List of 20 Blacklisted Colleges in Canada

Institutions in Canada offer quality education but a number of them have been found wanting in certain areas of operation, giving rise to their ban. This article has been written to give you a comprehensive list of blacklisted colleges in Canada you should avoid while making your application.

So carefully, read through to find the schools below. This is just a list of the schools. There are no information on any of the schools except for the documents containing their ban.

Meanwhile, look through the table of contents below for an overview of what to expect in this article.


What consequences do blacklists have?

Schools that are Blacklisted face a number of consequences.

Criminals use fake blacklists to scam some good schools in Canada. For example; some criminals can make several blacklist reviews against a good school and then put the school on a blacklist. Afterward, they will contact the school and tell them that they will remove the listing once the school pays a huge amount of money.

In another context, a student may publish wrong information online against a good teacher so as to blackmail the teacher. Then, the student will now demand the teacher to award him/her a better grade before removing such a bad review.

These and more are some of the consequences getting falsely blacklisted may pose to a school. Usually, you will find information like this on but we decided to get this to you directly as it will help you avoid troubles.

In another context, getting banned makes a school lose its reputation and prestige. It loses its students and engagements and ultimately ceases to exist.

How do I know a blacklist?

While trying to apply to a college in Canada, make sure you make proper inquiries about the school. Keep in mind that there are real and fake blacklists just in case you are interested in any of the colleges in Canada.

It is important to note that it is not all the schools that appear in the list of the blacklisted colleges in Canada is a bad school.

Make sure that you contact the source of information that made the blacklist review or complaint against the college. Once you do this, you will get a better chance to confirm if the information is genuine or not.

If you find out that the information is true, you can plan for another college.

What could possibly cause a school to be blacklisted?

Here, we are going to look at some cases that resulted in a school or teacher to be blacklisted:

Example 1: The owner of a certain unnamed school was having erotic feelings for one of the female students. The female student was just sixteen (16) years. This resulted in the school owner to ask the female student to have sexual relations with him so that the girl’s fees will be cleared.

Example 2: A certain school has been parading itself online as an international school that has numerous students from different countries worldwide while the school in reality has just a few students from a particular locality.

Example 3: A certain teacher who is on probation as a result of certain misconduct enters a school social event heavily drunk. He tries to abuse a female student sexually inside the female’s toilet. The female student screams and some male students come to rescue her and drag the male teacher out from the event.

List of Blacklisted Colleges In Canada

There are several colleges in Canada that have been convicted of criminal activity, fined for civil law violations, or by-law infractions, or banned totally.

Below are the links to colleges (PCCs) and English schools in Canada that have been blacklisted/banned:

list of black listed colleges in Canada


Blacklists arise when students, parents, or agents make a blacklist entry against a school. If the complaint or review is investigated and found to be true, it may lead to the school to convicted, fined for civil law violations, or blacklisted.

Keep in mind that there is real and fake blacklist as criminal organizations create fake blacklists to scam institutions. Ensure to get closer to the source of information of any blacklist review in order to confirm if it is true or false.

The blacklisted colleges that we have for you in this article are no longer in operation in Canada as they have been banned totally.



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