List of Fake Online Universities in USA, UK, and India.

This post exposes readers to the list of fake online universities that many people looking for an online degree do not know about. With the knowledge you will gain from reading this post, you will know the fake online universities and how to identify them.

Many people do not know this but there is a long list of fake online universities sprouting up here and there especially in the US, UK, and India where online learning is popular. Due to the rise of remote / distance learning which allows individuals from any part of the world with the necessary online learning tools to partake in online classes, these fake online universities could also disguise as one.

By “fake” it means they aren’t accredited and also offer fake degrees to victims while collecting their money. You will go through the normal payment and learning process, but because they aren’t accredited by the right educational body, the degree they offer are fake as well as their existence.

Also, the fake degrees won’t get you a job anywhere nor the promotion you seek at your workplace, in fact, it could land you in jail. For you not to fall victim to this fraud, this article has provided a list of fake online universities for easy identification.

Online learning is on the rise and it is the only revolution the education sector has seen since its inception and the benefit that comes with it is just amazing. Thus, many people are rushing towards it making it very easy for individuals to fall prey to fake online universities and getting fake degrees that could land them in trouble.

You don’t have to be a victim and neither should the people around you, simply share with them the list of fake online universities which have been listed and discussed here to help them be on the lookout. Especially the ones that are more inclined toward online/remote learning will help them avoid fake degrees completely.

Before we go on, let me quickly show you ways to identify a fake online university in the US, UK, or India.


How to Identify Fake Online University

  • The fake online university will not have an accreditation body, to verify if a university is accredited go to to be sure.
  • They trick people with the names of familiar universities
  • They do not bear any direct contact address or proper contact information
  • They operate under the guise of a fast and easy admission process
  • These fake online universities will demand an advanced tuition fee
  • Note the errors on the official website, instead of the “.edu” URL they usually end with “.com” or “.net”.

And now, we shall go into the details of the list of fake online universities in the USA, UK, and India…

List of Fake Online Universities in the USA

The following are the list of fake online universities in the United States that you may want to look out for:

  • Washington International University
  • University of NorthWest
  • American Century University, New Mexico
  • University of the Nations
  • Cal Southern University
  • Christian Leadership University, New York
  • LaSalle University, Louisiana
  • Fredrick Taylor University
  • Columbus University, Picayune, Mississippi
  • Life Christian University, Tampa, Florida
  • American Coastline University
  • American University of Hawaii
  • American Central University, Wyoming
  • Madison University
  • Delta International University, New Orleans
  • Ames Christian University, Florida
  • University of Northern Washington
  • Pacific Southern University
  • Vancouver University Worldwide
  • University of Northern Virginia
  • Lacrosse University
  • The University of Beverly Hills
  • Monticello University
  • Columbia State University
  • Tennessee Christian University
  • International Bible University, Norwalk, California
  • Bienville University
  • Commonwealth Open University, Virgin Islands
  • American Bible College University, Arizona
  • Louisiana Baptist University, Louisiana
  • Georgia Christian University Norcross, Georgia

Note that while some of these universities may actually exist their fake forms will exist as offering remote or distance learning education. To verify, find the school via Google or Wikipedia where you will get the correct link to the university website and ensure they offer distance learning education, and if they do, the link to enroll should also be on the same page.

For the sake of clarity, a brief detail about some of the common fake online universities had been provided below;

  • Washington International University
  • Fredrick Taylor University
  • Madison University
  • The University of Beverly Hills
  • Bienville University

Washington International University

This is an unaccredited institution of higher learning, established in 1994, and is on the list of fake online universities in the USA since it is not accredited by an educational body. The Washington International University is located in the British Virgin Islands and is a private institution.

The university does not have a campus nor the traditional setting of a higher institution, instead, it identifies as a non-traditional, non-campus, international distance learning cyber-university. All the operations are online-based and offer bachelor, master’s, and doctoral degrees in business, liberal arts, and engineering all online.

