25 Weird College Degrees You’ve Never Heard Before

Let’s start by saying, it’s strange to be reading this article, I mean, you’re trying to see some weird college degrees (that’s strange on its own). Anyway, you better get ready for surprises, because you’ll get a lot of them.

Though these degrees may be bizarre, you won’t believe it if I tell you that some of them pay better than our usual, “normal degrees”. Take, for instance, ethical hacking, their median salary is $168,948 and they can go as long as earning $786,676 in a year, according to comparably.com.

Please tell me, how many normal professionals earn this amount of money? You see, weird in this essence doesn’t mean “bad,” but it could mean “unique, different, outstanding, unknown…”

So I encourage you not to “Shush” these degrees, but to consider them as a way to do something many people are not thinking about, and still make more money than them.

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weird college degrees 

Weird College Degrees

1. Memeology ????

Sounds weird right? Well, that’s what you came to see, and thanks to social media, and the internet, some people are using things as simple as Meme creation to put food on their table. You’ve not even heard the good part, you can record a salary of $80,000 per year as a chief meme officer, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time becoming a meme lord.

You can become a meme creator for businesses (this set of people pays the most).

In fact, you can even learn it for free at meme university, and there are other Universities like Brown University, that also teach it as a short course.

2. Floral Management ????

You might think running a flower business is as simple as “getting lots of varieties of flowers and selling them to customers,” but it’s not as easy as gardening programs. It requires a nice understanding of marketing, buying the right ones, understanding these flowers, and selling them.

The design also comes in, and there’s no other school to learn this degree better than Mississippi State University.

3. Puppet Arts 

Puppet arts is not like other art schools in the world, as time passes, we’re no longer interested in artistry performances like puppetry, that’s why it is one of our weird college degrees list. Nevertheless, people still study it, and great innovations are pouring into this art to make it more lively.

And that is what UCONN will help you realize in their BFA Puppet Arts.

4. Citrus Science ????

In the United States alone, the Citrus industry is worth $3.33 billion, and in 2021, there was more than 44,000 job employment (more than 17% growth) in 2021, in Brazil. So you see, those involved in this industry understand the gem they are getting themselves into.

Florida Southern College, is the only college that offers a Program In Citrus and Horticultural Science.

5. Mortuary Science ⚰️

This is one of the weird college degrees that even shocked me, but here are some things interesting about this program. First of all, mortuary science is the scientific, professional study of dead bodies.

In addition, not everyone goes for this program, which gives you the opportunity for a job opening. Also, you don’t have to learn so much to graduate from this strange degree.

Finally, as a starting salary, you’re paid an average of $55,000, and as time goes on, you earn more than 100k. University of Minnesota is one of the best schools to learn this degree.

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6. Horology ⏲️

First of all, if you don’t know what Horology is, it means the study of measurement of time. So you see how weird this degree is, you might wonder, or ask, “why would someone choose to spend his time studying time.”

If you think you understand the science behind wrist watches and clocks, then you will be shocked by what you’ll discover with a BA in Horology at Birmingham City University. This course is just one of its kind with promising employment after graduation.

7. Ethical Hacking ????‍????

You might wonder “how could hacking ever be ethical?” This is one of the weird degrees that some people are missing out on. I said that because lots of big companies, including the government, are seeking for hackers to protect them from cyber theft.

There are so many hackers out there that want to steal from these organizations, so they also need hackers to prevent, fight, and stop this action. Abertay University offers a Bachelor of Science Program in Ethical Hacking.

8. Packaging Science ????

Everyday companies are looking for ways to package their product to look delicious to their customers, the way Apple, Coke, Amazon, HP, and Mercedes used to package their products decades ago is not the way they are packaging now. Packaging is a broader industry than people realize, you’ll learn about designing, engineering, business and so many other things with a BS in Packaging Science from Clemson University.

9. Digital Currency ????

Who hasn’t heard of blockchain? Ok, maybe not everyone, but who hasn’t heard of cryptocurrency? Even some kids have heard of it even though they don’t know what it is. But so many people don’t know that there is a degree in Digital Currency.

Well, I won’t blame you because it is the first of its kind, offered by the University of Nicosia. It’s a Master’s Degree Program in Blockchain and Digital Currency, and 1,100 students have already enrolled in it since 2014.

They also have free courses in Blockchain and Crypto, so don’t be a stranger to this courses.

10. Social Media ????

The dominance of Social Media is alarming, who is not on social media? Ok, maybe newborn babies.

Every single day, social media is causing an impact on billions of people, some students are using social media for college education, and lots of money is also involved in this impact. The University of Florida is one of the best schools to study this degree because they offer a 36-credit-hour master’s degree in social media, and it’s totally an online class.

11. Bicycle Design ????

This is one of those weird college degrees that only a few people think of, and Minnesota College is the first to introduce this degree. I know there are some basic bicycle repairs almost all cyclists should know, but their knowledge ends at some point.

But, a bicycle mechanic will go to any length to work on it, also they can be involved in designing and production of new bicycles.

12. Auctioneering ⚖️

In most places, you need to be a licensed auctioneer before you can run the auction business. Because it is not just about making people pay for the right painting, car, home, etc.

There is strong marketing behind it, you also need to be an orator, understand the art of accessing something, and also some aspects of law. Reading Area Community College (RACC) offers an Auctioneering degree.

13. Viticulture and Enology ????

The number of people that are employed in the wine industry keeps on rising and the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics reported that employment in this field exceeded 64,000 in 2017 (153% increase). You see, though weird, it is a big industry waiting for people to take advantage.

In addition, students mostly enroll in UCDAVIS for their BS in Viticulture and Enology. This degree is not just weird, but you have the opportunity to always take wine.

