Canada Student Visa Rules | Processing Time and Requirements

Want to study in Canada? Here are the Canada student visa rules and requirements you need to know alongside the visa processing time, and other procedures for obtaining a Canadian student Visa.

International students who want to study in Canada, either through scholarship or self-finance, must need a Canada student visa no matter the nationality. This article will show international students the rules and requirements to obtain a Canada student visa irrespective of your nationality.

Canada is one of the best schooling countries in the world, with the best research facilities and conducive student environment, scholars from all over the world troop in to bask in its wonderful delight of culture and intelligence impacted through academic institutions.

Canada student visa processing time

Canada student visa processing time takes 4 to 9 weeks to complete. In some cases and conditions, it can even take longer. So it is best you apply for it immediately you get your offer letter from a Canadian institution.

You should know that the Canada visa stamping processing time is still within the 4 to 9 weeks visa processing time.

For example, the canada student visa processing time for an applicant from Nigeria is about 7 weeks. T confirm how long it will take to process the Canadian student visa in your country, you can visit the official Canadian student visa processing page.

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If your searching for Canadian student visa rules, it simply means you have either gotten admission to a Canadian university, or you are about to and you wont to learn about visa application upfront. This is because you usually are not able to apply for a Canadian student visa unless with a proof of admission from a Canadian university.

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Truth is, whether you gained scholarship or some other kind of financial aid to study in Canada or you want to finance your education yourself, as long as you are not a Canadian citizen you will need a student visa to begin your education in Canada.

What is a student visa?

A student visa is a document obtained in your country which authorizes your stay in another country for education purposes. In this case, a Canadian student visa allows you to be in Canada to study for a given amount of years which will be specified in the document.

When preparing your admission documents the student visa is one of the most vital things include because without it you won’t be given entry into Canada and yes, it can be gotten in your country and I will show you how to accomplish that.


Canada Student Visa Rules and Requirements

  1. That you must have been accepted by a designated learning institute in Canada
  2. You must provide proof of financial records to show that you possess the financial capabilities to handle your tuition fees and living expenses
  3. You have to produce a certificate from the police that you have zero criminal record
  4. You must be in good health and to prove this you will provide a medical certificate or record.

After you have personally looked through the Canada student visa rules which are the criteria for student visa application and you are eligible, you can go ahead to start application for your student visa.

You need to prepare the following documents which will be asked of you to present in the process of applying for the visa.

Apply for the Canada student visa after you get an acceptance letter from the college or university and it is advised that you start the visa application fast. The documents you will need for applying are;

Canada Student Visa Requirements

1. Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution
This is the letter given to you by your preferred school showing that you have been admitted to study at the university or college.

2. Proof of Funds
You have to provide your present financial record to show that you can be able to handle your tuition fees and your living expenses without complications.

3. Passport Size Photographs
You will provide two clear and recent passport size photograph if you are applying in person but if you are applying for the student Canada visa online you will need to provide a clear digital copy of the photograph not more than 4MB. It is required that you do not wear a headgear, plain background and keep a neutral facial expression.

4. Immigration Medical Examination
The Canadian immigration requires students from all nationalities to go through a necessary immigration medical examination which may consist of chest x-rays and laboratory tests. After completing these tests the doctor validates and sends them to CIC.

5. Statement of Purpose
This is an essay that will be written by you stating why you want to go study in Canada and your preferred institution.

6. Language Proficiency Examination Result
This Canada student visa requirement is meant for international students who are not from an English speaking country.

If you are not applying from an English speaking country, then you must take the language proficiency test and submit the result. You may take IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT or SAT. You can also read our guide on how you can be admitted into a Canadian university without IELTS.

7. Provide an original, clear and valid means of identification and your full contact details to reach you in case of passing information to you.

8. Other Documents
In some cases, probably during the interview, the interviewer may like to see your academic status so you will provide them with transcripts, degrees, diplomas or certificates from your previous schools.

This canadian student visa requirements are basically for international students as you do not need them if you are a domestic Canadian student.

If you have passed the eligibility criteria and have all of these documents in your possession you can now proceed to the final and most important step, application.’

The application steps listed below are part of the Canadian student visa rules that you need to follow to obtain a student visa.

How To Apply For Canadian Student Visa

  • Start your application early, immediately you receive your acceptance letter from your university or college
  • You can apply online or in person, if online then you have to make a digital copy of all your documents and upload them on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website
  • You will need to pay the necessary application processing fees or you take a look at a list of schools in Canada without application fees.
  • Submit your documents, pay the service charge. You will be given a receipt which has your special tracking number so you can be able to track your application status online.

Before you begin applying for the Canada student visa, you should know these rules.

You must have chosen a school, applied for admission and accepted by the school then you can begin visa application.

These Canadian student visa rules and application guidelines stated here are just all you need to guide you on visa application.

Whether you are going to study in Canada through scholarship or other financial aid or self-funded, this article is for you because you will need a student visa to be able to get into Canada to begin your studies.