15 Best Law Schools in UK

Studying in one of these law schools in UK could be a dream come true for most of us because they come with lots of offers on the table. To mention a few, you have an amazing starting salary in your job, you will still easily get a job offer, and you will be taught by the best in the game.

The United Kingdom is good – perhaps excellent – in so many things, whether it is in issuing MBA Scholarships, or in providing amazing law degrees, they are just there to lead. But, have you heard of the saying that, “the best things in life are the hardest to get?” That couldn’t be less true in this situation.

It applies to getting admitted to one of these law schools in the United Kingdom, but if you only know how to apply for colleges in the UK, you’re a step ahead. The acceptance rate in most of these law schools is very low, in fact, some are as low as 5%, which means, out of 100 applicantd they would only accept 5 people.

But you’ll never regret it when you’re admitted to their college.

Cost of law school in UK

The cost of studying law in the United Kingdom differs based on residence, and the programme you intend to pursue. But, the average cost of studying law in the UK is £9,250 for resident students and £21,650 for International students.

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Requirements for Law Schools in UK

Here are the general entry requirements these law schools will ask you, for a bachelor’s degree;

  • Completion of high school, and Submission of a transcript from your school
  • A Level: A*AA (at least 2 A-Levels)
  • At least 32 points in your International Baccalaureate
  • You’ll need to submit a Proof of English proficiency test result if you’re from a country that doesn’t have the English Language as their first language.

For Master’s Degree

  • LLB (Bachelor of Law) official transcript from an accredited university.
  • Other transcripts from any master’s degree offered in an accredited university.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Submission of English proficiency test result if you’re from a country that doesn’t have English as their first language.

These are the general entrance requirements you’ll need in these law schools in the UK, but there could be more from each school.

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law schools in UK

Law Schools in UK

1. University of Oxford – Faculty of Law

Average Acceptance Rate: 5%

Average tuition fee: £23,505

The University of Oxford doesn’t need much description, because its quality speaks for them, they are excellent in almost everything, including law. That’s why QS World University Rankings awarded them the 2nd best Law School in the World and the Best Law School in the United Kingdom.

They offer 4 BA programs in Law, which are:

  • BA in Jurisprudence
  • BA in Law with Law Studies in Europe
  • BA in Jurisprudence with Senior Status
  • Diploma in Legal Studies

And 10 postgraduate degrees in Law, which include;

  • Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL)
  • Magister Juris (MJur)
  • MSc in Law and Finance
  • MPhil in Law
  • DPhil in Criminology
  • DPhil in Law
  • DPhil in Socio-Legal Studies
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law and Practice
  • MSc in Taxation (Part-Time)
  • Master’s in International Human Rights Law

They also perform lots of law-related research in their Doctorate Degree, and their faculty of law has one of the biggest cohorts of law research students.

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2. University of Cambridge – Law Faculty

Average Acceptance Rate: 16%

Average tuition fee: £9,250

The University of Cambridge also doesn’t need much announcement, they are good at what they do, they are the 3rd best Law School in the World and 2nd Best Law School in the UK. They are not just ranked, top, for no reason, they have a very flexible education, they offer subjects that are currently in Law, that the world is using.

You will see law in this school as it relates to individuals, schools, the state, and other parts of the world, you also get to start understanding the implication of law in our environment, “why does law even matter?” There’s never a boring class in this college.

The professors at Cambridge help their Undergraduate students to inspect laws, to understand and ask questions about where a particular law came from, you will start studying to understand if a law needs to be changed. They also offer a Master of Law (LLM) Programme and Master in Corporate Law (MCL) which you can complete within 9 months.

You can even further your studies, with over 100 other postgraduate students, in a 2 or 3-year postgraduate research.

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3. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

Average Acceptance Rate: 29%

Average tuition fee: £18,024 (Resident) £27,984 (Non-resident)

This is one of the law schools in the UK that is prolific in quality teaching and legal research, they are the 7th Best Law School in the World and the 3rd Best in the UK according to QS World. Their Bachelor of Law (LLB) has one of the highest foreign Students in the world, with more than 60% International students.

Their LLB is a 3-year degree, and you can choose a double degree programme in your second year of study at LSE, or maintain your regular degree. They also have their Master of Laws (LLM), Executive LLM, and PhD research.

