16 Top MBA in Canada without GMAT

Interested in getting an MBA degree in Canada? Here, you will find the list of MBA in Canada without GMAT, outlined and explained to facilitate your admission and get an MBA from some of the best institutions in Canada.

We recently published an article on MBA in the USA without GMAT for international students which you can find here and it is just obligatory to do the same for Canada. After all, both locations are the top 2 education hubs in the world where thousands of students flock annually to pursue one degree or another.

The  Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is one of the most sought-after degrees globally, and it usually takes 2 years of full-time study to complete. Part-time studies can take up to 3 years but if you want to get it much quicker, you can go for an accelerated MBA which takes 12-18 months to complete.

MBA is a business degree designed for those already in the business field but who wants to expand their business field knowledge. There’s no way you will have an MBA degree and not be sought after by top business companies. Wherever you go with your certificate you will be automatically beating the competition there and HRs from all over the world will always hold you in high regard.

If you read well, you’d notice that I just mentioned some major benefits for getting an MBA degree and if you ever want to be involved in the business field, you should consider getting an MBA. Getting this degree doesn’t concern your former discipline, you could be a medical student and want to get an MBA, you will then learn the business aspect of medicine, you could also be an engineer, biologist, and so on and still get an MBA.

With your already exceptional knowledge merged with top-notch business skills, you can successfully run a business, top firms will be coming for you, and you get to hold other positions in an organization.

MBA is a master’s degree, obviously, and before you apply for the program you must have completed and earned a bachelor degree, this is one of the prerequisites for an MBA, among others which may include a recommendation letter, GMAT scores, resume/CV, statement of purpose, etc.

Tip: check in with your host institution to know the specific requirements as it varies by school.

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is one of the compulsory entry requirements that many schools require for students who want to enroll in business and management programs. The test, which is mainly conducted online with a computer, is designed to assess the analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal, and reading skills in written English for use in admission into a higher institution.

However, not every school requires the GMAT, while some schools completely waive it off, others will want you to take it if your academic transcripts aren’t satisfactory enough. But just know that taking the GMAT increases your chances of enrollment in an MBA program.

The academic entry requirements of these schools that waive off the GMAT are usually very high, while others may require an average undergraduate GPA of 3.0 – 3.5 at most with GMAT, these schools usually require an average undergraduate GPA of 3.7 to 4.0 without GMAT.

Now, this article shifts towards the latter, discussing the top MBA in Canada without GMAT for those aspiring to study in Canada. This blog post works both for international and domestic students as long as you want to pursue an MBA in Canada without GMAT then keep reading.

However, before going on to discuss the main subject matter take a quick look at the FAQs below:


What is an MBA?

I already explained this above but for clarity sake, here goes

A Master of Business Administration (MBA), is a general graduate business degree that teaches students technical, managerial, and leadership skills. Earning an MBA expands your professional network, provides new opportunities, and gives you valuable acumen.

What is an Executive MBA?

An Executive MBA or EMBA is the same as the regular MBA, offers the same skill set and all but the only difference between both is that EMBA is part-time and designed to accommodate working professionals. The full-time MBA program is so demanding that it is impossible to maintain any work while studying and if you want to do that, just go for the EMBA, although it takes a longer time.

What can I do with an MBA degree?

What can you do with an MBA degree? Please, you’ve got one of the most expensive and most sought-after degrees on the entire planet and want to know just how useful it can be? Well, here goes:

With an MBA degree you can work in the following job position:

  • Chief financial officer
  • Data analyst
  • Finance manager
  • Chief technology officer
  • Marketing manager
  • Budget analyst
  • Investment banker
  • General manager
  • Chief marketing officer
  • Department/division executive director
  • Accounting manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Brand manager
  • Risk manager
  • Market research analyst
  • Chief operations officer
  • Department/division director
  • Supply chain manager
  • Logistics
  • Program director
  • Sales/business development manager
  • Project manager
  • Chief executive officer

With all clarity in order, we should go on to see the MBA in Canada without GMAT…

Top MBA in Canada without GMAT

  • Smith School of Business
  • Schulich School of Business
  • Lazaridis School of Business and Economics
  • Ivey Business School
  • Rotman School of Management

Smith School of Business

This is the business college of Queen’s University and ranks on Times Higher Education and the US World News Ranking as offering one of the best MBA in the world and the world at large. The Smith Business School is one of the schools you can apply for an MBA in Canada without GMAT requirement. The MBA here can be completed in just 12 months of full-time study.

Since the GMAT is waived, this program relies heavily on your application resume, official transcripts, cover letter, references, and a personal interview to assess your abilities. Applicants are further evaluated based on their work experience – compulsorily 2 years – academic performance, bachelor’s degree in business or a related field, and leadership abilities.

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Schulich School of Business

One of the schools offering an MBA in Canada without GMAT and the business school of York University and ranked by The Economist as the second-best program in Canada, the Schulich School of Business is famed for its flexible study options and extensive selection of specialization options.

At Schulich, the GMAT requirements can be waived if you meet some requirements such as: firstly, the applicant must be a graduate of the Schulich BBA or iBBA programs within the last 5 years. Secondly, their GPA must be an average of B+ or higher, it is only under these two scenarios that applicants don’t need the GMAT score.