14. Poultry Science ????

Who doesn’t like chicken? But who knows that there is a weird degree in Poultry? In the United States alone, the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics said that there were 240,255 workers in poultry processing, imagine what the statistics will look like in the whole world.

A degree in Poultry won’t only help you understand birds, but you’ll also understand the business behind these creatures, and how to sustain them. It even cuts across some areas in agriculture, biology, and health science, that’s what University of Georgia will be teaching you. 

They offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees in poultry science.

15. Pain Medicine ????

Pain is now seen as a sickness that needs to be carefully treated, and University of MaryLand is one of the colleges that offer this degree. The school helps their students to provide the best comprehensive service to reduce pain, through the introduction of:

  • Opioids
  • Adjunctive medications
  • Interventional therapies 
  • Psychological support
  • Physical therapy

16. Contemporary Circus with Physical Performance ????

In a world full of depression, and anxiety, there should be a time when we gather around and “laugh out our life,” and enjoy some moments with our spouse, kids, or friends. And, contemporary circus helps to produce this moment, through their diverse stage or street performance like clowns, acrobats, tightrope walking, hooping, etc.

Bath Spa University offers a 1-year BA degree in this program.

17. Recreation and Leisure Studies ????‍♂️

This is one of the weird college degrees that you can work in so many fields after graduation such as;

  • Fitness Manager
  • Coach
  • Park Manager
  • Leisure Education
  • Sports
  • Wilderness trip leader

And so many more. Lots of people troop down to different places, for tourism just to enjoy some moments, and that makes this field a billion-dollar industry, with lots of employment. 

This degree will teach you how to improve people’s lives by developing a healthy community and Centennial College will help you to learn this degree with the in-demand need of our world.

18. Turf and Golf Course Management ⛳

The pattern of the Golf Course is amazing, it requires a lot of understanding of plant science and plant biology, to be involved in this weird college degree. You also have to learn about turfgrass, sports turf, commercial turfgrass, and parkland turfgrass.

There are also well-paying career opportunities in this degree, and it is best offered by University of Maryland.

19. Bakery Science ????

Yes, there are bakery schools out there that don’t take time to complete, but do you know about a weird 4-year Bachelor of Science degree in bakery Science? Kansas State University is the only college in the United States that provides this degree.

And the interesting thing is that after graduation there is 100% job employment, and they are paid an average of $60,000 as their starting salary.

20. Ecogastronomy ????

Ecogastronomy has to do with the reduction of the effect of food production and consumption on the environment, and it’s a new degree in the food world. This degree connects three important fields, which are: sustainable agriculture, hospitality management, and nutrition.

University of New Hampshire was the first University to offer this degree and they have since been excellent in providing adequate education to their students. After this degree, you’ll be able to work as a chef, dietary technician, farm manager, food and beverage manager, nutritionist, etc.

21. Strategic Storytelling ????️

Who doesn’t love listening to a well-told story? Whether you’re watching it in movies, your religious leader uses stories to keep you awake, or you’re enticed by promotion from TV ads.

Storytelling is sweet, and so are the demand and the pay.

In fact, the need for storytellers is rising because people are now more skeptical, and harder to convince whether through an advert, or movies. That’s why Columbia University School of Art offers one of the best storytelling degrees.

22. Hand Embroidery 

This is one of those weird college degrees that some people can’t believe have a BA. The Royal School of Needlework will be the best school to take you on this journey because they will be using our present approach to tackle this traditional skill.

The program is a 3-year course, and you’ll be having lots of projects, and collaboration with the industry, and in your second year, you’ll be able to take on a live project. You’ll be working with those in the fashion company, those in the art galleries, and interiors.

23. Toy Design ????

Toys keep on improving year by year, so children will always demand toys, and parents always want to buy the best of them for their kids. So this multi-billion dollar industry (I’m talking about 97.2 billion), and more than 623,000 jobs, is promised to continue growing.

Companies are looking for ways to outsmart their competitors with the best design, and Otis College is the only school offering a 4-year BFA in toy design in the World. You’ll be having professionals that are already note-worthy in the design of toys for different companies.

24. Costume Technology ????

I know we know about fashion school and other related fields, but hardly do we know that someone can study a 4-year degree in costume technology. It could be weird but here are some interesting things students offering this degree will be learning; Sewing, Fabric Dyeing, Patterning, Makeup, etc. 

The Theatre School at DePaul University, will be taking you on this 4-year degree journey.

25. Master of Science in Foresight ????

This wired college degree is offered by University of Houston, and it is the study of predicting important changes in the future. You can complete the course within a year for full-time students, or 3-5 years, I’d you choose to take the course part-time.


You’ve seen how weird these degrees are, and you probably haven’t heard of some of them. And the ones you’ve heard, you probably never knew they were taught for a long time, as a bachelor’s or master’s degree. 

I believe you also noticed that most of them, though weird, have a nice salary, and the job employment is high.

Now, it’s your turn to tell me which degree sounds the weirdest, is it the memeology, the ethical hacking, or any other crazy one? Either way, comment your thoughts in the comment box.

Weird College Degrees – FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”What is the weirdest college degree?” answer-0=”To me, the weirdest is Bakery Science, because no one can imagine spending 4 years learning to bake, and also it has a 100% employment rate.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”What are the weird master’s degrees available?” answer-1=”There are so many weird master’s degrees such as; Master’s in digital currency, Master’s in Social media, Master’s in Foresight, Masters in Packaging Science, Master’s in Poultry Science” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”What can I do with a weird college degree?” answer-2=”Even though they are weird, there are tonnes of employment opportunities from these degrees, and their salaries are also cool.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”What are the dumbest college majors ever?” answer-3=”Here are some college majors that are not so necessary: Fashion design, Music Ethnic Studies, Travel and Tourism, Child and Family Studies.” image-3=”” count=”7″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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