List of 24 Blacklisted Colleges in Canada

Institutions in Canada offer quality education but a number of them have been found wanting in certain areas of operation, giving rise to their ban. This article has been written to give you a comprehensive list of blacklisted colleges in Canada that you should avoid while making your application.

So carefully, read through to find the schools below. This is just a list of the schools. 

Meanwhile, there are still some Universities in Canada that don’t require IELTS, or even some Universities in the country that have a high acceptance rate. If you want to consider studying in the United States, there are also some very affordable schools in the US for international students.

 Anyway, before we list these schools, let’s first explain the consequences of blacklisting a school.

What Consequences Do Blacklists Have?

Blacklisting a school doesn’t only affect the school but its students too, here are some consequences.

  • Any blacklisted school in Canada will instantly lose its designation as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) after being found guilty by the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). 
  • The school will no longer accept foreign students.
  • The school will no longer receive funding from the Canadian government.
  • The school will be added at the IRCC website as a blacklisted institution. 
  • International students in a blacklisted school will lose their study permit
  • Might be deported back to their home county
  • Their degree might not be recognized by potential employers and companies.

Note that, before a school is blacklisted it had undergone a thorough investigation by IRCC, and has been found guilty of not meeting education standards or committing fraud.

How do I Know a Blacklisted School?

One of the most accurate and updated ways to know a blacklisted college in Canada is to check the IRCC website. The ones we listed are up-to-date as of the 2024/2025 academic year.

The IRCC maintains the list of blacklisted schools, you can either decide to search the school by name (perhaps the name of the school you intend to enroll in or you suspect to be blacklisted).

Another way to confirm is to check the accreditation of the school (you should be careful of this, sometimes they lie about their accreditation). You can also read reviews of other students if there are lots of negative comments that could be a sign.

Also, be wary of schools that make too many promises that seem too good to be true.

What Could Possibly Cause a School to Be Blacklisted?

Here, we are going to look at some cases that resulted in a school being added to the blacklisted colleges in Canada:

Example 1: The owner of a certain unnamed school was having erotic feelings for one of the female students. The female student was just sixteen (16) years old. This resulted in the school owner asking the female student to have sexual relations with him so that the girl’s fees would be cleared.

Example 2: A certain school has been parading itself online as an international school that has numerous students from different countries worldwide while the school in reality has just a few students from a particular locality.

Example 3: A certain teacher who is on probation as a result of certain misconduct enters a school social event heavily drunk. He tries to abuse a female student sexually inside the female’s toilet. The female student screams and some male students come to rescue her and drag the male teacher out of the event.

Other reasons include

  • When a school is caught for fraudulent or misleading information about their program, scholarships, accreditation, etc.
  • When a school provides poor quality education, maybe they failed to meet the standard their accredited body instituted.
  • A school that has unqualified staff or staff that has immoral practices, might also be blacklisted
  • A school that enables international students to receive visas fraudulently.

List of Blacklisted Colleges In Canada

Some colleges in Canada have been convicted of criminal activity, fined for civil law violations, or by-law infractions, or banned totally.

According to the 2024/2025 academic year, IRCC blacklisted 24 colleges in Canada, and here is the list of them.

  1. Access Care Academy of Job Skills
  2. Academy of Teaching and Training Inc.
  3. All Metal Welding Technology Inc.
  4. Archer College Language School Toronto
  5. CanPacific College of Business & English Inc.
  6. CDE College
  7. Collège CDI
  8. CLLC Canadian Language Learning College Inc.
  9. Crown Academic International School (operated by Seneca Groups Inc.)
  10. Education Canada College
  11. Everest Colleges of Canada Inc.
  12. Guyana Training School for International Skills Inc.
  13. Huron Flight College
  14. Huron Flight Centre Inc.
  15. International Language Academy of Canada Inc. (ILAC)
  16. LSBF Canada Inc.
  17. Matrix College of Management, Technology, and Healthcare
  18. Montréal College of Information Technology
  19. Quest Language Studies Corp.
  20. Seneca Groups Inc. o/a Crown Academic International School
  21. TE Business and Technology College
  22. Toronto College of Technology Inc.
  23. Upper Madison College
  24. Universal College— Gatineau Campus


Blacklists arise when students, parents, or agents make a blacklist entry against a school. If the complaint or review is investigated and found to be true, it may lead to the school to be convicted, fined for civil law violations, or blacklisted.

Keep in mind that there is real and fake blacklist as criminal organizations create fake blacklists to scam institutions. Ensure you’re getting your information from IRCC.

The blacklisted colleges in Canada that we have for you in this article are no longer in operation in the country as they have been banned totally.



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