12 Best Engineering Schools In The World With Scholarships

This article provides concrete information on the best engineering schools in the world and the scholarships they offer to students.

Engineering is one of the deep roots of science, having contributed and still contributing immensely to the world there is no part of the world that engineering has not affected, it is one of the major foundations the world is built on.

The exploration of engineering has made it sprout other very important branches like, chemical engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, aerospace engineering and many other disciplines which have contributed to shaping mankind and the world as a whole.

These disciplines are still being explored further thus still contributing to the world and they are studied in various institutions for interested individuals to gain adequate knowledge of any branch of engineering and partake in contributing to the society.

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Engineering As A Discipline

Engineering is one of the major disciplines guiding man into the future thus almost all institutions in the globe offer engineering and its related disciplines but there are some schools that surpasses others in the engineering aspect.

These schools have worked hard to gain the current recognition they possess today, they have also made major contributions in taking engineering forward through this act and many others have made these schools gain global recognition and have come to be known as the best engineering schools in the world.

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These best engineering schools have aided the world immensely and it didn’t end there, these schools also aid her students, domestic and international, by offering them scholarship awards to assist their engineering career.

Below is a list of the best engineering universities in the world along with their scholarships information.

12 Best Engineering Schools In The World With Scholarships

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • Stanford University
  • The University of Cambridge
  • ETH Zurich
  • The University of California
  • The University of Oxford
  • The Imperial College
  • Nanyang Technological Institute
  • Tsinghua University
  • The National University of Singapore
  • Georgia Institute of Technology
  • EPFL Lausanne

#1     Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT is ranked the number one best engineering school in the world, with its contribution to offering standard, quality education in science and technology including major global contributions. MIT is driven with the purpose of making the world better through innovation, research and education.

MIT offers a need-based scholarship to undergraduate students who are sponsored by MIT alumni and friends, and MIT general funds. 59% of MIT undergraduates receive scholarships annually to aid them in their education.

#2     Stanford University

Founded in 1885 and has since been established as a place for learning, innovation, discovery, expression and discourse, Stanford is ranked the second-best engineering school in the world providing students with the adequate skills and knowledge to make them full-fledged engineers.

With the motive of supporting students and making them partake in this world-class education, Stanford University provides annual scholarship aid which is available to both international and domestic undergraduate and graduate students.

The undergraduate scholarship is based on need while the graduate scholarship is based on available funds and the student’s outstanding performance. About 80% of students receive scholarships annually.

#3     University of Cambridge

This is yet another popular school with global recognition which I’m sure you’re surprised is one of the best engineering schools in the world. Cambridge University was established in 1209, making it one of the oldest universities in the world, and has since been filling students with excellent academic satisfaction through education, research and learning at the highest international levels.

The University of Cambridge offers scholarship awards to undergraduate students on need-based so that they can get the education they deserve and become full-fledged graduates of the society. The scholarships are for both domestic and international students at the undergraduate level.

#4     ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Established in 1854 and located in Zurich, Switzerland, ETH Zurich is a public research university dedicated to educating engineers and scientists and has prospered so well in that aspect for it to be listed here as one of the best engineering schools in the world. Its recognition in these ranks is also known globally, given her contribution to the world since its establishment.

The contributions made by ETH Zurich have made a positive impact on the world and even affects individuals who wish to study there through its generous scholarships program. The scholarships are based on need and are available to both international and domestic students to apply for. Students who wish to pursue a Master’s degree are also awarded scholarships based on their academic performance.

#5     University of California, Berkeley (UCB)

As a public research university with a mission of advancing every generation to the greater good, UCB holds prestige in the engineering space and the world as a whole due to its enormous contribution in science and this among many reasons is why it is renowned as one of the best engineering schools in the world.

UCB drives students to excellence and equips them with the adequate skills needed to become a renowned engineering student no matter the field you take up.

To make every interested student be a part of her world-class education, UCB provides various scholarship programs to help with student’s educational costs. The scholarships are available to both international and domestic students for application.

#6     University of Oxford

Oxford is one of the world’s leading universities and because of its excellence in the engineering field, it is ranked as one of the best engineering schools in the world. Oxford is where to hone and develop your engineering potentials, shape it and equip you with the right specs to succeed in the engineering space.

As a means of showing extra support to her students, Oxford University offers a series of scholarship programs available for application to international and domestic students with outstanding academic performance. The scholarships may be partially or fully-funded but still helps to support your education financially.

#7     Imperial College London

Founded in 1845 and with a mission to benefit society through quality education provision and global contribution in science, engineering and medicine this mission hasn’t wavered since the establishment of the Imperial College of London and that made it rank as one of the best engineering universities in the world.

Her contributions to the world didn’t end there, it goes on to offer various scholarship awards and other financial aid to help students fund their education and be a part of the Imperial College’s excellent education. The scholarships are available to undergraduate and postgraduate students from all corners of the earth to apply.

#8     Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

NTU is a research-intensive university which was established in 1981, located in Singapore and known to be the second-largest university in Singapore. NTU’s contribution to the engineering space and in providing excellent education gave it enough space in the ranks of the best engineering schools in the world.

Nanyang provides generous scholarships award to undergraduate (freshmen & current students) and graduate students from any part of the world who have shown outstanding academic excellence, to help students finance their education so they too can become renowned engineers and offer their contributions to the society and the world as a whole.

#9     Tsinghua University

Established in 1911 and located in Beijing, China, Tsinghua is a major research university that has since been making contributions to the science world. The engineering education here is top-notch with state-of-the-art facilities for students to bring classroom theory to practice and gain skills and experience from renowned engineering professors.

Tsinghua University has received a series of major global recognitions over the years putting it amongst the best engineering schools in the world. To enjoy students in her excellent education, Tsinghua provides fully and partially-funded scholarships to international and domestic students on any level of study.

#10     National University of Singapore (NUS)

This is the oldest school in Singapore, established in 1905 and has since been delivering academic excellence, especially in the science and engineering discipline. With the mission to educate, inspire and transform, NUS has not wavered one bit in transforming the potentials of students into successful careers.

Sitting as one of the best engineering schools in the world, NUS feels for students who cannot afford the school cost and has replied to that by providing series of generous scholarship offers to aid students to get the quality engineering education they deserve at NUS.

The scholarship programs are applicable for freshmen and undergraduate students of NUS from any part of the world that has an outstanding academic performance.

#11     Georgia Institute of Technology

Commonly known as Georgia Tech, was established in 1885 and has since been offering wide varieties of technological degrees thus contributing to the scientific space and the engineering world as a whole. Globally recognized as one of the best engineering schools in the world, Georgia Tech is the place for you to develop your engineering potentials to your satisfaction.

Dozens of scholarship opportunities are offered annually by Georgia Tech to international and domestic students based on academic excellence or financial needs so that everyone can be a part of its excellent education without having to worry about funding.

#12     EPFL Lausanne – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Located in Lausanne, Switzerland and established in 1853, EPFL is a research-intensive institute that specializes in natural sciences and engineering. Achieve your engineering goals to the fullest at this institution which through academic excellence and major engineering contributions have made it one of the best engineering schools in the world.

EPFL offers quality top-notch education and not everyone can bear the financial costs, to present a solution to this issue EPFL provides generous scholarship awards to her interested students from Switzerland and beyond so that everyone can get an affordable yet excellent education.


This brings an end to the 12 best engineering schools in the world along with their scholarship details. The information is provided accordingly, the rest is now up to you, decide on the school of your choice and always remember to make further contact concerning your preferred school.

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Talking to the admissions manager will be the next step to obtaining even more information since all of the general details are contained in this article.


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