The admission requirements are very light, requiring a high school diploma for the bachelor’s degree, work experience and bachelor’s degree for the master’s degree, and work experience and master’s degree for the doctoral degree.

Fredrick Taylor University

Another institution on the list of fake online universities in the United States is the Fredrick Taylor University. It is a private university that offers unaccredited online degree programs in the US, it offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as certificate programs in Management and Business Administration through remote and distance learning mode.

Although Fredrick Taylor University is approved by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education it has no approval by any accreditation house recognized by the US education management.

So, even if you enroll in this institution and pursue a bachelor of business or management degree, HRs won’t recognize your degree even though you may have the skill.

Madison University

Madison University is another higher institution of learning on the list of fake online universities in the US. They are exposed to offering fake online degree programs since it is a non-accredited distance learning university.

However, the university received its accreditation from an unrecognized accreditation body called the World Association of Universities and Colleges which is not approved by the United States Department of Education or Council or Higher Education Accreditation. This could make the degrees earned at this institution tagged as fake and may be illegal or restricted in some regions in the US.

The university has no website, which is one of the ways to identify a fake online university.

The University of Beverly Hills

Using a familiar name is one of the ways to spot a fake online university, and this institution, the University of Beverly Hills, just proved that. The university is on the list of fake online universities in the US known for operating a non-accredited school of arts and sciences.

The university has a main facility located in Beverly Hills which delivers on-site and distant learning programs but lacks a campus, arts center, and laboratories.  Also, the university is no longer functioning and there isn’t a website as well.

Bienville University

Bienville University is among the list of fake online universities in the US, it was an unaccredited higher institution based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was referred to as a diploma mill or degree mill, that is, a company or organization that claims to be a higher education institution but provides illegitimate academic degrees and diplomas for a fee. The degrees can be made-up, fake, or practically useless.

Bienville University was never recognized by any accreditation agency in the US and was later closed down by the State of Louisiana. Many states in the US have pronounced degrees gotten from the university as illegal since it has no recognizable accreditation and may not be acceptable to employers or other academic institutions.

There you have the list of fake online universities in the United States and now that you also know how to verify the authenticity of a university, being a victim is reduced or even eliminated.

List of Fake Online Universities in the UK

The United Kingdom too has its share of fake or bogus universities, as they often term it, and over the years the UK government has shut down close to 100 fake university websites and more keeps rising daily. The same trick used in spotting a fake online university in the US is also applied here and to make it simple, you can actually check the authenticity of a university located in the UK.

Prospects Hedd is an official website where you can check if a university in the UK is authentic or fake and it is only for UK universities. So, if you ever doubt the originality of a UK-based university and want to verify, simply go to the website and find out.

Without further ado, see the list of fake online universities in the UK below;

  • The University of New Castle
  • The University of Devonshire
  • Youngsfield University
  • Cambridge College of Learning
  • International University Robert Gordon

The University of New Castle

This university is an obvious scam as it claims the name of the prestigious Newcastle University, one of the ways to know a fake online university is that it almost uses the same name as an actual university leading people to fall prey and getting scammed.

The University of New Castle is not Newcastle University nor affiliated with it in any way, while the latter is a prestigious higher institution in the United Kingdom, the former is fake and not accredited on any level. Therefore, it is labeled among the list of fake universities in the UK and you shouldn’t fall for its scams.

The University of Devonshire

This is another institution on the list of fake online universities operating in the UK and has no accreditation of any kind. In fact, Devonshire was one of many scams run by a company known as University Degree Program (UDP), which operated several bogus online colleges and universities including Devonshire.

In case you see universities such as Harrington University, the University of San Moritz, and the University of Palmers Green, they are also other names which Devonshire have been referred by.

Youngsfield University

Recognized among the list of fake online universities in the UK, they have also been known to advertise their operations in the US. Youngsfield University is not accredited nor recognized by any accreditation body in the US or UK, so, keep your eyes open and don’t be the victim of this educational scam.

