10 Top Football Scholarships in UK with Application Links

You’ve probably never known that football scholarships in UK actually exist, well they do, and not just in the UK alone. Many countries provide football scholarships to encourage sports students to study and grow in academics and become excellent footballers without worrying about tuition.

Sportsmen who aspire to pursue an academic degree in the UK can apply for football scholarships. These scholarships encourage sports students in the UK and from other parts of the world to perform both academically and athletically. Thanks to this article, as a football lover and player you can be from any country, anywhere in the world, and apply for any of these football scholarships in UK.

There aren’t many of these football scholarships in UK but the available ones should serve you enough. Also, the scholarships aren’t competitive as not many people go for them and they are also offered annually, in case you didn’t get it in that application year you can always try again the next year.

Nowhere in the world plays or loves football as much as the United Kingdom, they organize the world’s most-watched league and have some of the world’s best football clubs. Football is highly appreciated in the UK. Universities in the United Kingdom give sports scholarships to excellent athletes to help them pay for their education while continuing to train in their sport, football in this case.

Many institutions encourage aspiring footballers to choose their university so that the institution can develop a strong athletic presence. Of course, you will be expected to represent them in football throughout your degree, but the support and funding you will receive will guarantee that you continue to compete at a high level and reach your full sports potential while still earning a degree.

Sports, especially football, are a part of the curriculum in universities and colleges in some of these countries, like the UK. Furthermore, the availability of soccer scholarships will make studying in the UK much more beneficial to the student. Football scholarships are offered throughout the UK for college, undergraduate, and postgraduate students who are passionate about the game. Many soccer scholarships help students not only pay for their education but also develop their soccer careers.

You may need to apply for these scholarships before you know your A-level results, so check the deadlines. However, before applying for these scholarships you must have already applied to the course and university via UCAS before applying for the scholarships. Your chosen degree does not always have to be related to sports.


What is a Football Scholarship?

A football scholarship is an amount of money that is given by a school to a student to help pay for the student’s education for the student to play football for the school attending college on a football scholarship.

Who can get Football Scholarships in UK?

All students from all walks of life are welcome to apply for football scholarships in UK.

Without any further ado let’s get into the football scholarships in UK

Football Scholarships in UK with Application Links

A football scholarship will often provide you with financial assistance, which will typically be used to cover the costs of your training and travel but may also be used for other purposes. Many scholarships will also give you additional support services such as physiotherapy, gym membership, coaching, and mentoring to help you achieve your best.

The top football scholarships in UK are:

  • Chris Potter Bursary
  • Winning Students Football Scholarship
  • Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)
  • High-Performance Football at UEL
  • She Can Play Scholarship
  • Elite Athlete Scholarship
  • Sean Dyche Family Scholarship
  • BU Sport Scholarship
  • Newcastle University Sports Scholarships and Funding
  • The University of Stirling International Sports Scholarship Program

1.      Chris Potter Bursary

The Chris Potter Sports Bursary is one of the football scholarships in UK, it is an annual prize given to a student who can show that they have made a significant contribution to student sport as a competitor, official, referee/umpire, coach, or volunteer, with a focus on the BUCS program. The bursary is worth £1,000.

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2.      Winning Students Football Scholarship

Winning Students Football scholarship is one of the football scholarships in UK and is given out once a year and can be worth up to £6,000 per year. They provide individualized help and academic flexibility. The Scottish FA’s National Head Coach, Anna Signeul, nominates players to Winning Students for a women’s football scholarship.

Football players must meet the following criteria to be considered for selection:

Be a member of the Scottish FA National Performance Centre at Heriot-Watt University, or have represented Scotland at Senior, U19, or U17 level, or have been selected by the Scottish FA as a player with the potential to represent Scotland in a major tournament in the future.

The number of spots is determined by the size of the scholarship available to the sport, and if there are more applications than scholarships, spots will be allocated in order of squad level.

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3.      Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS)

TASS is a Sport England-funded partnership between talented athletes, education institutions, and national governing bodies working together to bring the best out of the UK’s most exciting young talent. The scholarship is spread across varieties of sports including Para-football, Diving, Rowing, Rugby, Women’s Football, etc.

The football scholarship is only for women in the Women Football category and is delivered via UK universities. TASS typically supports athletes that are currently at the England U23-U19 level, either competing in the ETP Development League or for a WSL 2 Club. If you’re looking for football scholarships in UK, you may want to consider TASS.

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4. High-Performance Football at UEL

The University of East London (UEL) has five high-performance sports which are Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Athletics, and Basketball. You can apply for a high-performance scholarship in any of these sports as well as football. The program’s delivery gives students who want to advance in football the opportunity to get vital experience at the university and club level as they pursue their football careers.

The scholarship will offer winners a bursary of up to £1,500 per annum.

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5.      She Can Play Scholarship

She Can Play Scholarship is provided by the University Campus of Football Business and one of the top football scholarships in UK but specially designed for female footballers.

The relevance of top women’s football has inspired the creation of this scholarship. It is accessible to current first- or reserve-team Women’s Super League players, as well as high-level academy players from the Women’s Championship.

