10 Cheapest Universities In The UK For Masters

If you are looking to pursue a master’s degree that won’t break the bank then you have come to the right place. This blog post shares information on the cheapest universities in the UK for masters that you can add to your list of options to help you decide on the most affordable option to go with.

I just assumed that you already have a list where you jot down affordable universities where you can potentially study for a master’s, if you don’t have a list already, start creating one beginning with this article. You may also look through our previous post on tuition free universities in the US for masters to get more options that will make your master’s education affordable.

Now, let’s get into the post.

Master’s degree is offered by many universities around the world. It is a degree you pursue after completing your bachelor’s degree, which is usually one of the major requirements for admission. Although recently there are ways to get a master’s degree without a bachelor’s degree let’s concentrate on the matter at hand.

If you wish to become more of a professional academically and careerwise or you wish to explore a certain subject, field, or discipline deeper or want to switch careers, then you should consider getting a master’s degree. This degree prepares you for senior positions, like the MBA for instance, to handle tasks more effectively.

There are some job roles that you need a master’s degree to apply for, especially managerial roles like CEO, Manager, HR, etc., and with this degree, potential clients and employers will see you more as a professional compared to a bachelor’s degree holder. A master’s degree will boost your resume and you can easily get a job.

There are so many benefits that come with graduate study but the cost seems to be one of the most discouraging factors. It takes 12 months to 2 years to complete a master’s degree but it costs as much as a 4-year bachelor’s degree.

Fortunately, there are cheaper options to consider. There are universities whose master’s programs aren’t that expensive, especially in Europe. In this article, we will be concentrating on the cheapest universities in the UK for masters. So, whether you are a prospective domestic or international student seeking to study in the UK, you will find affordable options here for your master’s program.

What Is The Average Cost of Master’s Degree In The UK?

The average cost of studying for a master’s degree in the UK can range from £9,000 to £15,000 per year and this may be higher if you go for sought-after universities. As you may have already guessed, it is on the high side for international students and cost less for international students.  

cheapest universities in the UK for masters

Cheapest Universities in the UK for Masters

The following are the cheapest universities in Britain where you can study for a master’s degree:

  • Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU)
  • Royal Agricultural University
  • The University of Chester
  • University of Suffolk
  • The University of Bedfordshire
  • The University of Cumbria
  • Leeds Beckett University
  • University of Plymouth
  • Durham University
  • York St John University (YSJ)

1.     Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU)

First on our list of cheapest universities in the UK for masters is Glasgow Caledonian University or GCU. A public university located in Scotland with an acceptance rate of 23% is low and highly selective. If you take an interest in going to GCU, your application has to be an outstanding one if you want to be considered for admission.

Undergraduate and graduate programs alike are offered to international and domestic students who satisfy the rigorous entry requirement. You can find innovative master’s courses at GCU such as Big Data Tech and Computing. The total fee for a two-year master’s course at GCU is £8,000 for domestic students and £18,000 for international students.

2.     Royal Agricultural University

This public university was established in 1845 which made it the first agricultural college in the English-speaking world. It is located in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, and just like the others on this list, offers master’s degree programs. The institution offers a handful of master’s programs in archeology, business management, real estate, and agricultural technology and innovation.

The cost of a two-year full-time master’s degree starts from £10,000.

3.     The University of Chester

When it comes to a diverse academic environment with a large student body, the University of Chester is your go-to. The institution has over 20,000 students from different nationalities, so, as an international student, you will feel at home here.

The University of Chester offers more than 25 master’s courses in accounting, psychology, engineering management, drama, and many others. Some of the courses are offered online while others are offered on-site. The tuition fee for a master’s at the University of Chester starts from £7,515 per year.

4.     University of Suffolk

The University of Suffolk is a pretty new public university that opened up in 2007 and has joined the list of cheapest universities in the UK for masters. The institution offers a handful of accredited courses in master’s degrees as well as other diploma and doctorate programs.

The master’s programs are offered in full-time and part-time formats with tuition fees starting at £1,055 per year. Scholarships, bursaries, and other funding options are available to assist students to fund their education with ease.

5.     The University of Bedfordshire

This is another culturally diverse academic institution with over 25,000 students from more than 100 different nationalities enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. The University of Bedfordshire has affiliations with other universities in Europe and the Middle East.

The master’s degree programs are the University of Bedfordshire are among the cheapest in the UK with an annual cost of £9,750.

6.     The University of Cumbria

If you want to earn a master’s degree from a modern, reputable, and affordable university in the UK, then you should add the University of Cumbria to your list. It is a new university founded in 2007 and has campuses in Lancaster, Ambleside, and London. As a new university, this institution offers varieties of innovative master’s programs in tech and health sciences fields.

The tuition fee for a master’s at the University of Cumbria varies by program but it starts from £6,400 per year.

7.     Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Beckett University is a large university in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. The university offers master’s degree programs such as Law, Management, Screenwriting, Social Work, and many others in full-time and part-time formats.

Aside from the flexible study options, the master’s programs at Leeds Beckett University are also cheap with a starting price of £9,700 per year.

8.     University of Plymouth

The University of Plymouth is one of the top universities in the UK without an IELTS requirement. It is a public research institution with campuses and affiliated colleges across South West England. There are over 18,000 students enrolled in this school making it one of the largest universities in the UK.

The University of Plymouth offers master’s degree programs with research and teaching options for students to go for the one that aligns best with their careers. The fee for a master’s degree at the University of Plymouth is £13,800 per year and is one of the cheapest in the UK.

9.     Durham University

Durham University is a world-leading university ranked #92 in QS World University Rankings and ranked 6th in the UK by Complete University Guide. It is a collegiate public research university in England with a reputation for teaching and research excellence.

Durham University offers students the opportunity to study for a master’s degree at a world-class university without leaving a hole in their pocket. The fee for a master’s degree at Durham University is as low as £6,400 per year.

10.  York St John University (YSJ)

YSJ is among the cheapest universities in the UK for masters offering varieties of quality programs in the fields of natural sciences, social science, and healthcare. Some of the most popular master’s programs at YSJ include MA in Applied Theatre, MSc in Computer Science, MA in Creative Writing, and MA in Graphic Design.

The cost of studying for a master’s degree at York St John University cost £10,000 per year.