Cambridge College of Learning

You should have learned by now that this institution is fake and has no affiliations with the Cambridge University but it did claim to and many people fell for it and scammed thousands of pounds.
Cambridge College of Learning is on the list of fake online universities in the UK, non-accredited, and shares no connection to Cambridge University.

The fake college sold thousands of fake postgraduate diplomas in business management and I.T, after Home Office received 2,542 applications for post-study visas in a period of two months immigration officials became suspicious of the college. They raided the location of the college and found out it has just three classrooms and eleven desks.

International University Robert Gordon

Do not confuse the International University of Robert Gordon with the genuine Robert Gordon University, while the former is fake the latter is completely genuine and regarded as a prestigious higher citadel of learning in the United Kingdom and beyond.

The International Robert Gordon is among the list of fake online universities operating from the UK and uses the name of one of the top universities to deceive and scam victims.

The list of fake online universities in the UK goes on to include;

  • Manchester Open University – Do not confuse with the actual University of Manchester or the Open University
  • The University of McAllister
  • Rutland University, Leicester – Not to be confused with the genuine Leicester University
  • Bransfield University
  • Wanswick University – Don’t confuse this scam with the real Warwick University
  • Wolverhamton University – This also copies the name of the genuine Wolverhampton University.

This is the list of fake online universities in the UK and if you see other universities that seem suspicious to you and want to verify the authenticity, click here.

List of Fake Online Universities in India

We’re on the final discussion on the list of fake online universities and this time we get to see the ones in India. Just like the US and UK, India also has its share of fake universities offering fake programs and degrees that won’t be relevant to the victim that falls for them.

India also has an effective database to cross-check the authenticity of universities located in the country. You can check the university detail at the UGC website and NAD.

Although there aren’t any search results for fake “online” universities in India only results for fake universities in India they can still pretend to offer online, remote, or distance education and scam people in the process. So, watch out for the following fake universities in India and verify others through the University Grants Commission website before applying for them.

  • Maithili University
  • Viswakarma Open University
  • Commercial University Ltd
  • United Nations University
  • Indian Institution of Science and Engineering
  • John’s University
  • Raja Arabic University
  • Institute of Alternative Medicine and Research
  • Sree Bodhi Academy of Higher Education
  • Indian Institution of Science and Engineering

There are actually over 50 fake universities in India which have all been listed and discussed in a well-detailed article which you can find here.

We have come to the end of this article on the list of fake online universities in the United States, United Kingdom, and India. At the end of this article, you must have gained knowledge in identifying scam universities and colleges from authentic ones whether they offer online education, traditional education, or both.

With this knowledge, you can avoid being a victim of educational scams and also help teach the people around you how to avoid these scams.



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  3. Thank you! That’s very helpful to know. Often these universities are attractive with their low course fees and affordability. But in reality, they cannot provide quality education.

  4. Hello,
    I have a question whether or not an online school is a fake, diploma mill school. The school is called the American University of Sovereign Nations (AUSN) and it seems the school is strictly cyber-based with no recognition in the United States nor by other regional or international authorities:

    I found the school’s name on Wikipedia’s “List of Unaccredited Universities”.
    This online university also claims its partnership with an accrediting organization called “Accredited Universities of Sovereign Nations”, which was also created by the same person who created the online school:

    Also, on their websites, they mention the endorsement by the United Nations Academic Impact. But the school’s name is not on the UNAI member list… The member list accessible through URL below:

    Thank you

    1. These indications clearly show that the school is not officially accredited to run by the government or necessary bodies. I like that you took your time to research the school before trying to apply.

      1. Thank you. I think it’s critical that we take time to research carefully and find warning signs. For this particular online school AUSN, my further research reveals that it was denied accreditation in 2018 but the school’s president apparently did not tell the faculty and students about it and continued to operate in violation of an order from the state education board. In the US, it leads to “Cease and Desist order”, but many people outside of the US wouldn’t know, therefore easily duped.

        1. Thanks Xavier. I am sure these details you provided will save another person from falling victim.

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