10 Best Summer Jobs for College Students

Passing through college, I looked for several ways of making extra bucks without being distracted. I took out some time to surf the web for such opportunities. This article has been written to show you some of the best summer jobs for college students you can get on now.

So do well to carefully read through to the end. Meanwhile, look through the table of content for an overview of what to expect in this article.

What are the Benefits of Summer Jobs?

Pursuing summer jobs can provide you with valuable skills, and knowledge that will help you succeed in the real world. Applying for summer jobs can be difficult and exhausting, but the benefits are well worth it. Quite a lot of college students have gotten a new perspective and learned more about themselves as a result of their summer job experience.

The following are four primary reasons why looking for summer jobs is advantageous:

a. It teaches you how to manage your finances.

A summer job teaches you how to value your hard-earned cash. With a paycheck-to-paycheck arrangement, you receive hands-on experience on budgeting, saving, and maximizing your income until the next pay period.

b. It allows you to expand your network.

While on your new job You’ll meet or work with people of all ages and backgrounds. Summer jobs allow you to interact with people who are more experienced. Your first professional network is formed during your summer job; as a result, you have people who can point you in the proper way in a competitive job market. As soon as you graduate, a great summer job can turn into a full-time job!

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What are the best summer jobs for college students?

So here below are some of the best summer jobs for college students.

1. Nanny

Working as a nanny is a summer job that provides you with many opportunities. With many parents finding nannies for their kids while school is out, they employ nannies to help them look after their kids while they’re at work.

College students who love being outdoors, staying active, and spend time with kids can work as a nanny without feeling like they’re pressured. PayScale reports that nannies earn an average hourly pay of $15.22.

2. Freelance web designer

If you are good with computers and web design, a freelance gig as a web designer is something you want to consider. With web design, you’d have the skills to develop, manage, and design websites through WordPress.

This role allows you to work from home instead of the conventional 9 to 5 setting. Web designers help clients increase their online presence, install and update widgets and apps, update existing web pages, and develop new websites. According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly pay for freelance web designers is $27.00.

3. Freelance writer

Freelance writing is one of the best summer jobs for college students. If you have a good command of the English language and have a hang of the technicalities of grammar, then you can become a freelance writer. A lot of authors and bloggers are paying quite tremendous amounts to have writers write their content for them.

4. Social Media Manager

A social media manager is the person within an organization who is trusted with monitoring, executing, filtering, and measuring the social media presence of a product, brand, corporation, or even individual.

Social media management is one of the best summer jobs for college students. So as a social media manager, you’d be in charge of managing social media accounts and platforms for brands. Isn’t it amazing how you can just earn so much bucks from the confines of your room.

5. Receptionist

The demand for receptionists is higher during the summer since the number of people going to salons and spas, hotels, beach resorts, and theme parks increases during summer.

If you love meeting and interacting with new people, working as a receptionist is one of your best choices. With a receptionist job, you must have strong interpersonal and communication skills when fulfilling your obligations. It’s one of the best skills you can develop for your future career. A receptionist’s average hourly rate is $13.23, this makes it one of the best summer Jobs for College Students.

6. Sales Associate

College students with the gift of persuasion and who are personable flourish and pursue sales associate positions during the summer, whether they work in a bookstore, outdoor shop, boutique, or clothes. Individuals who are majoring in marketing and sales, finance, or business generally have a strong desire to work as a sales associate. A sales associate position, on the other hand, is ideal for students who want less demanding summer jobs.

Although a sales associate’s average hourly salary is $11.31, commissions allow them to earn more. Students must be prepared to develop their communication skills and acquire confidence because many sales associate professions demand interaction with clients.

7. Product Merchandiser

This is one of the best summer jobs for college students. Basically, you’d be in charge of stocking shelves for grocery stores. For example, you could be making sure all stationeries are in the right place at a bookstore or making sure the beverages are not mixed in with the chicken noodle at a grocery store. This is not stressful but you’ll really need to put in some time.

8. Online Instructor

Tutoring is one of the best summer jobs for many college students ever since time immemorial. However, with almost everything going digital, online tutors can now teach students in the comforts of home.

Whether finding your clients in your neighborhood or at a college or high school, online tutoring is an excellent job for college students with the penchant and ability to teach children.

According to PayScale, the average hourly rate for online tutors is $17.96.

9. Non-Medical Caregiver

You must not be a licensed health care provider to give care to people who need it. You can become a non-medical caregiver. As a caregiver, you’ll provide companionship and complete helpful tasks for an older person. This is one of the best summer jobs for many college students and a highly worthwhile job.

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 10. Ice Cream Scooper

Another summer job you may consider is scooping ice cream for ice cream vendors. So what you’ll be doing basically is scooping the delicious frozen treats for children and families alike. If this is the thing you enjoy doing, it’s about time you prepare to have a sore forearm through training, but it’ll be worth it because you’ll get to eat all the ice creams you want!

Frequently Asked Questions on 

  1. How can I get a summer job while in college?

If you are looking to find a summer job, here are a few steps to guide you.

  1. Think about the type of summer job you want.
  2. Begin to look for a summer job as soon as possible.
  3. Check with your school.
  4. Connect with recruiters and temporary staffing agencies.
  5. Search through job listing websites.
  6. Don’t forget company websites.
  7. Network as much as possible.

2. What is the highest-paying summer job?

According to Indeed, the highest paying summer job is freelance writing. If you are a writer, you can make huge writing sales copies for brands. You can also help write blogs for some payouts.

3. When should college students apply for summer jobs?

Most summer employers will review applications and set deadlines during the period from February through May. This means that applications for summer positions typically need to be in well before winter runs off and several months prior to summer.

4. How much money can a college student make in the summer?

Given that there are about 13 weeks during the summer and 30 weeks during the academic year, a college student can work about 13 x 40 + 30 x 12 = 880 hours per year. The student should be able to earn at least $6,380 per year at the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Most college students can earn more.


You can be sure to amass a huge amount of dollars if you can take up any of these Best Summer Jobs for College Students. You can have a lot of money to take care of yourself and your basic needs back in school. One piece of advice for you is to start well on time to scout for these opportunities. You might be so lucky to get on a job even the summer sets in fully. Good Luck!

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