Top 25 Easy College Majors That Pay Well

There are people that the harder a thing is, the more they desire it; these people are those that enrol in majors like medicine, automotive engineering, architecture, law, and the rest that are considered tough majors. This being so, there are clearly some others who can’t risk the headache of going through the process of these tough majors but also want a degree that will pay them well.

If you’re among this second category, then you’re at the right place. Believe me, you must not study in a hard major before you can earn lots of money or at least have a decent income to take care of your basic needs and that of your family if you have one. Some degrees don’t even require you to spend so much time in the university, but they still pay you well.

There are majors that are considered majors for lazy students by popular opinion but like a saying goes, “lazy people find the fastest ways of getting jobs done” so if you are on any of these majors and anyone thinks it is because you are lazy, don’t let them ride on you, you are just probably smarter!

In fact, there are even some jobs you can still get without getting any degree, don’t get me wrong, I’m not against degrees, or tough majors, it’s just that everyone is not the same. Just because someone doesn’t love college doesn’t mean the person would be poor.

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What makes a college major easy?

“Easy,” could mean a different thing for different people, due to your passion for something, you will find it more simple and interesting to do than someone that doesn’t have passion for it (even if the person does well in it). Also, your effort towards a major can determine how easy it is. That reminds me of George Patton’s quote, “He who sweats more in training bleeds less in battle.”

But how we determined ours was based on the GPA (Grade Point Average), the amount of time you’ll spend in class, or other class-related activities, and the percentage of graduation.

How to know a college major that will pay well

Few of the easiest ways to know a college major that will pay you well is to know their job employment rate, job roles, and finally the average salary of these roles.

easy college majors that pay well 

Easy College Majors that Pay Well (Majors for Lazy Students)

These majors we have listed are mainly based on research findings, so here is a list of the easiest college degrees that pay well even though they are considered majors for lazy students.

  • English Major
  • Businesses Administrator
  • Religious Knowledge
  • Social Work Major
  • Marketing Major
  • Customer Service Management
  • Psychology Major
  • Arts Majors
  • Anthropology Major
  • Communication Major
  • Computer Science Major
  • E-commerce
  • International Business
  • Music
  • History Major
  • Project Management
  • Foreign Language
  • Insurance Major
  • Real Estate
  • Human Resources Major
  • Journalism Major
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Hotel Management
  • Early Childhood Education (ECE)
  • Travel Service Management

1. English Major

English Major comes with not much introduction because of how popular it is, especially to those who love reading books, novels, and writing (any kind of writing). But even if you don’t love reading or writing, you can still dive into this easy college major and might be shocked at how less stressful it is. Also, if you love philosophy, history, art, and religion, you can still further your education with this degree.

High-paying roles in English Major

According to Coursera;

  • Adjunct professor: $116,302
  • Brand Strategist: $101,508
  • User Experience (UX) Writer ($112,726)
  • Public Relations Manager: $96,328
  • Medical Writer: $85,267
  • Editor: $59,531

According to

  • Copywriter: $60,863
  • Librarian: $59,426
  • Technical Writer: $57,689

2. Businesses Administrator

This is one of the easy college majors that pay well, and I mean you can earn a lot of money through this degree. You and I know how businesses are coming up day by day, and these businesses, especially the big brands, need people to be in charge of reputable roles.

Having a degree in Engineering, Law, medicine, etc, is amazing, but business education puts you in charge of these other employees because you are trained to become a business leader, to manage a team in good and crazy times. In fact, due to the demand and high salary of this major, lots of students in the United States are now opting for it for their bachelor’s degrees. 

High-paying roles in Business Administration

According to Coursera

  • Marketing Manager: $133,380
  • Medical and Health Services: $101,340
  • Information security analyst: $102,600
  • Operations research analyst: $82,360
  • Financial Manager: $131,710
  • Management analyst: $93,000

3. Religious Knowledge

This is one of the least stressful college majors that can help you to both earn well, and also enjoy your classes. Because you will be learning a lot about your specific religion.

