Best Primary Schools in the UK

England is known widely for being the center for education all around the globe and houses many of the best primary schools in the UK which we have discussed here.

England is home to some world-best colleges and institutions beyond the primary school border. There are so many primary schools that could be regarded as the best primary schools in the UK, although they may not be acclaimed as the best primary schools in the UK.

Students travel across several miles to have quality education and immigrants have unarguably decided to stay put in the UK because of all the glorious city has in store for inhabitants, including the quality of education available for everyone.

The best primary schools in the UK may not be the ones with the fanciest buildings but the ones that have been recognized as best for their excellence in achievements, and learning.

Primary education is a very foundational aspect of every child’s growth. And in most cases, how a child turns out in his/her later years is dependent on the kind of education that child received in the formative years; this is because it is easier to instruct a little child than it is to convince an adult.

Values are instilled right from infantry in children and somehow these values stick and it is quite difficult to take the values a child grew up with away from him/her. This is why you should send your wards to schools focused on giving a child the best. The best primary schools in the UK are prominent for giving the best to any child.

It is important to offer your child the best education that can be, which is why schools go out of their way to model children on the right path. Below is a list of the seven best primary schools in the UK which you may want to check. Go ahead, read through.


7 Best Primary Schools in the UK

  • Fox primary school
  • Barnes Primary School
  • Curwen Primary School
  • Akiva School
  • North London Collegiate School
  • St Andrew’s Church of England (VA) Primary School
  • Westminster School

1. Fox primary school

Fox primary school is one of the best primary schools in the UK. It was founded in 1842 as a charity school by Hon. Caroline Fox. The Fox primary school is basically for kids between the ages of 4 and 11. The top-ranked UK primary school is located in the Royal Borough of Kensington place and Chelsea.

At Fox primary school, there is a deep belief in the culture of excellence and quality education, which is one of the many reasons why the organizational structure is suited to offer the best for kids who are enrolled in the school. The learners are happy, confident, independent, and motivated daily to strive for the best they can be and to reach for their zenith individually or as a team. 

There is a strong foundation of values to use in the making of informed choices in local and global communities amongst pupils. 

It is not unlikely to find children and pupils from different cultural backgrounds and beliefs, but each of them is tutored to accept the other just as he/she is accepted. There is unity in diversity amongst pupils and this makes for a better breed of pupils who can lead the world irrespective of who and who make up the citizenry. It is easily of the best primary schools in the UK.

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2. Barnes Primary School

Barnes Primary school is a renowned public school in the UK. It has gained recognition with regulating bodies for so many reasons although an outstanding reason is that there’s always something for you at Barnes primary school. Barnes Primary school is like a well of knowledge.

Whether you’re a prospective parent, someone who is interested in working at the prestigious UK primary school, or someone who is just on the lookout for good primary schools in the UK, it is a place where you learn something new every day. It is one of the best primary schools in the UK. 

Barnes primary school is located immediately over the River Thames, in South-West London. In Cross Street.

 One of the primary goals of the school which is one of the best primary schools in the UK is to train pupils to become self-motivated and reliant, with a broad range of general study skills that will be useful to them and the world around them throughout their lives.

At Barnes, everything is calculated and planned to yield the maximum result. But with a calculated plan as this which may, of course, take some level of commitment from the pupils, the school made it possible for the pupils to enjoy their childhood and relate well with their fellows through recreational activities.

The curriculum by which Barnes primary school is run is modeled in a way that the pupils are prepared for life and work in the twenty-first century, not neglecting the constantly evolving trend in technology in the world. The children at Barnes grow up with the idea of skills very expedient for them in life and with the knowledge that they ought to open their minds to possibilities and skills. It is one of the best primary schools in the UK.

Barnes Primary is a larger-than-average school. The percentage of students known to be eligible for free school meals is slightly lower than the national average.

About half of the students are White British, with a quarter coming from Europe and a variety of other minority ethnic groups. A higher-than-average proportion of students speak English as a second language, and a small number of students arrive at school knowing little or no English.

The proportion of students who have learning, behavioral, and communication difficulties is generally average, with some students experiencing severe difficulties. However, the school makes effort in helping every child through any form of difficulties 

A higher-than-average proportion of students have special education needs. Several awards have been bestowed upon the school, including the Artsmark Gold, Activemark Gold, Healthy Schools Award, Basic Skills Agency Quality Mark, and London Schools’ Environmental Award. 

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3. Curwen Primary School

Curwen Primary School is one of the best primary schools in the UK open for pupils between the ages of 3 and 11. The school is consistently on the list of the 10 best primary schools in the UK and has been part of the Tapscott Learning Trust since 1st September 2017.

The trust is based on partnership and ensures the best possible quality education for the pupils and as well meets the needs of the local community. Admissions into the school are quite competitive and not easy. The admission manager can be contacted through the number 02084720290. 

The curriculum at Curwen focuses on the child- ensuring that they get the best of their developmental and childhood world outside their classroom experience. Pupils are taught to develop their skills in Reading, Writing, Math, and all other necessary subjects essential for their basic knowledge and foundation for the world they live in.

