Top 8 Online MBA In Finance

This post provides a wealth of information on the best online MBA in Finance, a professional business education that will equip you with an in-depth and broad knowledge of accounting, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and finance topics. Keep reading to see which of the online MBA in finance is best for you and begin processing your admission.

The Master of Business Administration – MBA – is a graduate program designed to set you up as a professional in the business world. The degree provides theoretical and practical training that can be applied in businesses to solve challenges, read data efficiently, and take the business forward. With an MBA, there will be an advancement in your life and your career.

With an MBA you will have so much potential and opportunities to explore. You can apply your skills in a variety of business setting no matter the field, you just need to get an MBA that focuses on the field you plan to enter. For example, there are MBAs with a focus on healthcare, logistics, finance, business analytics, and so on. This way, you get to explore other fields and gain a new perspective.

If you like to explore or want to switch up careers you could consider getting an MBA irrespective of your original study area. If you are also looking to take your career to the next level and gain better opportunities in the business world, then get an MBA.

MBA holders are highly respected in an organization because they mainly hold leadership and managerial positions that oversee the operations of a major part of the company. They are the managers and the CEO and other “top dogs” in the organization. If this is what you want then an MBA is what you should get.

Many people already know the benefits and broad opportunities that an MBA degree presents and are scampering to get one. A lot of people now want to get an MBA degree, like, there is a huge demand for it and they are doing this so they can set themselves above the competition in the workforce. The institutions offering this degree have seen this huge demand and have begun offering the program online to make it easier to obtain.

The Harvard Business School Online was among the first to start offering an online MBA program with various concentrations. Fun fact, MBA degree started at Harvard University and today thousands of universities all over the world are offering it both online and in a traditional setting. Now, you can easily find an online MBA in Texas and enroll from anywhere in the world.

Some of the best online MBAs can also be found in California but their tuition is on the high side. The online MBA in Florida is not that expensive, you can find some offering tuition fees of about $15,000. Different online business schools in the US and other countries are offering an online MBA program to make it as accessible as possible for everyone irrespective of their location.

In your quest to enroll for one of the best online MBA programs I have made this post providing you with full details on the top online MBA with a concentration in finance. If you haven’t thought of a concentration, you should. It will give you a study focus and set you apart from other professionals. You will gain general professional business ethics and knowledge plus further in-depth expertise in that concentration you chose.

About MBA in Finance

Master of Business Administration in Finance is one of the many concentrations of a business graduate degree that specializes in courses related to finance such as portfolio management, corporate budgeting, financial planning and management, cost of capital, etc. it also deals with the account management and finances of organizations or companies to help them meet their financial goals.

The MBA in Finance degree program equips students with broad expertise in pricing, asset management, risk management, and financial planning. It also teaches professional business people about the control and review of the collection, investment, and resources of money.

An MBA in finance typically takes 2 years of full-time study to complete and when students get the degree they are opened to an array of opportunities in the financial world and can pursue careers in private equity, investment banking and management, corporate accounting, and more.

With an MBA in finance degree, you can take up the following job positions:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Chief Financial Officer or CFO
  • Accounting Manager
  • Corporate/Financial Controller
  • Management Consultant
  • Financial Advisor
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Investment Manager
  • Director of Finance
  • Investor Relations Manager
  • Budget Analyst
  • Investment Banker

These are managerial and leadership positions in an organization and you will be tasked with overseeing the whole financial operations of an organization. The salaries are also high with the lowest a little below $80,000 per year. If you are keen on pursuing an online MBA in finance degree there are some requirements you need to meet to be accepted into the program.