You’ll also learn about other people’s religions, you will get to understand why other religions exist and why people desire to worship a “God.”

High-paying roles in Religious Studies

According to

  • Historian: $80,430
  • Missionary: $75,892
  • Marriage and family therapist: $71,736
  • University professor: $55,563 per year
  • Mediator: $54,659
  • Pastor: $43,066

4. Social Work Major

Social issues keep on rising, whether it’s a family that is struggling to have peace, a corrupt government, or a poor legislative policy that doesn’t provide justice to the right people. That’s what makes this easy college major so interesting, you are in the middle of providing solutions to society, and you’ll still earn well doing so.

High-paying roles in Social Work Major

According to Social Work Degree Center (Median Salary)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Manager: $80,200
  • Social Policy Analyst: $74,700
  • Medical Social Worker: $65,300
  • Child and Family Therapist: $63,000
  • Human Resources Coordinator/Specialist: $48,300

5. Marketing Major

For businesses to strive successfully, they need to sell, and one of the best strategies that has proven time and time to improve sales, have repeat customers and retain customers is “marketing.” That’s why they say, “Marketing is king.”

Another interesting thing is that it is one of the easy college majors that pay well, you happily learn this degree and you’ll also earn nicely from it.

Also, there are lots of job openings for graduates with this degree, and it is set to grow by 10% from 2020 to 2030, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

High-paying roles in Marketing Major

According to

  • VP of Marketing: $143,598
  • Product marketing manager: $98,056
  • Business analyst: $82,886
  • Marketing director: $72,403
  • Marketing Analyst: $66,104
  • Brand Manager: $65,591
  • Content Marketer: $65,453
  • Social media manager: $59,964
  • SEO Specialist: $55,797

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6. Customer Service Management

Have you ever ordered anything from Amazon, Microsoft, or Apple that had an issue? How was their customer service when you called to complain about the problem?

You’ll realize that they are well-trained, they respond calmly, and you will love calling them again and again if something else comes up, because of their approach. This gives you more confidence when using their product, because you know they have customer service ready to listen and attend to you.

Any business that lacks customer service management is likely to be out of the market sooner or later.

This major is less stressful and still gives you that fat salary.

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High-paying roles in Customer Service Management

According to ZipRecruiter

  • Business Banking Relationship Manager: $90,000-$129,500
  • Senior Relationship Manager: $72,500-$127,500
  • Customer Experience Leader: $35,500-$109,500
  • Client Delivery Manager: $45,000-$108,000

7. Psychology Major

Are you one of those people who also wonder why people react the way they do, why people buy a product, why someone else’s emotion was so high, and why another was calm in the same situation? If you’re in those shoes, then this degree could be what you need, and not just that it will be fun for you but it is also one of the easiest degrees to get a Job.

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High-paying Roles in Psychology Major

According to

  • Sales Manager: $79,972
  • Human resources manager: $70,564
  • Public relations manager: $59,007
  • Mental health technician: $56,675

8. Arts Majors

According to the World Economic Forum, skills obtained from an art degree will be in the most demand in the future. All industries need the skills gotten from this major, and it also opens the door for you to be creative on your own.

High-paying Roles in Arts Major

According to PayScale

  • Creative Director: $98,500
  • Design Director, Interior Design: $95,200
  • Visual Designer: $74,500
  • Freelance Graphic Designer: $73,200
  • Fashion Designer: $72,300

9. Anthropology Major

This is one of the easiest college majors that will help you to study human beings, whether through their behaviour, biology, their history, culture, or their language differences. This degree will explore areas like biological anthropology, linguistics anthropology, applied anthropology, and many more.

High-paying Roles in Anthropology Major

According to

  • Advertising, Promotions, or Marketing Manager: $141,490
  • Public Relations or Fundraising Manager: $118,430
  • Sociologist: $86,110
  • Anthropology Professor: $89,220

10. Communication Major

This degree opens the door to lots of career prospects, and it is also one of the fun college majors that pay you well and can accommodate lazy students. From time to time, there have been people who may know what to say but lack the skill to express their thoughts to people’s understanding.

