15 Best Automotive Engineering Degree Programs & Schools

This blog post provides a wealth of information on the automotive engineering degree programs and schools that are best at offering the program. If you haven’t decided on the branch of engineering to focus on, reading this post will widen your option.

Engineering is a branch of science and technology that deals with the design, building, and the use of engines, machines, and structures. It is generally an applied science as it involves research and technological development. Engineering is one of the most sought-after degree programs in higher institutions and the workforce, there is an endless amount of job opportunities.

Engineering has 6 major branches which are Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Management, and Geotechnical. Under each branch, there are hundreds of different sub-categories such as structural engineering, software engineering, nuclear engineering, automotive engineering, mechatronics, marine engineering, agricultural engineering, mining engineering, and lots more.

These engineering subcategories are offered by some of the best engineering schools in the world and you could even land yourself a scholarship to support your education. You may also find interest in the engineering colleges in the USA and their scholarships, this way, you get to study at a world-class university on a fully or partially-funded scholarship.

Thanks to the internet some schools are offering civil engineering degree programs online and have made them affordable. High school graduates who want to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering can start taking free online mechanical engineering courses to test the waters before going on to pursue the degree at one of the top undergraduate engineering schools in the world.

Among the highest paying engineering jobs are computer engineering and aerospace engineering which are the top two on the list. If you’re passionate about the former then you need to consider pursuing a degree from one of the world’s best computer engineering schools. And if the latter is your calling, the UK has some of the best aeronautical engineering universities that you may consider applying to.

What is an Automotive Engineering Degree?

Automotive engineering is one of the sub-categories of engineering and a branch of mechanical engineering that deals with the design, development, and manufacture of cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles. Automotive engineers are also responsible for the designing and testing of many subsystems or components that comprise a motorized vehicle.

An automotive engineering degree is a qualification conferred by universities to graduates who have successfully met the academic requirements to complete an education in automotive engineering.

Types of Automotive Engineering

There are three types of automotive engineers namely:

  1. Design engineers
  2. Development engineers
  3. Manufacturing engineers

Benefits of Studying Automotive Engineering

If you are considering a career in automotive engineering, here are the benefits that come with it.

  1. Automotive engineering has incredible employment opportunities
  2. The field has a wide prospect and covers other fields such as teaching, sales, and marketing, consulting, research and development, entrepreneurship, etc.
  3. Engineers in this field get firsthand experience in designing and building a car from scratch
  4. You can travel around the world and work in the different latest tech
  5. Opportunity to work with companies all over the world
  6. Skill development in various areas
  7. High salary earning

Automotive Engineering Requirements

The requirement to become an automotive engineer is to get, at least, a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from an accredited higher institution and a minimum of 3 years of experience. Automotive engineers must have critical thinking and problem-solving skills to evaluate problems and solve issues. You must also be computer literate and know machine welding, assembly, and design of software systems.

Automotive Engineering Courses

The following are most likely courses you will take as an automotive engineering student:

  1. Technical English
  2. Finite element analysis
  3. Marketing management
  4. Mathematics
  5. Engineering physics
  6. Automotive pollution and control
  7. Robotics
  8. Engineering chemistry
  9. Engineering graphics
  10. Vehicle design and data characteristics
  11. Engineering mechanics
  12. Production technology
  13. Automotive chassis
  14. Fluid mechanics and machinery
  15. Applied thermodynamics and heat transfer
  16. Fundamentals of computing and programming
  17. Electronics engineering
  18. Statistics and numerical methods
  19. Electronics and microprocessors
  20. Mechanics of machines
  21. Design of machine element
  22. Automotive transmission
  23. Vehicle dynamics
  24. Automotive safety
  25. Automotive aerodynamics
  26. Environmental science and engineering
  27. Principles of management

These automotive engineering courses are distributed in semesters throughout your school years.

How to Obtain an Automotive Engineering Degree

To obtain a degree in automotive engineering, you want to start by choosing an accredited university or college and applying for the program. Before applying for the program, it is important that your review the entry requirements and meet all of the criteria to be considered for admission.