The school is based in Plaistow within the London Borough of Newham and it is recognized as one of the best primary schools in the UK.

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4. Akiva School

Akiva School was one of the first Jewish primary schools in the United Kingdom to be founded by the progressive Jewish community. The Akiva school provides particularly for members of Reform and Liberal communities and the New North London Synagogue.

It became the first Jewish Day School in the world and the first elementary school in Tennessee to be STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and mathematics) certified by AdvancED in 2019.

 Akiva believes in generously educating the child wholly- intellectually, physically, and all other necessary facets sacrosanct for the effective functionalism of the child. It is one of the best primary schools in the UK.

It is located at The Sternberg Centre for Judaism in the United Kingdom, the Akiva School is a co-ed English kindergarten and elementary school for students who are eligible in English language and French. Pupils who pass through Akiva are always readily accepted into most selective private middle and high schools.

It was designated as a two-form entry school in preparation for the move to the state sector in the London Borough of Barnet. The overarching principle guiding the school’s admission policies is that priority should be given to families who have a strong dedication to Progressive Judaism and for whom it is the only Jewish school that kindly has a look to their Jewish needs.

The admission arrangements also reflect the school’s two interfaces. The first is the link with stakeholder communities in the Reform and Liberal movements that founded the school. The second is a link to the New North London Synagogue, which is also located on the Manor House grounds.

The school children are taught to be happy, confident, and knowledgeable citizens, with a love of Israel, to respect themselves, others, and the world. It is easily one of the best primary schools in the UK.

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5. North London Collegiate School

The North London Collegiate School is one of the best primary schools in the UK. It was founded in 1850. It is a top independent day school for girls, located in Edgware, in the London Borough of Harrow with two sister schools on Jeju Island, in South Korea, and another in Dubai which is both co-educational day and boarding schools that offers the British curriculum. The school which is one of the best primary schools in the UK is a member of the Girls’ School association.

Amongst the several aims of the top UK primary school are the following aims. The school provides an ambitious academic education to enable every individual student to make the most of their intellectual capabilities. The school also aims at nurturing a team of professional teachers and educators who inspire the students with a love for their subjects in school and as well with a spirit of scholarship.

Students are encouraged to embrace new challenges confidently, and to respond to setbacks in a resilient and determined manner. The school also aims at developing an outward-looking, internationally-minded community that promotes respect and compassion, service to humanity, and positive participation in society and the world within them.

It is a private primary school in London and it is one of the best primary schools in the UK. At the North London Collegiate School, excellence is a watchword, and students are always valued, supported, and encouraged to spread their wings and fly.

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6. St Andrew’s Church of England (VA) Primary School

The St Andrew’s Church of England (VA) Primary School is owned by the Diocese of St Albans. It is one of the best primary schools in the UK, and a form entry voluntary aided C of E school for children aged 4-11 in the London Borough of Barnet.

Children are taught Christian values every day just as they are taught British values which underpin everyday activities in the school to make sure children are safe, happy, and treat one another with respect and care.

The vision of the school is to grow children who will grow and learn with God. Their vision is an excerpt from the Holy Bible, from a verse in 1 Corinthians. “There is no difference between the one who plants and the one who waters. God will reward each one according to the work each has done. 1 Corinthians 3 v 8.

For an admission place at the school, parents are expected to read the admission policy and follow the guidelines given. The school is one of the best primary schools in the UK.

The School Website is here 

7. Westminster School

The Westminster school is one of the best primary schools in the UK. 

It is widely known as the only ancient London school to occupy its original site and at the moment, the school stands out as one of the UK’s leading academic institutions.

The first records of a Westminster school date back to the 1370s and are kept in Westminster Abbey’s Muniment Room. Parts of the school’s current facilities date back to the 10th century Anglo-Saxon Abbey at Westminster. The school claims in its annual reports that it was founded by a decree issued by Pope Alexander III in 1179, though the evidence for this is unclear.

It is for both boarding and day pupils. For ages past, Westminster has consistently maintained its place as the educational home of so many of the world’s most influential thinkers, artists, actors, musicians, economists, scientists, philosophers, social entrepreneurs, linguists, writers, and different calibers of personalities.

At the Westminster school, excellence is greatly nurtured because it is one of the core values of the school, and independent thinking is encouraged and harnessed in the pupils. Little wonder, the school is widely recognized 

The Under School is judged by a combination of internal exams and interviews at the ages of 7, 8, and 11. 

For entry to the Great School at the age of 13, the ISEB Common Pre-Test, a standardized, national set of exams for entrance to independent schools, for standard entry; a second-round set of internal examinations in English and Mathematics; or the Challenge, an internal set of exams for scholarship entry; as well as an interview.

Entry to the Great School at the age of 16 is determined by subject-specific exams and interviews and is contingent on GCSE results. This is the only point of entry for girls, and only a few boys join here each year.

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