You’ll see great physicians, amazing managers, and wonderful engineers who can’t just communicate well. Not just in speaking, people also need to communicate well in writing, (if you’re understanding what you’re reading now, I think I deserve an award in communication).

High-paying roles in Communication

According to ZipRecruiter

  • Vice President Corporate Communications: $122,500-$206,000
  • Vice President of Communications: $103,000-$183,500
  • Director of Internal Communication $72,000-$160,000
  • Director of Public Relations: $62,000-$135,000
  • Corporate Communications Manager: $82,000-$131,000

11. Computer Science Major

This is for those who love math, technology, analytical thinking, and computers. The rapid growth of Information Technology in the past decade has been incredible, and more is yet to come. You may be wondering why this major is also considered a major for lazy students but just as it does not require much physical strength but just smartness and brainwork the traditional person out there sees it as lazy man’s work but on the flip side, it’s just a smart mans’ work.

A computer science major opens the door to lots of employment and a nice salary, also it is not as hard as other computer-related degrees.

High-paying Roles in Computer Science Major

From Studyportals Masters

  • Software Development Director: $143,000
  • Principal Software Engineer: $135,000
  • Security Consultant: $85,600
  • Cyber Security Engineer: $94,800
  • Computer Scientist: $78,300
  • Software Developer: $70,600

12. E-commerce

Lots and lots of businesses have or intend to open an e-commerce website, because of the result they will get in this online store. The majority of people don’t want to go to a shopping mall in the name of purchasing their products, they are lazily ready to do that while sitting on their couch.

I love lazy people because they make you and me more money, so with your e-commerce skill, you can handle these websites, or even start yours, the options are limitless.

High-paying roles in E-commerce

From ZipRecruiter

  • Ecommerce Project Manager: $57,000-$104,000
  • E-Business Manager: $50,500-$100,500
  • Internet Sales Consultant: $27,000-$77,000
  • Online Merchandising Specialist: $31,000-$73,000

13. International Business

So businesses do well locally, but when they attempt to leave the shores of their country, they tend to fail terribly, they fail to realize different laws abide in different countries.

This challenge makes this college degree important, and they are ready to pay well for it. This major allows you to work with international clients, travel to different places, and understand the business pattern of different countries.

High-paying Roles In International Business


  • International Vice president of marketing: $141,484
  • Director of human resources: $89,740
  • International Chief financial officer: $127,656

14. Music

This is one of the easiest college majors that can pay you well, it has so many fields under it, such as applied music, music business, music performance, etc. 

High-paying roles in Music Major


  • Band Manager: $103,124
  • Choreographer: $83,046
  • Music Producer: $74,627
  • Music Professor: $56,487
  • Artist Manager: $46,292
  • Music Therapist: $44,577

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15. History Major

This easy college major goes well for those that love to learn about the past. Just like a popular quote said, “those that don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” If you’re someone that will dive into this degree, then you’re going to help some of us to avoid some mistakes in the future.

High-paying roles in History Degree

From BusinessInsider (Median Salary)

  • Political Scientist: $99,730
  • Archaeology Professors: $77,650
  • Geographers: $75,400
  • History professors: $69,400
  • Archaeologists: $61,220

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16. Project Management

This is another decider of any successful organization, whether, in business, NGO, parliament, manufacturing, construction, etc. And the demand for this easy degree is always increasing, and so does its pay.

High-paying roles in Project Management


  • IT project manager: $100,456
  • Engineering project manager: $99,701
  • Construction project manager: $83,428
  • Project management consultant: $81,716

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17. Foreign Language

One of the beauties of this easy degree that can pay you well is you can learn it from anywhere you are, without any stress. I’m talking about taking an online degree in a Foreign language.