Entry requirements for a degree in automotive engineering vary from school to school and you will need to contact the admissions office of your preferred school to learn about the requirements. However, I will still go-ahead to give a list of the general entry requirement to get your mind prepared ahead of the journey.

Entry Requirements for Automotive Engineering Degree

  1. High school graduates who want to pursue a degree in automotive engineering are typically required to have a strong foundation in physics, math, chemistry, and English.
  2. Get recommendation letters from school teachers and/or employers
  3. Get your official transcripts ready
  4. A minimum GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 is usually required by most universities
  5. GRE scores
  6. Student visa and English language proficiency scores in the case of international students
  7. Getting prior experience and providing proof will be a huge boost in your admission acceptance.
  8. An essay or a statement of purpose (SOP) may also be required

You may also consider taking college preparatory classes that will help prepare you for university engineering coursework and get a head start on building college credits.

Get these requirements ready and others required by your host institution and begin your application. Send in your application early and prepare for an interview or any internal tests if there will be one.

The academic requirements to complete a degree in automotive engineering varies from school to school, meet the requirements set by your school, and graduate at the specified time with your bachelor’s or master’s degree.

automotive engineering degree

10 Best Automotive Engineering Degree Programs

I understand how much of a daunting task it can be to search for the best automotive engineering degree program. We at Study Abroad Nations have made it much easier for you. We have scoured the web for the best automotive engineering degree programs and brought them under one umbrella.

All that is left to do is for you to carefully read through each of the programs and select the ones that meet your academic demands and interest. To make it much easier, specific links to each of the programs have been provided, all you need to do is follow the link of any of the programs that suits you best and learn more about specific program offerings and admission requirements. From there you can begin your application to the program.

Without any further ado, the automotive engineering degree programs are:

1.     Master of Engineering in Automotive Engineering – The University of Michigan

This MEng in automotive engineering at the University of Michigan is ranked the No. 1 automotive engineering degree program. The program has an on-campus and an online option allowing students to choose a learning option that works best for them. The program curriculum focuses on advanced tech powertrain design and control, self-driving cars, hybrid electric vehicles, battery systems, etc.

Interested applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related field, a minimum of two years of college engineering math and science, a minimum of 18 months prior experience, and undergraduate coursework in at least three core areas of automotive engineering.

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2.     BSc in Mechanical Engineering – Automotive at Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the most globally recognized tech schools in the world and offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on automotive engineering. Students in the automotive engineering degree program are equipped with core essential skills covering various areas of study including humanities and social sciences.

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3.     BS and MS in Automotive Engineering Technology – Minnesota State University, Mankato

You can pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in automotive engineering at Minnesota State University. The automotive engineering degree program is offered through the Department of Automotive and Manufacturing Engineering Technology.

AMET, as the automotive engineering degree program is commonly referred to here, prepares graduates for careers in product research, design and development, manufacturing, automation, and technical sales in the original equipment and aftermarket industries. You can easily find specific degree program requirements in the link below.

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4.     Automotive Engineering Design – Kettering University

At Kettering University, you can pursue a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree with a concentration in Automotive Engineering Design. For those who are passionate about car design, power, and function this is where you can explore and develop your potential to the fullest.

The program is offered by the university’s department of mechanical engineering under the college of engineering. This automotive engineering degree program offers students access to cutting-edge tech and labs to bring their imagination to life.

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5.     Automotive Engineering Technology – Ferris State University

The automotive engineering technology program at Ferris State University is a program designed to prepare students to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills in the development and manufacturing of vehicles and their systems. The automotive engineering degree program here is for undergraduate and graduate students.

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6.     BS in Automotive Engineering Technology – Indiana State University

The College of Technology at Indiana State University houses the department of Automotive Engineering Technology which offers a bachelor of science degree in automotive engineering. The degree combines theory, lab, and practical experiences required for careers in automotive and related industries.