Requirements for Online MBA in Finance

To get accepted into an online MBA in finance, there are certain requirements you need to meet as well as documents you need to submit to be considered for admission. The documents you submit will be used by the admissions board of the institution to evaluate you for admission. These requirements are:

  • You must have completed and earned a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, economics, or a related field. Some programs can admit you irrespective of your undergraduate major.
  • Possess two to three years of work experience. Your host program may require more or less
  • Submit the GMAT or GRE scores if required, some programs might not require for it. You may also be allowed to apply for a GMAT/GRE waiver if you meet the waiver requirements.
  • Meet the required GPA for entry into the online MBA in finance program. With an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0, you can be accepted. But it has to be backed with a high GMAT or GRE score.
  • Possess strong knowledge of Math.
  • Two or more letters of recommendations
  • Unofficial or official transcripts
  • TOEFL or IELTS for international students from non-English speaking countries. Meet the set score for English proficiency tests.
  • Professional resume or CV
  • Statement of purpose.
  • You also need to have tools for online education to take online courses, and tests and submit assignments. Remember that the program is held online and not at a designated learning site like a campus.

Average Cost of Online MBA in Finance

The average cost of an online MBA in Finance ranges from $10,000 to $80,000. I can only give a range and not a specific cost because there are varieties of online MBA in finance programs. And the cost can be different depending on the student’s location. For example, in-state students pay lesser tuition compared to out-of-state students.

The top best online MBA in finance is discussed below and I have provided the program cost along with them as well as application links for you to apply to the one that piques your interest and/or meet your academic and professional needs. Without any further ado, let’s get into them.

online MBA in Finance

Best Online MBA In Finance

Curated here are the top online MBA in finance programs offered by some of the top institutions in the US, UK, and other parts of the world. Carefully skim through to find a program that is befitting of you.

1.     Stafford Global Online MBA in Finance

Stafford Global is an establishment of the UK-based Edinburgh Napier University where a variety of online degree programs are offered including an online MBA in finance. The online MBA in Finance at Stafford covers the principles of accounting, teaching practical knowledge and skills relating to primary financial statements, preparation of cash budgets, and more.

To gain entry into the online program you need to have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university with 2:2 or above and two years of work experience. You may also take an English language proficiency test if you are not a native English speaker. The program duration is 21-33 months and tuition fees are GBP 10,560 for Global students, CAD 17,960 for Canada, and GBP 7,800 for Africa & Emerging Market. It is one of the cheapest online MBA in finance.

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2.     Kelley School of Business Online MBA in Finance

Kelley School of Business is the business school of Indiana University. The college offers an online MBA that is rated No. 1 best in the United States by the US News & World Report and The Princeton Review. Its online MBA in finance is also not left out as it is ranked No.1 best by the US News & World Report. The program consists of 30 credit-hour with a complete duration of 18 months to three years for you to learn at your own pace.

The online MBA in finance at Kelley covers topics on financial management, risk management, capital markets, quantitative analysis, value creation, and economics. Applicants from any part of the world is accepted but you need to meet the average undergraduate GPA of 3.4, three recommendation letters, GMAT score of 655, an application essay, work experience, and a TOEFL score of 100 for international student.

Admission into the online MBA in finance at Kelley is competitive with an acceptance rate of just 36%.

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3.     Heriot-Watt University Online MBA in Finance

The business school of Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School, offers an online MBA with a focus on finance designed to equip professional business people with the financial knowledge and understanding required to upgrade their careers.

This program is added to our list of top online MBA in finance due to the business school’s outstanding achievement in receiving the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, International Trade and its full-time MBA is ranked 24th globally by Financial Times.

The school has been around for over 400 years and is known for pioneering research, applied learning, and employable graduate. There’s no way you won’t gain from this when you enroll into the online MBA in finance program. The program fee varies depending on your country of origin. Those from the US pay £13,090 while those from Nigeria pay £8,690, to check yours, click here.

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4.     Carnegie Mellon University Online MBA in Finance

Carnegie Mellon University through its Tepper School of Business is offering an online MBA with a concentration in Finance. The program is ranked No.2 by the US News & World Report and No.4 among the best online MBA programs.

The MBA at Tepper stands out among the others as it is STEM-designated, equipping you with the analytical and leadership skills required to lead where human intelligence unleashes the power of data, and interdisciplinary teamwork drives innovation.