This major doesn’t only help you to speak the language of other countries, but you also get to learn their culture and even their history.

High-paying roles in Foreign Language


  • French Teacher: $82,003
  • Travel Coordinator: $66,054
  • Language specialist: $56,082
  • Spanish Tutor: $54,165

18. Insurance Major

This is one of the least stressful college majors that have 100% employment. This tells you the importance of the degree, everybody needs insurance, whether individual or organization. Also, this degree won’t just give you immediate employment, but it also comes with a mouthwatering salary.

High-paying roles in Insurance

From ZipRecruiter

  • Life Insurance Actuary: $65,000-$150,000
  • Pricing Actuary: $99,500-$150,000
  • Actuary: $111,000-$142,000
  • Underwriting Manager: $93,000-$125,500

19. Real Estate

This is also another less-stressful college major that has lots of employment opportunities and also pays very well. This means, whichever finance that you’ll invest to acquire this degree will surely be productive after graduation.

In fact, your knowledge in Real Estate, together with that in business can help you to start your own business and probably become a millionaire or even a billion. Your understanding of this degree can make you so rich.

High-paying roles in Real Estate


  • Mortgage Loan Officer: $152,639
  • Real estate attorney: $95,701
  • Real estate agent: $85,081
  • New home sales consultant: $78,952
  • Realtor: $78,447
  • Real estate broker: $72,626

20. Human Resources Major

If you love to see people do their best in whatever area of their life, whether their personal growth, their relationship with family or their career, then an easy college major in Human resources might be your best choice. 

High-paying roles in Human Resources

From ZipRecruiter

  • Vice President of Human Resources: $131,500-$184,500
  • Vice President of Talent Acquisition: $138,500-$182,500
  • Human Resources Executive: $80,000-$165,500
  • Health, safety, and environmental (HSE) advisor: $63,500-$162,000

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21. Journalism Major

A journalist helps to gather information and also present it to the audience through spoken or written means. There are lots of job roles from this degree such as Newspaper Reporter, Multimedia Journalist, Sports Journalist, Broadcast Journalist, News Writer, Financial Writer, and many more. 

The salary for this easy college major ranges from $50,000 to $127,000.

22. Supply Chain Management

Companies need to have a working strategy on how their products successfully get to the consumers, and successful supply chain management is very important to the progress of a business. Also, careers in this major include, inventory manager, Distribution manager, Supply chain specialist, Transport manager, Logistics manager, production manager, Supply chain manager, etc.

Their annual salary ranges from $60,535 to $94,706.

23. Hotel Management

This one comes in handy, some people might not consider it and assume there is nothing serious that can come out of it, but surely, it’s one of the easy college majors that pay well. A casino director can earn an average of $142,302 per year, according to

There are also other roles like Event manager, Executive chef, Sommelier, Flight Attendant, Hotel Operations Manager, Food and Beverage Director, etc.

24. Early Childhood Education (ECE)

This is one of those fields that is always changing and improving, this degree is not the same as becoming a teacher. An ECE degree holder can become a teacher, but a teacher degree holder can’t easily work in ECE.

The roles in this major include Nanny, ECE Teacher, Kindergarten Teacher, School Principal, ECE Professor, etc. And their salaries range from $26,000 to $95,000.

25. Travel Service Management

The traveling industry is projected it continue growing as lots of people are looking for the best place to spend their vacation and the best business trip they could get. And according to Statista, the revenue in this field is projected to reach US$716.80bn in 2022.

There are lots of job roles in this major too, which are Chef Concierge, Guest Relations Manager, Museum Director, Curator, Resort Manager, Clubhouse Manager, Tour Director, etc.

Their salary ranges from $30,000 – $160,000.


You have seen that there are lots of easy college majors that pay well, and you don’t even need a master’s degree in some of them to start earning lots of money.

It’s now up to you, which major would you choose from this list? Or did we miss mentioning one of your favourites? Either way, comment on your thoughts below.

Easy College Majors That Pay Well – FAQs

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