in Greater Manchester, England, and offers students free access to varieties of funding options to help finance their studies without running into any debts.

10.  Aston University

Last but not least is Aston University, a public research university situated in Birmingham recognized for its MBA and other business programs. It is one of the easiest universities in the UK to get into with an acceptance rate of 80%. International students who do not want to take the IELTS can apply here and be sure to get accepted.

Can a Nigerian study in the UK without IELTS?

Yes, a Nigerian can study in the UK without IELTS by providing a transcript of a short-term English course or taking an online interview conducted by the university, or graduating from an English major.

Which is the cheapest University in UK without IELTS?

The University of Essex and the University of Plymouth are among the cheapest UK universities without IELTS