13 Cheapest Vocational Courses In Canada For International Students

There are tons of affordable vocational courses in Canada that you can enroll in as an international student. However, not everyone seems to know about it. This article was curated to show you the quality vocational courses you can take as an international student in Canada.

Canada has not ceased to be the choicest destination for international students to study as it leaves them with awesome learning experiences. From the public colleges for international students to the private schools, all provide world-class programs and prepare students adequately.

Now, looking forward to learning a vocational course in a country like Canada is one of the best decisions you can make as you will be taught by professionals, using a standard curriculum, and at the end be awarded a recognized certificate all over the globe.

Apart from vocational courses, Canada also has affordable diploma programs for international students. You can as well enroll in their cheap bible colleges. Without further ado, let us delve in properly to see these various cheapest vocational courses in Canada for international students.

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Cheapest Vocational Courses In Canada For International Students

Below are the affordable vocational courses in Canada you can take as an international student. I will list and explain for you to gain complete insights about them. All you have to do now is to follow me closely and read attentively.

It is important to note that our data is gotten from deep research about the topic from sources like upgradabroad, and individual school websites.

  • Agricultural Science
  • Computer Science And IT
  • Business And Management
  • Healthcare Programs
  • Hospitality And Tourism
  • Horticulture Technology
  • Architectural Technician
  • Industrial Electrician
  • Media And Cinema
  • Creative Arts And Design
  • Education And Training
  • Personal Care And Fitness
  • Engineering

1.      Agricultural Science

Agricultural Science is the first sector on our list where you can acquire vocational programs on as an international student studying in Canada. The sector is a promising one with great potential to change a nation’s economy. It is also done with little or no research.

Studying a vocational course in areas like Horticulture, Crop Technology, or Plant Science in Canada opens you to many opportunities and makes you sought-after personnel. Indeed, the agricultural sector is a fast-rising lucrative field that many are yet to venture into.

2.      Computer Science And IT

Computer Science and IT is another great sector to acquire vocational courses in Canada. It is no longer news that technology is now the order of the day. From data science to blockchain to Artificial Intelligence & robotics to coding, all have come to stay, and have helped man to carry out his duties effectively.

Studying a vocational course on AI, IoT, Data Science, and many others is totally worth it. If you are already working in the IT field, there are still vocational courses you can take to up your game and become more professional in your field.

3.      Business And Management

The Business and Management sector is another field in which you can take vocational courses. There are courses like quality management, human resource management, marketing, finance, transportation and logistics, supply chain management, etc.

Universities in Canada offer most of these vocational courses mentioned above at a very low cost. Learning one or more of these vocational courses equips you with the in-depth skills of running a business.

4.      Healthcare Programs

Canadian universities also offer cheap vocational courses in healthcare sectors to international students. These vocational programs can be taken on physiotherapy, dentistry, nutrition, fitness, public health, and many others.

The importance of healthcare workers cannot be overemphasized, hence, making those who are in the health industry to be in high demand. It is one of the best sectors to take vocational courses on.

5.      Hospitality And Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism is a sector to explore if you are looking to get an affordable vocational course in Canada for international students. You can upskill yourself in diploma courses in tourism management, hospitality operations, and many others.

6.      Horticulture Technology

Horticulture Technology is a vocational course that you can study in the agricultural sector. It is also among the cheap vocational courses you can enroll in while in Canada. This course explores many field trips and data collection.

7.      Architectural Technician

Architectural Technicians collaborate with engineers and architects to put up structural projects and buildings. There are many vocational courses you can acquire in this field to help you become a professional, and the beauty of them is that they are very affordable to study.

8.      Industrial Electrician

Many Canadian universities offer this course mentioned above. The course explores things such as heating systems, wiring, fitting and tubing, fire alarms, conduits and surface wirings, etc.

International students in Canada can acquire take some vocational courses in this field or even register for an apprenticeship.

9.      Media And Cinema

The vocational courses offered by Canadian universities in the field of media and cinema are too numerous. The courses help to train you to become a professional in any field you are in.

You can take vocational courses in programs like photography, advertising, digital media, content management, animation, and many others.

10.  Creative Arts And Design

Looking for a lucrative field in which you can get vocational courses in Canada as an international student? Consider the creative arts and design industry.

Those in the Creative Arts and Design industry are in high demand as many leading companies are investing in the field. Universities in Canada have cheap vocational courses that one can take in the field. There are courses on drama and theatre arts, music, interior design, art administration, fashion, textile design, etc.

11.  Education And Training

Day after day, innovative ways of passing out knowledge more effectively emanate. You could now see things like online learning platforms from which you can learn at your own convenient time and pace.

Canadian universities offer a wide range of affordable vocational training on courses like education management, adult education, career advice, and many others.

12.  Personal Care And Fitness

Personal care and fitness is another sector in which you can get the cheapest vocational courses in Canada for international students. You can get vocational training in courses like beauty therapy, hairdressing, health and fitness, facial treatment, etc.

Training in one of the vocational courses in the personal care and fitness industry by a Canadian university places you on a higher pedestal and opens you up to many opportunities.

13.  Engineering

Engineering is among the sectors in which universities in Canada offer vocational programs to international students at an affordable price. You can take diploma programs on courses like environmental engineering, oil and gas exploration, structural engineering, biomedical engineering, and many others.

It is also important to note that the vocational courses in these programs listed above are very affordable.


Getting trained in a vocational course in any field by a Canadian university gives you a broader knowledge of the field, and distinguishes you from the rest of those in your industry.

These vocational courses mentioned above are among the cheapest ones in Canada you can get in Canada as an international student.

I wish you the best of luck as you make good use of the information provided.