Prospective students are required to contact the Office of Admissions for more information and assistance. The link below will guide you.

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7.     Automotive Technology – Pittsburgh State University

The Department of Automotive Technology at Pittsburgh State University offers prospective students different qualification options in automotive engineering. There’s a certificate program that takes 2 years to complete, a 2-year automotive service technology certificate, an associate degree, a bachelor of applied science, a 4-year bachelor of science, and two minors.

So far, this is the only automotive engineering degree program with a wide array of options. Choose from any of the programs that appeal to you and begin your application.

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8.     Automotive Programs – Pennsylvania College of Technology

There are up to 8 automotive programs at Penn College of Technology that you can choose from. Whether you want to go into management in the automotive industry or are interested in service and sales there is a program for you. The automotive programs are:

  • Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology Management (Online)
  • Associate of Applied Sciences in Automotive Service Sales & Marketing
  • Associate of Applied Sciences in Automotive Technology
  • Associate of Applied Sciences in Automotive Technology Honda PACT
  • Certificate in Automotive Service Technician
  • Aftermarket Performance Specialist Competency Credential
  • Minors

Each of these programs comes with its specific entry requirements, be sure to visit the website to learn more about these requirements

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9.     BSc in Automotive Technology – Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

SIU, Carbondale offers one of the best automotive engineering degree programs in the country. Its Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology is one of the automotive engineering degree programs with national and international recognition. Students in this program are provided with hands-on application of knowledge through a combination of automotive courses, business & management courses, and computing courses.

If you want to earn a bachelor of science in automotive engineering, you may want to consider applying for the program at SIU.

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10.  Automotive Technology – Idaho State University

There are also various automotive engineering degree options to pursue here. There’s a 2-year associate of applied science in automotive technology, automotive technology advanced technical certificate (2 years), and a bachelor’s or applied science that takes 4 years or more to complete.

Only 20 students are admitted into each of these programs annually and applicants are required to possess a driver’s license to be considered for admission.

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These are the best automotive engineering degree. Click on the respective links to apply for your respective program and get into the field of automotive technology.

Best Schools for Automotive Engineering

Here are the best schools for automotive engineering:

1.     Stanford University

Stanford University is nationally and globally recognized as the best university in the world. Its academic offering and research are second to none. Pursuing an automotive engineering degree at Stanford will set you up for a successful career after school. You will work alongside professionals and industry experts gaining firsthand practical and entrepreneurial knowledge from the best in the industry.

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2.     The University of South Wales

The University of South Wales is one of the best schools in the UK for automotive engineering. The school offers a BEng (Hons) in automotive engineering degree providing you with the knowledge and skills to build a successful career in the industry.

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3.     Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is one of the best schools for an automotive engineering degree program. It is also among the top technological schools in China. The Chinese are known for their technological prowess and this school is a huge contributor to that. The university has a full department dedicated to the study of automotive engineering.

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4.     Weber State University

Weber State University is one of the best schools for automotive engineering. You can pursue either a bachelor of science or an associate of applied science in automotive technology at this university. It has a full department dedicated to the field and they are partners with top car brands like Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chrysler Motors, and General Motors where students are trained with cutting-edge tech.

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5.     The University of Michigan

The University of Michigan is one of the best schools for automotive engineering ranked No. 1 in the US. The school offers a master’s of engineering in automotive engineering, a sequential undergraduate/graduate study that allows undergraduates to speed up their progress, and an accelerated master’s degree program.

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Prospective students who want to pursue a degree in automotive engineering now have many options to choose from.

Automotive Engineering Degree – FAQs

What is an automotive engineering salary?

The average salary of an automotive engineer is $81,000.

Where is the best place to study automotive engineering?

The University of Michigan is the best place to study automotive engineering

How many years does it take to become an automotive engineer?

It takes four years to complete a bachelor’s degree in automotive engineering and become an automotive engineer. There is also a 2-year associate of applied science degree in automotive engineering.