Aside from the waived GMAT, other entry requirements possess two years of work experience, an application form that includes three essays, two videos, a resume, transcripts, and 2 letters of reference.

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Lazaridis School of Business and Economics

This is the business school of Wilfrid Laurier University and here, you can study for an MBA in Canada without GMAT score requirement. The MBA program at Lazaridis School of Business and Economics can be completed via full-time or part-time study options and it is also known for actively enrolling international students.

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Ivey Business School

If you know your business schools, you’d know that the Ivey Business School is one of the tops in the country, consecutively ranking among the top 3 in the country and top 10 in the world. Here, the GMAT score requirement is waived making it one of the top MBA in Canada without GMAT.

Since, the GMAT is waived you have to meet up the tough requirements which include an average undergraduate GPA of 3.5 in business or related courses, a well-written statement of purpose, letters of reference, academic transcripts, and working experience of, at least, two years. Critical thinking and analytical skills will also be assessed.

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Rotman School of Management

The Rotman School of Management is one of the top colleges in Canada without GMAT score requirement but you’d an undergraduate degree with good academic standing, two written essays, reference letters, professional work experience of, at least, two years, and an interview.

Applicants whose academic standing isn’t satisfactory enough to the admissions board of the Rotman School of Management will be required to take the GMAT to strengthen their application and increase their chances of getting admission.

However, if you want to apply for the Executive MBA at Rotman, you are required to take the Executive Diagnostic Test (EDT) in place of the GMAT.

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These schools outlined and discussed here are also regarded as top MBA colleges in Canada without GMAT. Endeavor to learn more about the specific program requirements of each of these business colleges as well as their application dates so you can start applying. Also, you may want to apply to more than one business school to increase your chances of getting admitted.

Top MBA Universities in Canada without GMAT

The following are the universities in Canada without GMAT:

  • The New York Institute of Technology
  • Thompson Rivers University School of Business and Economics
  • Lakehead University
  • Vancouver Island University
  • University Canada West

The New York Institute of Technology

Apply for one of the best MBA courses in Canada without GMAT at the New York Institute of Technology, offering both a Management MBA and a Finance MBA with flexible classes that provide students leadership and professional experience through theoretical and practical experience.

The average undergraduate GPA for an MBA required to apply here at the New York Institute of Technology is 3.0 with an official transcript and a completed application.

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Thompson Rivers University School of Business and Economics

At Thompson Rivers University Business and Economics, you can apply for MBA in Canada without GMAT as the focus of admission is drifted towards students’ computing and quantitative skills through education and work experience. Other requirements include an average undergraduate GPA of 3.0, letters of recommendation, one resume, a complete application form, and English language proficiency test results for international students.

The MBA here can be pursued via part-time and full-time study options, with the latter completed in two years and the former completed in five years. There’s also the accelerated MBA program that takes 12 months to complete, equipping students with skills in human resource management, strategic management information systems, managerial statistics, and more.

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Lakehead University

Looking for the top MBA in Canada without GMAT? Lakehead University offers MBA programs without GMAT requirements and you may want to look into the school and pursue and admission into a graduate business degree program here. Documents required for your application include official transcripts, reference letters, and a statement of purpose.

The full-time MBA program here takes one year to complete and in that time space, students will equip students with a comprehensive and integrated knowledge of business and management. Thereby developing students’ analytical, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills in the process.

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Vancouver Island University

Known for its small class sizes and robust business focus, the Vancouver Island University offers one of the top MBA in Canada without GMAT score requirements and accepts quite several international students. The full-time MBA program is completed in 24 months and includes a collection of integrated courses in financial management, marketing, accounting, etc.

Since the GMAT isn’t required you must possess an undergraduate degree program with a minimum B average from a business or non-business discipline, a resume, two recommendation letters, work experience with a minimum of one year, and an English language proficiency test score for international students.

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University Canada West

At the University Canada West, you can pursue an MBA degree without worrying about taking a GMAT as it is waived. However, you need to meet up with the academic entry requirement of 3.0 CGPA in an undergraduate business degree or a related field, work experience with a minimum of 3 years, resume, official transcripts, and proof of English proficiency.

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The University of Northern British Columbia

The University of Northern British Columbia is one of the top MBA universities in Canada without GMAT and the program is tailored towards working professionals and covers the major business disciplines including economics, strategy accounting, finance organizational behavior, marketing, management of technology, and operations management.

The program duration is just 21 months to complete and entry requirements include an undergraduate bachelor degree in business or related field from an accredited higher institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0 or B, official transcripts, three years minimum of work experience, resume, or CV, and TOEFL or IELTS for English language proficiency.

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These are the top MBA universities in Canada without GMAT and most of them listed here accept international students as long as they meet the requirements for international students. You can see further requirements and tuition fees in each of the links provided.

Executive MBA in Canada without GMAT

Executive MBA, as explained earlier is just MBA taken as a part-time program designed for professional individuals who are working and want to expand their business knowledge while working. EMBA is usually offered during the weekend in the evenings and some schools even offer it online so students can enjoy the flexible study.

The schools that offer Executive MBA in Canada are:

  • Lazaridis School of Business and Economics
  • Ivey Business School
  • Lakehead University
  • Vancouver Island University
  • University Canada West
  • Rotman School of Management