Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Requirements | Fees, Programs, Scholarships, Rankings

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal is one of the universities in Canada receiving good patronage from international students and here is everything you need to know about this institution from their application requirements to their fees, scholarships, degree programs and more.


Universitè Du Québec À Montreal, Canada

University Du Québec À Montreal, popularly known as UQAM, is a comprehensive French language open university located in the epic and vibrant city of downtown Montreal. The university was established in 1969 as a result of the unification between Ecole des beaux-arts due Montreal and a number of other smaller schools.

UQAM, is internationally recognized for offering cutting edge research studies, exceptional learning facilities, and its unbeatable innovation in a vast array of programs carried out on its campus. It is also notable for its unique education support, high teaching standard, and high investment in research.

It welcomes more than 3,000 international students from more than 85 countries around the world. Also, it offers a distance learning program via its Tèlè university (Teleq) and it has bilateral agreements with reputable institutions in over 70 countries in the world, where its courses and programs are taught.

At UQAM, emphasis is paid more to practical training rather than theoretical. Hence students are nurtured with first-hand experiential learning that will set them prepared in any field they are found.

The curriculum of UQAM is structured to meet the 21st-century education model. There are hi-tech laboratories, Art studios, practical workshops, and large tech classrooms to make its student’s academic experience enriching and fulfilled.

As an award-winning citadel of learning, it stands out from its pedagogical approach in educating and training the next generation of super scholars who’ll not only be remarkable in their field of pursuit but exceptional leaders and impact setters in the industries they are found.

So, as a student in this institution, you’ll be nurtured to succeed in your academic career, as well as be groomed to be a celebrated icon in your field.

Originality and specificity defines the programs offered in UQAM. There are over 300 study programs available for both undergraduate and postgraduate students that cut across the disciplines of Arts, Humanities, Social sciences, and up to Education.

These programs are studied and integrated into its six faculties. The university, however, is well known for excelling in the fields of biology, cognitive science and management technology.

Its program of study leads to an award in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees and it operates three academic sessions of fall, summer, and winter.

Why You Should Study In Universitè Du Québec À Montreal

UQAM is a school with international influence. Its programs are fully accredited by the ministry of education and higher education, Québec. Also, its certificate is highly sought after by multinationals and recognized globally.

Will you like to be enrolled in UQAM? Consider some of these reasons that’ll give you a conviction;

Firstly, as a centre of higher learning, UQAM focuses more on creativity. Its programs are unique and standard to the core. The university eventually develops programs and fields of study that are new and unavailable in many instances.

So, there are amazing program study programs like sexology, feminists studies, actuarial sciences and social economy.

Secondly, UQAM leads in its pedagogical approach to teaching and educating. Utmost attention is paid to practical instructions and training. So, be sure to be equipped with less theoretical knowledge.

Thirdly, UQAM tuition fee is extremely low compare to other reputable universities in Canada.

Also, at UQAM, research knows no boundary as its researchers are actively involved in cutting-edge researches which has lead to breakthrough discoveries and inventions, and interestingly, the university ranks among the major research universities in Canada in the areas of humanities, natural science, social science, and creation.

The university is armed with top-tier faculty members and celebrated professors to give you a well and personalized academic experience. It has more than 300 study programs that you can choose from.

The university partners with more than 460 institutions in 68 countries, which allow its numerous students to study in its visual campuses. So, you can as well stay in your home country and obtain a degree from UQAM if you can’t make it to the main campus.

The university leads in winning academic prizes and several of its faculties have won prestigious awards and prizes; Google online marketing challenge, Order Of Academic Palms, United Nations Simulation, just to mention but a few.

The university organizes a lot of symposia, inaugural lectures and large-scale cosmopolitan events, every year.

Lastly, the university offers on-campus housing to students with rents ranging from $551 CAD to $1610 CAD per month.

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Ranking

UQAM has numerous recognition to write home about.

The university, for instance, was the first in Canada to offer a doctoral degree in the field of Environment and in addition, it was a pioneer in the development of fields of study that were not traditionally available.

Furthermore, the university has developed innovative models for the transfer and appropriation of research by communities.

In this regard, we’ll not fail to say that due to its prestigious establishment, a lot of university ranking bodies have recognized the university for its academic prowess.

  • The Academic Ranking Of World Universities placed UQAM 601th in the world and 21st in Canada.
  • U.S News & World Report ranked UQAM the 651th position in the world and 21st in Canada.
  • In its comprehensive report, Maclean’s ranked UQAM, 10th place in Canada, while in terms of reputation, it was placed 25th place.

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Acceptance Rate

Each year, UQAM enrolls more than 40,150 prospective students and it welcomes more than 3,500 international students which represents 9% of the total student population. Here is the summary of students stats at UQAM.

Students : 39,116

Undergraduates : 30,575

Graduate students : 6,170

Doctoral students : 1,950

International students : 4,376

From the analysis above, it is seen that the acceptance rate from UQAM is at the 67% mark, which shows that the university has high acceptance rate.

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Faculties

UQAM offers a broad range of disciplines. Its study program is tied to the expertise of several research units which is related to the environment, social innovation, and health.

Basically, there are six faculties and one school which is further subdivided into 41 departments and schools. There is also the presence of multidisciplinary institutes (six in numbers) used for training, research, and intervention.

