10 Best MBA in Healthcare Management

There is a high demand for healthcare managers and administrators according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics to enter this field you need to earn an MBA in healthcare management. Let me show you how and also recommend the best program for you in this article.

If you are looking to explore other career options or want to switch up careers you should consider getting an MBA in healthcare management. The need for healthcare managers is on the high side and will be so for a long time if more people don’t enter the field.

It is not a common or popular concentration in MBA but these days, universities and business schools are beginning to offer the program to fill up the roles where professionals are needed.

Common MBA concentrations are finance, logistics and supply management, and business analysis. MBA in healthcare is not very popular and this presents a perfect opportunity for you to enter the career.

Since it is a high-demand role, you won’t waste time in getting employed, and imagine the respect you will command among your colleagues and even in your workplace, you will be held in high esteem.

Not to divert from the subject matter but I recently published an article on the best online MBA in finance, the programs are online and flexible and if the healthcare management doesn’t work out, maybe this will.

You can pursue an MBA in healthcare management if you are already a healthcare provider and want to switch up careers by taking up a managerial or leadership role in the healthcare field, this MBA will place you in the right position.

You can also go for this degree if you have an undergraduate degree in business, economics, finance, or its equivalent. With a healthcare management MBA, you get to explore both the business and healthcare fields at the same time. Pretty amazing, right?

If you are already working and feel like getting an MBA in healthcare while working will be impossible, then you are mistaken. There are online MBA programs that offer concentrations in healthcare with flexible, self-paced programs that allow you to work while studying for your degree. Working while studying for your MBA degree presents a perfect opportunity because you can easily practice what you are taught in the classroom at your workplace.

Also, having some years of relevant work experience is a common prerequisite for acceptance into an MBA program including a healthcare concentration. However, if you have no work experience that’s fine, there are some top MBAs in the UK, US, and Canada that accept students without work experience, you can apply for those instead.

Those in the US have a better opportunity to get an MBA in healthcare management as almost every business college in the nation offers the program. But not to worry if you are nowhere near the US, you can enroll in one of the online MBA programs in California or join one of the online MBA in Florida there is no doubt that they offer an MBA with a focus on healthcare management.

This way you get to earn your MBA in healthcare management from a prestigious business school in the US irrespective of your location anywhere in the world. And if you don’t know what or how an MBA from the US can influence your career, then maybe you should ask around because you are about to be the hottest cake in town.

This post provides a well-detailed list of the best MBA in healthcare management from around the world – although they are mostly from the US – for you to easily find one that is suitable for you to enroll.

About MBA in Healthcare Management

An MBA in healthcare management is a graduate business degree that offers you general business ethics and also explores specialization in healthcare management matters to prepare you for managerial and leadership roles in healthcare fields such as hospitals, rehab facilities, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

This unique degree merges the best of business and healthcare academics to develop students to become excellent healthcare administrators. The program typically takes 2 years to complete but you can find an accelerated program that you can complete in 12 months to 18 months. Besides, MBA programs often give flexible schedules and self-paced learning, so, you can complete it on your own time.

With your MBA in healthcare management degree, you can take up the following job roles in hospitals, nursing homes, and acute care facilities:

  • Department Director
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Financial Planner
  • Health Services Manager/Administrator
  • Pharmaceutical Project Manager
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Public Health Policy Analyst or Researcher
  • Healthcare Consultant or Analyst
  • Healthcare Sales/Marketing Manager
  • Health Insurance Operations Director

These are mainly managerial and leadership positions and they attract a high salary of up to $83,000 on average.

Benefits of an MBA in Healthcare Management

The following are common benefits of earning an MBA in healthcare management:

  • You will gain team leadership skills which you can apply not only at work but also at home and in your personal life
  • Your financial skills will be polished
  • Advanced communication skills
  • Expanded career path options and opportunities
  • Process and procedure optimization skills
  • It presents an opportunity for the latest research

Average Cost of MBA in Healthcare Management

The average tuition fee for MBA in healthcare management is $38,000, yea, it can be expensive but you can apply for scholarships to offset the tuition load or look for cheaper options. This is a perfect opportunity to present you with my post on the cheapest MBA in Canada you are bound to find one with a focus on healthcare.

And if you are not in Canada but still want a cheap MBA from Canada then you should check out the affordable online MBA in Canada, this way, you get to be anywhere in the world and get your preferred MBA from Canada at a less expensive rate.

MBA in healthcare management

Best MBA in Healthcare Management

Here, I have given you first-hand details on the best MBA in healthcare management. These programs are ranked among the best in the world and their respective states, therefore, they are bound to be expensive. Fortunately, most of them provide scholarships and financial aid opportunities to make your education affordable.

