11 Cheapest Nursing Schools In USA For International Students

In this post, we have uncovered the list of cheapest nursing schools in USA for international students who are looking to pursue a nursing degree in the country. This article presents you with a variety of nursing schools to pick from without breaking the bank. Have a good read!

Sources from the web show that Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurse are one of the most lucrative careers with an average salary of $77,460 per annum. Being a discipline in the healthcare field makes it a widely sought-after profession. With the increasing population, the demand for nurses keeps getting higher.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of registered nurses is projected to grow by 9% from 2020 to 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations. So, more growth is expected in the field and more people will get in, seize this opportunity to become the type of nurse that employers like to employ to increase your chances of getting employed.

To become a licensed nurse, you will have to go through nursing school, earn a degree, and take the nursing licensure exam to obtain your certifications to begin practicing. All of these take 2-5 years depending on the route you take. The fast way to become a nurse is to earn an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) which takes 2 years while the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree takes 4-5 years.

The fastest route to becoming a registered nurse is by taking accelerated nursing programs which can be completed between 12-18 months. Some of them are even offered online to offer flexibility. There are also other online nursing programs in Texas that you can enroll in from any part of the world but they are not accelerated and you get a BSN upon completion. For example, UT’s online BSN program has one of the state’s highest graduation and licensure rates. 

The ADN will open you to entry positions while the BSN could give you managerial roles although not certain. To fully take on a leadership position, you should consider taking an MBA in healthcare management. Most people go for the BSN route so they can be taken seriously.

Aside from considering which route to take, there’s also the cost of your nursing education to consider. The tuition can range between $10,000 to $40,000 per year for the BSN and this cost can even go higher at top-ranking nursing colleges in the US and also for international students.

International students pay more for every degree program compared to domestic students. Therefore, when applying for college abroad, seek universities offering the affordable programs. Check our previous post on the affordable nursing programs in Canada for international students to get started on your search for cheap nursing schools abroad.

We have also exposed some of the cheapest nursing schools in USA for international students in this blog post to give you a wider option of affordable, quality nursing programs. But before that, you can check other interesting articles we have published, like the ones on NAIA schools in the US for aspiring student-athletes and art colleges for those who want to get a degree in an art discipline.

Cost of Nursing Schools in the USA for International Students

The cost of a four-year nursing degree, that is the BSN, in the US for international is between $40,000 and $100,000 per year this cost varies from school to school and is more expensive at private universities.

Nursing School Requirements for International Students in the US

Aspiring to study nursing in the US? Then you need to satisfy the following requirements:

  • Applicants enrolling for the ADN or BSN program must have graduated high school with courses in English, math, social studies, academic electives, and a science course with lab, e.g. chemistry.
  • Applicants applying for the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree must have a valid nursing license from an accredited institution.
  • Submit official high school transcripts
  • Take an English language proficiency test if your first language is not English
  • Possess proof of financial resources
  • Letter of recommendation
  • State of purpose or personal state
  • Essay and/or interview may be requested

To boos, your chances of acceptance into a nursing school in America, gain some clinical experience. You can work as a medical assistant or with a volunteer organization.

cheapest nursing schools in usa for international students

Cheapest Nursing Schools in USA for International Students

Nursing education in the US is one of the world’s best education but at the expense of high tuition fees. As an international student, the fees are higher for you but that should not deter you from seeking greener pastures.

In this section, I have listed and discussed some of the affordable nursing colleges in the US for international students to apply to and get a quality nursing education without breaking the bank. These details were gotten from my findings through in-depth web research and I hope you will find one that attracts you.

Listed below in no particular order are the low-tuition nursing schools in the US for international students:

  • Colorado Christian University (CCU)
  • The University of Nevada
  • Dilliard University
  • Baker University
  • Utah Tech University
  • Colorado Mesa University
  • Baldwin Wallace University
  • Husson University
  • Baptist Health Sciences University
  • Abilene Christian University
  • Fitchburg State University

1.     Colorado Christian University (CCU)

CCU is a private Christian university situated in Lakewood, Colorado, and offers one of the cheapest nursing programs in the US for international students. The school houses the School of Nursing and Health Professions through which BSN, MSN, and DNP programs are offered. The vision of the school is to empower students to practice nursing as a ministry.

