10 Best Law Schools in Europe

Europe is one of the world’s best study locations. One of the interesting things that makes Europe a desirable study location is that education in Europe is highly subsidized through taxes.

There are so many reasons you want to study in Europe. The reason is that many of the world’s best universities are located in Europe.

Another interesting reason you want to study in Europe is that when you study in Europe, you would see the possibility of traveling to other countries. Thanks to a wealth of cheap flight, train and bus connections, and relatively short travel times here.

Interestingly too, students who study in Europe enjoy either no tuition fees or very affordable fees for higher education programs like law.

So in this article, I’ll show you the best law schools in Europe to enroll in now. Meanwhile, before we proceed, here’s the table of content for an overview of what to expect in this article.


Which European country is best for lawyers?

Switzerland is said to be the country that rewards their lawyers the best. A middle level lawyer in Switzerland earns an average annual salary of $260,739 while the lowest salary for a Swiss lawyer is $120,279. A senior level lawyer in Switzerland earns the highest salary of about $414,058 per year.

Requirements to Enter a Law School in Europe

Admission requirements for Bachelor’s in Law

  • High school/Baccalaureate diploma
  • Transcript of records
  • English language test scores
  • CV/Résumé
  • Personal statement

Admission requirements for Master’s in Law

  • Bachelor’s diploma (ideally in Law or a related field, but there are exceptions)
  • GRE General Test (only at some law schools)
  • Transcript of records
  • Previous work experience
  • CV
  • Motivation letter/Interview

Best Law Schools in Europe

Here in this section, you’ll find the best law schools in Europe as Collated by QS ranking and curated by our team. Do take your time to go through.

King’s College London, UK

King’s College London is England’s fourth-oldest university. It is a research-led educational institution that is pioneering several areas of advancement in all parts of the legal program.

With approximately 31,000 students (including over 12,800 postgraduates) from 150 countries and over 8,500 employees. King offers its pupils high-quality instruction and training that is based on the most recent and best practices.

The institution is one of the top seven in the United Kingdom for research earnings, with an annual income of a little over £778 million. Many of the breakthroughs that have shaped modern life have been affected by King’s, such as the discovery of the structure of DNA and the research that led to the invention of the radio, television, mobile phones, and radar.

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Oxford University, United Kingdom

The Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford is one of the largest in the United Kingdom. That’s presumably why it’s regarded as one of the best legal schools in Europe, and why it tops our ranking in this article.

It is a federation of thirty law schools within the University’s colleges. The Faculty consists of legal scholars from colleges and institutions who help manage and support the teaching and writing of 153 academics.

Through its standard framework, this Faculty may support, teach, and assess a diverse and excellent group of students from all across the United Kingdom, as well as from other areas of the world. Because of their excellent programs, their student-to-faculty ratio is roughly 7:1, which is regarded as excellent.

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Leiden University, Netherlands

Leiden Law School is one of Leiden University’s seven faculties. Every year, about 1,000 students opt to study Law, Notarial Law, Tax Law, or Criminology. They receive world-class instruction for each of these programs they select.

With a strong international orientation and roots in the Dutch legal system, this school has prepared many generations of legal professionals for critical positions in a society ruled by the rule of law. They do not confine their study to a single goal, instead of aiming to perform good and original research on all aspects of the law.

They’ve achieved high international rankings as a result of their dedication and hard work. For example, the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE) rates Leiden Law School as number 24 in the T.H.E by subject and number 1 in the Netherlands.

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Cambridge University, United Kingdom

Law has been studied and taught in Cambridge since the thirteenth century when the fundamental disciplines of legal study in all European universities were Civil law (the law of ancient Rome) and Canon law of the Church.

The University Law Society is open to all University members, but especially to law students and those interested in pursuing a legal career. The Society’s major officers are law students, and it provides its members with a wide range of academic and social possibilities.

Students at this university will study programs in a wide range of courses ranging from The BA Tripos undergraduate degree, The Cambridge Master of Law (LLM) degree, The Cambridge Masters Degree in Corporate Law (MCL) degree, and Postgraduate Research (MLitt / Ph.D.) Degree.

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University College London (UCL), UK

UCL Law school is leading a large network of legal scholars. They continue to do important research and contribute a clear voice to global dialogues, informed by a long legacy of philosophical inquiry.