Also, these programs are offered by some of the best universities and business colleges in the world and I have ranked them as the best based on their accreditation, achievement, excellent program offering, and hands-on training opportunities or other professional development training.

Without any further ado, let’s get into it…

1.     Kellog School of Management MBA in Healthcare Management

Kellog School of Management is the graduate business school of Northwestern University offering a wide array of graduate degree programs in the business field. The school also offers an MBA with a focus on healthcare management and economics to develop students for long-term success as a healthcare leaders.

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2.     Yale School of Management MBA for Executives in Healthcare Management

Yale School of Management is a graduate school of Yale University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world. The MBA for executives in healthcare management at Yale School of Management prepares you for managerial and leadership roles in hospitals, drug companies, and other healthcare establishments.

The courses are taught by experts from the school of management, school of medicine, and school of public health giving you an in-depth and broad perspective of what it is to be a leader in healthcare administration.

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3.     Harvard Business School MBA in Healthcare Management

Harvard Business School, the prestigious business school of Harvard University offers an MBA in healthcare management. There is no doubt that admission into this program will be competitive and expensive.

Students in the program analyze many cases focused on healthcare, engage in healthcare activities, connect with alumni who work in the industry, and fully explore the various health sectors.

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4.     Columbia Business School Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program (HPM)

At the Columbia Business School, you can pursue an MBA with a focus in healthcare management known as HPM. The program aims to equip you with adequate skills needed to excel in the business aspect of healthcare companies and handle your roles effectively.

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5.     Clarion University MBA in Healthcare Specialization

This is one of the best MBAs in healthcare management, the program develops students to take up careers in the healthcare, insurance, biotech, and supporting fields. The program consists of the combination of traditional MBA courses with healthcare-specific courses thereby providing students an insight into the business world of healthcare.

This program is offered online, consist of 33 credits, and cost $516 per credit for in-state and $774 per credit for out-of-state.

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6.     Florida International University MBA in Healthcare Management

The MBA in healthcare management at FIA is accredited by AACSB and CAHME to offer an innovative curriculum that combines healthcare topics into the business course. The program gives you an in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry and develops your critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills needed to progress in any leadership position.

The program consists of 42 credits and costs $1,238.09 per credit for in-state and $1,285.71 per credit for out-of-state.

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7.     West Texas A&M University MBA in Healthcare Management

This program is offered online at West Texas A&M University and does not require you to submit a GMAT for application. It is designed for full-time employed professionals and they are allowed up to 6 six years to complete the program but some complete it in just two years, you can too.

To gain entry into the program you must have a bachelor’s degree in a health sciences field or two or more years of hands-on patient care. It consists of 37 credits and tuition is the same for everyone at $503.71 per credit.

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8.     Walsh University Online MBA in Healthcare Management

If you want to earn an MBA in healthcare management completely online without ever setting foot on campus then this is the program for you. The program develops you to look at the healthcare industry from multiple perspectives and build your critical thinking skills to adapt well to challenges that may arise.

The program consists of 36 credit hours and can be completed in just one year. Neither GMAT nor GRE is required and no application fee either. You simply need to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited higher institution, a resume, and official transcripts from previously attended institutions to qualify and be considered for admission into the program. The tuition cost per credit is $745.

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9.     Hofstra University MBA in Health Services Management

Hofstra University, through its Zarb School of Business, is offering an MBA in health services management that you can choose to complete online or on-campus. The program develops and prepares business professionals to take up positions in the healthcare field.

The program consists of 38 credits and costs $1,430 per credit for every student.

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10.  The University of Scranton MBA Healthcare Management Specialization

The University of Scranton offers this AACSB-accredited MBA specialization in healthcare management that will equip you with skills to supervise healthcare facilities, plan and direct operations, and manage healthcare teams. Applying for the program does not require a GMAT or GRE and no application fee.

The program consists of 36 credit hours and costs $965 per credit hour.

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This wraps up the list of best MBA programs in healthcare management and I hope they have been helpful. With this, you can easily find a program befitting you.

MBA in Healthcare Management – FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Can I obtain MBA in healthcare management online?” answer-0=”Yes, you can obtain an MBA in healthcare management online. The University of Saint Mary offers one.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Does any school in UK offer MBA in healthcare management?” answer-1=”Yes, Brunel University, London is a UK school that offers MBA in healthcare management.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Which country is best for MBA in healthcare management?” answer-2=”Singapore is the best country for MBA in healthcare management according to Bloomberg.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”MBA in healthcare management salary?” answer-3=”The average salary for those with an MBA in healthcare is $82,938 per annum.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h3″ question-4=”Is MBA in healthcare management worth it?” answer-4=”An MBA in healthcare management is worth it if your goal is to attain a leadership or managerial role in a healthcare facility. ” image-4=”” count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=””]