How to Summarize an Article in the Best Way

Summarizing means to give a short abstract about the whole story. A summary is much short than the content of any topic. 

It is the main meaning of that whole content in a short story. Summarizing is a skill that should be developed as it is used in every phase of life. 

Talking about an article, a user can summarize it in the best way to make it look attractive and demanding. 

So, before summarizing the article make sure that you have read the article twice and know everything that is explained in the article.

The main work before summarizing an article is to read it and understand it. Without this, one can’t get the best summary. 

The other option for summarizing an article is reading the abstract of that article. While reading the abstract one can get the main points about the given article.

The summary is all about the main points of the content and when a user knows well about these points, he can provide the best of it. 

This shows that one has understood the author’s point of view very well and he can sum up their arguments in few lines.

The first sentence of an article should attract the reader’s attention. You have to read the abstract of that article and understand that what the author is trying to explain here. 

Explaining the main topics is the best way to summarize the article. Having a good idea about the article is the main reason for a good summary. 

Top 5 Tools to Summarize an Article

Here are the 5 best tools that are used to summarize an article in the best way.

  • Preposteo-textsummarizer
  • Eidtpad-textsummarizer

This tool is one of the best tools to summarize the article. This is an artificial intelligence software-based tool that provides the facility to summarize the long-texted article into a short one by using its AI tool.

Everyone has not much time to read the article and understand it so this tool provides this facility to its users.

For having a good summary, one has to explain the main points of the article, and for it he has to read it throughout twice.

One other main point of this tool that makes it before other tools are that it is free to use. You don’t need to signup or get registered before using it.

You just open the tool and paste your content there. This tool reads the whole content and gives the best summary without any delay.

One more facility that the tool provides its user is that it doesn’t provide you a text limit. You can paste unlimited content on it at the same time.

Summarizing may be difficult for someone but this tool is best to help the user for summarizing the content. 

The main reason to use this tool is that it doesn’t lose the main idea of the whole content. This is an AI-based tool that provides the user facility to set the length of the summary.

Sometimes one may have no idea about the length of his article summary, but this tool summarizes the whole article in such a manner that makes it effective and competitive. 

The algorithm is designed in such a way that it doesn’t lose the track of the article.

Rapidity is another feature of this tool that makes it best in this category. It saves the time and effort of a person and uses its AI feature to make the content challenging. 

Here it takes only one-third of the article and decrease the word count and make the summarizing best without losing the main idea of the content.

  • Prepostseo – Text Summarizer

This tool is best among all the summarizing tools due to its extraordinary features and facilitations. The user can easily use this tool as this tool is user-friendly. 

The advanced algorithm is used in this tool that makes it unique and accurate in terms of summarization. 

Most of the tools take a lot of time to summarize the content but this one provides efficiency regarding summarization. 

While summarizing the article, this tool sets the summarization percentage of the content. Moreover, it doesn’t change the actual meaning of content and summarize it in the best way.

While summarizing the article, it is converted to bullets and is summarized in lines. This makes the summary look better so this tool automatically makes the bullets of the article and presents it in the best method.

This summarizing tool gives the best sentences from the article and presents them in the best way in a very short time. 

This is the main feature of this tool that it saves user time by providing him the best summary of the whole content.

Every summarizing tool has its features and each of them provides the best of them. But this tool is before others in terms of efficiency as it increases the work productivity with less time usage. 

This tool makes the best auto summarization in a very short time.

Analyzation is the main factor for the best summary and this tool facilitates you in this term. 

While analyzing the article, this tool takes the main concepts of the article and converts them into the best summary by making the bullet points of it.

This tool is beneficial in a way that it can be used for any type of content summarization. 

Either it is office work or blogs, research papers, or other documents, this tool works equally for every content and provides the best for its user.

Check- tool is another best tool in terms of summarization. This tool provides some extra features to its user that make everyone comfortable to use. 

The tool summarizes the data in the best and meaningful way that can be easily understood by anyone.

While using this tool user have to copy data and paste it into the given box. 

User can regulate the summary length as much he needs and select if he wants bullets. At the end just click on summarize and article will be summarized in the best way.

Attractive lines make the summary look better. And this tool has the feature that it can conduct the strong lines from the article and then convert them into the best lines. 

It trims the paragraph, takes out the best lines, and converts them into the best summary.


The world is moving very fast and everyone wants to save the time. No one has time to read long articles and summarize them in the short one. 

The above-mentioned tools are best for helping you in terms of saving time. These tools are efficient as they save time and provide the best result.