Each scholarship is worth up to £1,500 and comes with a sports package that includes UCFB sports equipment and travel assistance for training, matches with your club and/or the UCFB Women’s Football (Academy) teams, and events.

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6.      Elite Athlete Scholarship

UCFB provides an ideal atmosphere in which to grow as a sportsperson while pursuing a degree and the Elite Athlete Scholarship is also provided by the institution. This grant honors applicants who have competed in any sport within their relevant age group in the previous two years. All students, regardless of disability, are encouraged to apply. The student will receive a UCFB sports kit as well as travel assistance for training and competition as part of this scholarship package.

The scholarships are divided into two categories:

National level

For students who have represented their country or who have participated in a national development squad. Each scholarship is worth up to £1,500 and comes with a £1,000 fee reduction the rest is made up of UCFB sports equipment and travel assistance for training, competitions, and festivities.

Regional Level

Students who participate at a regional level are eligible. Each scholarship is worth up to £1,000 and includes a £500 price discount, as well as UCFB sporting equipment and travel assistance for training, competitions, and events.

Elite Athlete Scholarship is one of the football scholarships in UK you should put at the top of your list.

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7.      Sean Dyche Family Scholarship

Sean Dyche Family Scholarship is one of the football scholarships in UK also provided by UCFB. All applicants with an offer to one of UCFB’s sports/football coaching and talent development undergraduate programs are eligible for the three-year scholarship supported by the Sean Dyche Family and UCFB.

Those who have worked in football coaching, player development, or operations are required to apply for this scholarship. Applicants will be able to demonstrate extraordinary abilities through academic or extracurricular achievements, as well as compelling displays of leadership, perseverance, and a dedication to equality, diversity, and inclusion principles. The scholarship is a one-year award worth up to £5,000 in the following format:

Year 1:

  • £1,500 fee reduction
  • £1,500 for professional football and coaching equipment or software
  • £2,000 to assist with the costs of accommodation

 Year 2:

  • £1,500 fee reduction
  • £1,500 for travel to conferences and degree related trips and events (including GIS Global Sports Summits)
  • £2,000 to assist with the costs of accommodation

 Year 3:

  • £1,500 fee reduction
  • £1,500 for travel to conferences and degree related trips and events (including GIS Global Sports Summits)
  • £2,000 to assist with the costs of accommodation

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8.      BU Sport Scholarship

This is a general sports scholarship provided by the University of Bournemouth for sportsmen and women to apply for. It can be any sport at all including football offers a prize of £500 to £5,000. The BU Sport Scholarship is also recognized among the football scholarships in UK since footballers are also eligible to apply.

The BU Sport Scholarship is for high-level athletes interested in studying at BU as undergraduate or postgraduate students. The scholarship is intended to equip you with the financial resources you’ll need to further your athletic ability. You can apply for up to £5,000 in funding, which you can use to pay for coaching, equipment, competition registration fees, travel expenses, and/or support services.

You must participate at a Regional, National, or International level and demonstrate excellence in your chosen sport (football). Athletes who receive a scholarship are expected to compete in the BUCS program and represent the university (League and Individual), at a regional, national, or international level, as well as themselves and/or their club. Individual athletes will also have to compete against the best BUCS athletes.

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9.      Newcastle University Sports Scholarships and Funding

Newcastle University is offering scholarships and funding of up to £10,000 to students who have achieved highly in sports and want to build on their success and represent the university. It is a general sports scholarship and since this article is based on football scholarships in UK, you can choose football among other sports listed on the scholarships page.

You must be a current student in any year of study, or an undergraduate or postgraduate applicant at Newcastle University, to be considered for the scholarship. You must also have earned senior or age group representative honors at national and/or regional levels in the previous 12 months, and/or be a member of the National Governing Body’s (NGB) performance squads, or equivalent.

You must be equally committed to improving in your sports (football) and representing the University in British Universities Colleges Sport (BUCS) events, if applicable.

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10. The University of Stirling International Sports Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is also rated among the football scholarships in UK, although it is for general sports football is among it and you can apply since you are a footballer seeking scholarships. Since its inception in 1981, the International Sports Scholarship Programme has funded over 700 student-athletes, sending them to the Olympic, World, and Commonwealth Games.

Students are provided with financial assistance, academic flexibility, national quality coaching, necessary equipment, and the option to remain on campus.

Applicants must have a place on an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program at the University of Stirling – or be in the process of applying for one – to be considered for a scholarship. Students must also meet the requirements for their chosen sport.

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These are the top 10 football scholarships in UK with their application links provided to help you learn more about each of the scholarships, application process, and deadline.

FAQs on Football Scholarships in UK

The following are the frequently asked questions concerning the football scholarships in UK which you may also find useful

Can international students apply for football scholarships in UK?

International students are eligible to apply for football scholarships in UK. All of the football scholarships listed here accept students from all nationalities.

What are the basic requirements for a UK football scholarship?

The basic or general requirement to apply for any of the football scholarships in UK is that applicants must have applied or are in the process of applying for a degree program, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, in an accredited institution in the UK.

You must also ensure to meet eligibility requirements as directed by the scholarships board.



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