10 Best Community Colleges In Canada For International Students

Here is a list of community colleges in canada for international students that have existed for years with cheap tuition fees and are still standing tall. Over 6000 international students are enrolled into community colleges in canada yearly and this statistics shows that more international students are enrolled into these colleges compared with canadian universities.

I hope you know the difference between a university and a college in Canada? These colleges are also sometimes called institutes, institutes of technology, technical colleges, regional colleges, university colleges and in its most simplest form, colleges.

Canadian community colleges are like polytechnics in some countries, they offer 2 year diplomas and 3 year advanced diplomas. These diploma anyway can still be used to work in canada and they are internationally recognized too.

Community colleges are mostly seen as the training place for the ‘workforce’ as the graduates are seen as the qualified holders of canadian major work forces.

There are several community colleges in Canada, they are either publicly or privately funded but they are mostly all for profit institutes.

Some of the very competitive programs in Canadian colleges are normally closed out from international students, they are usually all taken up by Canadian student and so no seat is being reserved for international applicants.

That aside, there are several other programs in these colleges open to international students and at the end of the day, same diploma is being given to every graduate.

Anyway, if you are looking for community colleges in canada for international students you should also be aware that there major requirments expected from every international applicant.

Though there are several of these requirments but I will try to list some of the basic ones among gthem here.
You should also know that different colleges require different application process and requirements but be rest assured that you can apply for all of them online. It is always easy if you follow the given instructions.

Requirements for community colleges in canada for international students

  • High school (secondary school) transcript.
  • High school (secondary school) diploma (if applicable).
  • Post-secondary (college or university) transcript – if applicable.
  • secondary (college or university) degree – if applicable.
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency (if required).
  • Passport.
  • Application fee of CAN$100 (non-refundable) -if required.

If you are from West Africa, need to provide your WAEC certificate alongside with a valid scratch card.

The above are just the basic requirements for application into any community colleges in canada. They requirements vary from course to course and school to school but be sure to meet the few mentioned above everywhere you go.

Below are the canadian community colleges on my list. There was no approved ranking used to draft out these names but most of them were chosen on the ground of the cheap tuition fees obtainable there and their openness to international students.

Community Colleges In Canada For International Students

  • Bow Valley College –Tuition fee: estimated $2,000 to $5000
  • Douglas College –Tuition fee:  $17,400 CAD
  • Georgian College –Tuition fee: $5,500 CAD
  • Red River College –Tuition fee: $8,830 per year.
  • Seneca College -Tuition fee: estimated at $13,000 CAD yearly.
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology –Tuition fee: between $5,550 to $11,000 anually.
  • Herzing College –Tuition fee: Between $4,000 to $5,000 anually.
  • Vanier College –Tuition fee: $4,900 to $7,700 yearly.
  • New Brunswick Community College –Tuition fee: about $6,300 CAD anually.
  • Assiniboine Community College –Tuition fee: $7,052 to $10,520 yearly.


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