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4. UCL Faculty of Laws

Average Acceptance Rate: 20%

Average tuition fee: £9,000 (Domestic Students) £14,000 (International students) 

UCL is one of the best law schools in UK when it comes to the student experience, high-quality education, and legal research. Speaking of research, UCL has 16 research centres for their law students, graduates and postgraduates.

In their LLB programme, you are guaranteed lots of opportunities even after graduation, the school is in the centre of legal London, which makes it easier for you to learn more about the legal system. When the court is just in your neighbourhood, of course, you would visit there regularly to see things for yourself.

UCL offers few students per class system, which enables you to speak, and collaborate with your faculty.

Their LLM takes 10 months to complete, and within this short period, you will grow to become an expert in your specialized subject. You can also decide to do your MPhil/PhD at UCL, and be assured that you will carry out some of the best research with amazing supervisors.

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5. Durham Law School

Average Acceptance Rate: 41%

Average tuition fee: £9250

Durham University has staff that don’t just teach but are also involved in the legal research world, where some of their discoveries have been impactful in the UK and the World. They have graduated amazing students that have gone ahead to become members of the UK Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, and Members of Parliament and in Government.

Their LLB is flexible and can take 3 years to complete. In their LLM, you can focus on one of their 4 Programmes which are;

  • International Trade and Commercial Law
  • Corporate Law
  • International Law and Governance
  • European Trade and Commercial Law

They also select their best students in LLM each to receive awards.

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6. Queen Mary University of London – School of Law

Average Acceptance Rate: 44%

Average tuition fee: Home fees (£9,250) Overseas fees (£23,650)

This school offers an accelerated program in Law, it is meant for students that already have a degree in another discipline, but want to consider adding a legal career to their portfolio. Also, this programme is for those that have a law degree outside the United Kingdom.

Their bachelor’s program also has a 3-year:

  • LLB Law
  • LLB Law and Politics
  • Law with Business

and 4-year:

  • Global Law
  • English and European Law.

Whereas their postgraduate Programmes are enormous, you can decide to specialize in any of their core courses.

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7. The Dickson Poon School of Law

Average Acceptance Rate: 47%

Average tuition fee: £9,250 (Resident Students) £25,950 (International students)

This UK’s law school is addicted to providing solutions to legal critical problems through their research institute. Their research has helped to improve the legislative, and some legal principles, it has also helped to shape some government laws.

They also have a free legal clinic, where they give free legal advice to make sure that justice is served by any means. In this legal clinic, their students work under the supervision of a professional lawyer, these students will see how clients are interviewed, and how they analyze legal problems.

Furthermore, the school offers some core LLB courses such as;

  • Law LLB
  • Politics Philosophy and LLB
  • English Law & French Law LLB and Maitrise en droit (the French equivalent of LLB)

And many more, once you’re admitted, you can choose from other elective courses. Also, they offer some postgraduate courses, research programmes and a short course in digital law. 

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8. University of Bristol Law School

Average Acceptance Rate: 67.3%

Average tuition fee: £9,250

This is one of the law schools in the UK that offer both single and joint Undergraduate degrees in Law. They made their programmes in a way that you can tailor your studies to what you want to do, to what you want to pursue in your career.

The school provide so much support from law firms, which will help you to learn from great professionals. They also have a Law Clinic, law clubs, and so many other societies, and you can meet great minds from different countries.

Further, they offer both 1-year and 2-year Master of Law (LLM) programs, where you will have so many specializations to select from. They also offer research programs, and they are the 3rd best legal research school in the UK.

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9. The University of Manchester – Law

Average Acceptance Rate: 56%

Average tuition fee: £9,250 (Resident Students) £21,500 (International students)

This school helps to make sure you’re relevant to the world, especially when you leave the four walls of their university. They offer both law and healthcare ethics degrees.

The University of Manchester is not just interested in teaching you, they also want to make sure that they make an impact on the legal system of the world, through you. They offer 4 LLB programs, which are;

  • Law LLB
  • Law with Politics LLB
  • Law with Criminology LLB
  • Law with International Study LLB

2 Postgraduate research Programmes, which include;

  • Bioethics and Medical Jurisprudence PhD
  • Law PhD

And so many other master’s Programmes.