One of the cons of this program is that it does not accept students outside of the US. Its entry requirements include an average GPA of 3.4, an average GMAT score of 684, 83 months of work experience, and one recommendation letter. The acceptance rate is minimal at 50% and tuition is charged at $2,187 per credit.

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5.     Keele University Online MBA in Finance

If you are looking for a university renowned for its excellent teaching, research, and student satisfaction to pursue an online MBA in finance, Keele University may be the place for you. The institution is offering an online MBA with a focus on finance that you can take from anywhere in the world. It is a 180-credit program that takes two years to complete.

This program is listed among our list of top best online MBA in finance due to its achievement in business education. It is ranked top 3 in the UK for business and administrative studies and 1st in England for course satisfaction. The online program is flexible and self-paced allowing you to study on your own time. The total fee is £10,800.

To be accepted into the program, you need to hold a 2:2 undergraduate degree or an equivalent and three years of professional work experience or two years of work experience if you have a master’s degree.

And if you don’t have either of them but have 5 years of work experience in a managerial or leadership position you can be accepted into the program. If English is not your native language, take an English language proficiency test. 50 for PTE, 6.0 for IELTS, and 79 for TOEFL.

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6.     W.P. Carey Online MBA in Finance

W.P. Carey School of Business is the business school of Arizona State University that offers a wide range of online and in-person undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The college also offers an online MBA with various concentrations including finance, international business, marketing, and leadership.

The online MBA here is recognized among the best in the US and ranked at No.7 by the US News & World Report while the online MBA in finance is ranked in 3rd position.

One of the perks of the online MBA in finance at W.P. Carey is that GMAT or GRE are not required as part of the admission application but the con is that is very expensive with tuition at $61,677 for all students irrespective of your location. Fortunately, there are scholarships and financial aid options to help make your education affordable.

To enroll, you need to hold an undergraduate degree with a 3.4 GPA, working experience, and two recommendation letters to be considered for admission.

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7.     Tippie College of Business Online MBA in Finance

Tippie College of Business is the business school of the University of Iowa. The business school provides an online MBA program with various concentrations as well as in finance. The program is one of the best online MBA in the US as it is ranked 14th by Princeton Review and the US News & World Report ranks its online MBA in finance at 15th position.

The online MBA in finance program takes 2 years or longer to complete if you decide to take a longer time. Your study pace is up to you. There are three start dates in the year summer, fall, and spring.

To enroll, you need to have a undergraduate GPA with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and relevant work experience of 18 months. GMAT or GRE is not required. The tuition is one of the cheapest at $700 per credit.

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8.     The University of Maryland Online MBA in Finance

The University of Maryland is offering an online MBA in finance through its business school Robert H. Smith School of Business. In this program, you will explore the challenges plaguing corporate finance, financial restructuring, and investing and come up with ways to tackle these problems efficiently. The program has three start dates annually January, May, and August.

To be considered for admission, you need to pay an application fee of $75 which is non-refundable, submit one letter of recommendation, possess at least 2 years of relevant work experience, a 300-word essay, and submit transcripts from previously attended institutions.

GMAT or GRE is optional and not a requirement. International applicants who are not native English speakers must take the TOEFL, IELTS, or any recognized English language proficiency test. The cost of the program is $1,682 per credit.

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This wraps up the list of the top online MBA programs in finance and I hope they serve your demands if you need a broader option, check out the post on online MBA in Canada.

Online MBA in Finance – FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Is an online MBA in finance worth it?” answer-0=”An online MBA in finance is worth it if you want to work in the business field, else, it is just a waste of time, effort, and money.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What is the cheapest online MBA in finance?” answer-1=”The cheapest online MBA in finance is from Fayetteville State University at $9,026 ” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”Is MBA financial management the same as MBA finance?” answer-2=”No, they are not the same but they are almost similar. An MBA in financial management focuses only on the financial aspect of management while an A focuses on all the functional areas of finance. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What is the average salary for a person with an MBA in finance?” answer-3=”The average salary of a person with an MBA in finance is $96,418 per year according to Glassdoor.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]