The tuition for the nursing program is about $27,986 per year and class sizes are kept small to foster student-teacher relationships. Overall, the school population is about 5,000.

2.     The University of Nevada

Founded in 1874 as a public research university, the University of Nevada is a prestigious institution providing an affordable nursing program for international students. Its nursing school, Orvis School of Nursing, has been training students in BSN and MSN programs for over 60 years and is recognized among the cheapest nursing schools in USA for international students.

The school offers an online nursing graduate program that is ranked by the US News & World Report among the top 100 in the nation. The total estimate for the nursing program at Orvis School of Nursing is $30,387.05.

3.     Dilliard University

This is a historically black university located in New Orleans, Louisiana with a College of Nursing offering affordable nursing education in the US to international students. The college offers two nursing tracks: LPN-BSN and RN-BSN to all students who meet the entry criteria.

The annual fee is $16,252 for international students and the program is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and approved by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing.

4.     Baker University

With an annual nursing fee of $27,100 for international students, Baker University stands tall among the cheapest nursing schools in the US for international students. The School of Nursing offers various tracks in Pre-nursing, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, ADN-MSN, and an innovative online MSN program.

5.     Utah Tech University

Formerly known as Dixie State University, Utah Tech University is a public higher institution located in George, Utah. Its nursing department offers various tracks including an online RN-BSN program, Pre-licensure BSN, and Paramedic to RN program. The institution offers more than 240 programs and it is known for its affordability and the nursing program is not left out.

International students coming to Utah Tech to study nursing will pay tuition between $7,600 to $10,200 per annum depending on the track pursue.

6.     Colorado Mesa University

This is a public postsecondary institution located in Grand Junction, Colorado offering low-cost nursing programs in the US to international students. The school houses a Department of Health Sciences that offers a BSN, Associate of Applied Science in Nursing, and Practical Nursing (Technical Certificate).

The estimated total per year for the BSN is $37,634.

7.     Baldwin Wallace University

Students from overseas can pursue a nursing program at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio. The private tertiary institution offers BSN and an accelerated BSN track equipping students with leadership and critical thinking skills to take up leadership positions in the healthcare field.

With international nursing students paying about $29,900 yearly, Baldwin Wallace Nursing stands out among the cheapest in the state for overseas students.

8.     Husson University

This is a private tertiary institution based in Bangor, Maine, and boasts of developing a community of thinkers, innovators, and leaders. The unique thing about Husson is that you can pursue your program on-campus or online including nursing courses. It has a School of Nursing that is over a century old and still operating to date.

Husson School of Nursing offers undergraduate, graduate, and post-master’s nursing tracks and certificates. You may like this school because of its small population, there are a little more than 3,400 students enrolled. The cost of the nursing program for international students is $630 per credit hour.

9.     Baptist Health Sciences University

International students looking for a specialized health sciences school in the US with affordable nursing programs should put the Baptist Health Sciences University at the top of their list. The nursing department offers BSN, RN-BSN, and Doctoral degrees providing students the opportunity to advance in a successful nursing career.

The private school was founded in 1912 and the cost of nursing here is $10,892 per year for international students making it one of the cheapest on this list.

10.  Abilene Christian University

This is a private Christian university located in Texas with a School of Nursing that provides a rigorous educational environment and clinical experiences in a diverse array of settings preparing you for success. It offers a BSN that is approved by the Texas Board of Nursing and the tuition is $31,000 per year for international students.

11.  Fitchburg State University

This is a small public university with a student population of 4,500 students enrolled in 25 undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The school houses a Department of Nursing offering three undergraduate degree tracks: BSN, accelerated LPN-BSN, and RN-BSN. A Master of Science in Forensic Nursing is also offered by the department.

The nursing programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The nursing tuition for international students begins at $7,050 per year.

This wraps up the details on the cheapest nursing schools in USA for international students and I hope they help you make a decision.

Cheapest Nursing Schools in the USA – FAQs

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