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10. Edinburgh Law School

Average Acceptance Rate: 45%

Average tuition fee: £9,250 (Resident Students) £23,200 (International students)

Edinburgh Law School makes a lot of difference to the legal system in our world, through their research. They helped to increase the minimum age of being convicted or sent to prison in Scotland, from 8 years to 12 years, which has reduced the number of young people in prison.

They offer different kinds of Programmes, and they are one of the few law schools in the UK that offer online Masters degrees, which helps you to study from wherever you’re in the World. It makes it convenient to attain your desired LLM, and remain loyal to other parts of your life, including your family, and work.

They also offer Undergraduate degrees, LLM On-campus Degrees, Research Degrees, diplomas in Professional Legal Practice, and some other short courses.

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11. School of Law – University of Glasgow

Average Acceptance Rate: 64%

Average tuition fee: £9,030 (Resident Students) £18,350 (International students)

This is one of the law schools in the UK that offer both Scots Law and Common Law in their undergraduate degree programs, they also have the option to combine both LLB and LLM. This gives you the privilege to acquire your undergraduate and graduate degrees just within 3 years.

They also offer a Postgraduate taught programme, diploma in professional legal practice and Postgraduate research opportunities.

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12. University of Exeter

Average Acceptance Rate: 85%

Average tuition fee: £8,400 (Domestic Students) £19,500 (International students)

The University of Exeter are tremendous in both teaching and legal research, and 81% of its law research is internationally excellent. The school offers LLB Law with Business, which blends the studies of law with business.

In addition, they offer a diverse bachelor of Law programs, which include;

  • LLB Honours
  • LLB with Professional Placement
  • LLB English Law and French Law/Master
  • BBL Bachelor of Business and Laws

And many others. They also offer different kinds of Master’s Degrees, and you can choose to further your education through their Postgraduate research programs. 

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13. University of Leeds – School of Law

Average Acceptance Rate: 66%

Average tuition fee: £9,250

Just like most other top law schools in UK, the University of Leeds offer Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s, and postgraduate research programs. Their undergraduate degrees have 5 Programmes, which are;

  • LLB Law
  • LLB Law with French Law
  • LLB Law with German Law
  • LLB Law with Hispanic Law
  • LLB Law (graduate programme)
  • BA Criminal Justice and Criminology

Whereas their master’s degrees have 14 programmes, and their Postgraduate research is 2.

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14. University of Nottingham School of Law 

Average Acceptance Rate: 74%

Average tuition fee: £9,250 (Resident Students) £16,200 (International students)

The University of Nottingham is also amongst the top leaders in law worldwide and the UK, and their 85% legal research is ranked as world-leading or internationally excellent. They have 4 Undergraduate degree courses, which are;

  • Law BA
  • Law LLB
  • Law with French and French Law BA
  • Law with German and German Law BA
  • Law with Spanish and Spanish Law BA

They also offer Postgraduate taught courses, Postgraduate research, and CPD (Continual Professional Development), where you get some other courses including distance learning and short courses.

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15. Birmingham Law School

Average Acceptance Rate: 14%

Average tuition fee: £9,250 (Resident Students) and £20,760 (International students).

Birmingham is one of the leading law schools in the UK, and they are also known for their research work, and help to our world. They also offer different undergraduate courses, master’s degree programs, and distance learning too, for their master’s students.

Further, they have different kinds of legal research they render.

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The United Kingdom is one of the best to study Law, or we could say, it is the second-best place to study law after the United States. 3 of their Law schools are amongst the top 10 in the World.

They are good at teaching, they are good at legal research, and they will never disappoint you in anything called “Law.”

Law Schools in UK – FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h3″ question-0=”Is UK a good place to study law” answer-0=”Yes, the United Kingdom is not just a good place to study law, it is the second-best place to study it.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h3″ question-1=”Is it hard to enter law school in UK” answer-1=”Yes, it is, because most of their acceptance rate is low, so you have to be on your best performance before you will be admitted to their law school” image-1=”” headline-2=”h3″ question-2=”How long is law school in UK?” answer-2=”Their Undergraduate degree is mostly 3 years, whereas their graduate degree is mostly 1 year or a few months, some LLM are still 2 years.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h3″ question-3=”Do law schools in UK accept international students?” answer-3=”Yes, of course, all of the law schools in the United Kingdom accept International Students.” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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