The faculties are;

  • Faculty Of Arts
  • Faculty Of Political Science & Science
  • Faculty Of Human Sciences
  • Faculty Of Educational Sciences
  • School Of Management Science
  • Faculty Of Social Sciences

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Schools

  • Montreal Graduate School Of Fashion Design
  • Graduate School Of Theatre
  • Language School
  • School Of Social Work
  • School Of Visual Arts and Media

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Institutes

  • Institutes Of Cognitive Sciences
  • Institutes Of Feminist Studies
  • Institutes Of Environmental Sciences
  • Montreal Institutes Of International Studies
  • Health and Society Institutes
  • Heritage Institute

See programs, departments available in each faculties

Universitè Du Quebec À Montreal Tuition Fees

UQAM charges fees based on the programs it offers. Basically, its average tuition is affordable and fees differ depending on the program of consideration. Fees are calculated and estimated based on credit load per hour on each course and in each cycle of study.

Tuition Fees For Undergraduate Students

Quebec students : $3,300

Non Quebec Students : $8,900

International Students : $18,500 – $24, 400

Tuition Fees For Graduate Students


Quebec Students : $4,500

Non Quebec Student : $10,000

International Students : $19,800

MASTERS ( without thesis )

Quebec Students : ( first year $2700 second year $2,400 )

Non Quebec Students : ( first year $7,200 second year $6,300 )

International Students : ( first year $15,000 second year $13,200 )

MASTER’S ( with thesis )

Quebec Students : ( first year $3,800 second year $1,600 )

Non Quebec Students : ( first year $10,100 second year $3,700 )

International Students : ( first year $21,100 second year $7,400 )


The estimated fee for each year is the same for all students.
First year : $3,800

Second year : $3,800

Third year : $2,700

Fourth year : $500

You should however note that, these amounts are in Canadian dollar and also, the fees are subjected to change.

Additional Cost

In addition, other cost must also be taken into consideration and the table below gives an estimate of what is expected.

Accommodation : $7,141

Home insurance : $616

Books & Supply : $3,907

Food charges : $5,212

Medicals : $972

Transportation : $616

Telephone & internet : $1,231

Student permit renewal : $270

Total cost : $19,965

Check estimated tuition for all programs

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for UQAM is not tasking. Certain criteria NAD specificity is used to measure a candidate’s credibility and readability such as a minimum grade average score and portfolios from previous schools attended. In addition, candidates who are not from French-speaking countries are required to sit and obtain a test score on Test de Francais International ( TFI ).

Supporting Documents

  • Official transcripts of all academic years
  • Proof of French language proficiency ( TFI score of 605 )
  • Letters of Recommendations
  • Certificate of experience
  • Copy of study permit
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of valid Quebec acceptance certificate
  • Copy of birth certificate

How To Apply

  1. Kindly visit the school’s official website. Ensure to use the google translate from your browser.
  2. Choose your program of study: there are more than 250 programs you can choose from. However, you should note that part-time programs are not available to international students.
  3. Review your admission requirements
  4. Fill your application form and specify about 3 program of choice
  5. Check the admission deadline
  6. Pay admission fees and submit required documents; a non-refundable fee of $99 for Canadian applicants and $131 for international students.
  7. After application, go to you’re accepted page to confirm your registration.

How To Pay For Admission

If you submit your application documents, you can make payment through the following means;

  1. Through credit cards
  2. Through a certified check
  3. Through direct payment
  4. By international transfer
  5. By Canadian money order

Start your application

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Scholarships

Each year, the university offer awards to merit-based students in firm of scholarships, bursaries and loans. The university has a spendable amount of $37 million for this financial aid to support students.

Category of scholarship awarded are; first time in a study program, support for success, fee exemptions, social and student recognition. Scholarships are also offered to graduate students involved in researched-based programs. Application to any scholarship is made through the Repertoire Institutional des bourses d’etudies (RIPES)

Some of the scholarships scheme available are;

  • Honorable Albert Leblanc Scholarship For Student From The First Nation

Value : $30,000

Deadline : Jan 17, 2021

  • COVID-19 Support Scholarship From The Faculty Of Education

Value : $1,000

Deadline : Dec 18, 2020

  • Fee Exemption Grants For Foreign Doctoral Students

Value : $12,000

  • Institutional Graduate Scholarships

Value : $4000 for master’s and $13000 for doctoral

  • National Assembly Foundation Jean Charles Bonenfant

Value : $24,000

Deadline : Feb 15, 2021

Check on more scholarship

Universitè Du Québec À Montreal Alumni

As of September 2019, UQAM has recorded a total number of 281,523 graduates since inception.

The university has a very strong network of alumni who are actively involved in leading diverse fields and industries like politics, writing, media, education, computers, as well as business.

Notable alumni includes;

  • Pierre Fortin ( economists )
  • Steve Blancy ( businessman )
  • Alexander Gauthier ( software engineer )
  • Anne Fortin ( professors of accounting )
  • Jovett Marchesscult ( writer )
  • Arthur larrothe ( film director )
  • Dennis Villeneuve ( film maker )
  • Daniel langlois ( founder of soft image )
  • Pierre Dan Serean ( pioneer of ecology )


At last, here is the comprehensive and detailed information about the university of Quebec a Montreal, in regards to your search.

For the record, UQAM offers an appealing and pleasant academic experience. Its environment, campus, and faculty are well structured to offer you a memorable education stay.

The university leads in cutting edge research and has worldwide recognition in the programs it offers.

Hence, a degree from UQAM will get accepted in any industry you choose to work with. In addition, its tuition fee is highly affordable and its acceptance rate is commendable. You can be accepted into for admission if you meet the university’s requirements. Do you have have questions? Please comment below, till then, good luck on your application.


When Was UQAM Established?

Answer: UQAM was established in 1969

Where Is UQAM Located?

It is located in Montreal, in Quebec, Canada.

Is UQAM Accredited?

Yes! Several of its program is accredited by the ministry of education, Canada.