UCL, located in the heart of London, the world’s legal center, attracts a broad international student and faculty body. Because of their efforts, their research has a real-world impact, impacting legal and judicial policy in the UK and around the world.

UCL Law school is routinely recognized as one of the top law schools in the United Kingdom. They have received the highest rating in the last four Research Excellence Framework (REF) assessments, and they rank high in a variety of student surveys and university league tables.

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The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK

The London School of Economics and Law is a global community of students, faculty, and alumni that brings a distinctive international and multidisciplinary perspective to teaching and researching the law.

They remain devoted to creating a vibrant, fair, and really inclusive workplace, which is important to their brand. The law community is one of the largest in the School, and it has played a significant role in policy discussions, policymaking, and the education of lawyers and law teachers around the world.

They have consistently pioneered the study of banking law, taxation law, civil litigation, company law, labor law, family law, aspects of welfare law, and studies of the legal system and the legal profession, and they continue to be the leading thinkers in this field.

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Edinburgh University, United Kingdom

Based in the historic and recently rebuilt Old College in the center of the city, we are a world-leading law school molded over many centuries by our values and beliefs, commitment to excellence, and the passion and achievements of our staff, students, and alumni.

For many years, Edinburgh Law School has been based in the open and multidisciplinary traditions of Scots law. We are a full-service law school that affects civic change both locally and globally.

You can select from a variety of undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, online master’s degrees, and research degrees. Not to mention the diploma in professional legal practice and several short courses.

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Université Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, France

The one-year program “Sorbonne LLM Business Law for Foreign Lawyers” is designed for non-French-speaking foreign students with a Master’s degree or equivalent from a foreign university. As a result, they make our ranking of the finest legal schools in Europe.

Despite the fact that they teach all of their legal courses in English, students will benefit from French language training and will have multiple opportunities to engage with legal practitioners and visiting researchers who have been invited to give presentations in their field of expertise.

Students will also see the most important French legal institutions, including the Senate, the National Assembly, the Cour de cassation, and the Conseil Constitutionnel and the Conseil d’Etat.

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Queen Mary University of London, UK

Since its inception in 1965, the School of Law has grown from 30 students and four academic staff to over 2,000 students and 130 academic staff by 2020. Their continuous growth has earned them a spot on our ranking of the best law schools in Europe.

The School of Law focuses on the function of law and its institutions in contemporary international society, and it is separated into two organizational units: the Department of Law and the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS).

This university has firmly established itself as a center of national and worldwide excellence in legal study and research. In the most recent Research Assessment Exercise (REF 2014), they were ranked ninth in England, with 86 percent of their research activities classified as world-leading (4*, the highest possible grade) or internationally good (3*).

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KU Leuven, Belgium

Leuven is an exciting city with profound historical roots that yet meets the most stringent modern scientific requirements. KU Leuven is one of the world’s oldest universities, having been founded in 1425.

The KU Leuven is a renowned research institution in Europe, with a research budget of €365 million in 2012. Their Faculty of Law boasts around 5,200 students and a diverse program. This Faculty of Law is one of the oldest in the Low Countries and the largest in Belgium, with a long legacy of public service.

Many of its alumni hold key positions in Belgian central and regional government, as well as in the European and international communities in Brussels and elsewhere. The Faculty of Law, like the rest of the university, promotes an international and comparative approach to legal and criminological education.

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Best Law Schools in Europe: FAQs

Here below are some of the most frequently asked questions about best schools in Europe. Take your time to go through here.

Can you study law in Europe?

Yes, you can attend Law School in Europe and graduate with honors.

Are international lawyers in high demand?

As the legal sector globalizes, there will be greater demand for international lawyers with experience in international relations and cross-border transactions.

Which law degree is the best?

The Doctor of Judicial Science (SJD), known as the highest level of a law degree, is a two-year program for lawyers who already have a JD or LLM and want to further their legal education.

What can I become if I study international law?

The practice of international law in an international organization may suggest an advising function or the resolution of disputes.

Are there law schools in Europe taught in English?

Of course. There are a lot of universities in Europe where international students can learn in English.

Can a foreign student attend law school in Europe?

Yes. The doors are open to all. International students can apply to study law in any of these universities.


As a European student looking for a law school to attend, you must conduct thorough research on each university and its programs. While you are free to make your own decision, we can ensure you that you will not find results other than those you have seen here.

In any of these law schools in Europe, you will receive standard education and training in an environment that encourages research and pushes you to make big moves.