The Best Places to Study Abroad for Computer Science Students

Science and Technology, especially computer science, has continuously taken the lead compared to other subjects in the 21st century. This is because the world has gradually adjusted to more efficiency and convenience by leveraging computers and automation. With the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting a 13% growth in Computer Science by 2026, the benefits of young adults learning computer science are unlimited.

However, as more and more students prefer studying abroad, highlighting the best countries and universities to consider is prudent. Below are some of the best countries to consider studying your computer science course.

United States

The United States is among the main contributors that helped Computer Science succeed as an independent field. The country has also helped accomplish several significant technological inceptions, such as Space Age technology. This makes it a leading country for international Computer Science enthusiasts looking to earn their degrees.

Besides the invaluable learning environment and exposure, the U.S. is home to notable global Computer Science performers. Among them is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT, which is the country’s top learning institution. MIT regularly produces the finest Computer Science graduates ready to solve various challenges in computing systems affecting various fields, such as Medicine, Biotechnology, and Engineering.

Another great university in the U.S. s the Carnegie Mellon University, with diverse programs that expose learners to various projects, including robotics. Stanford University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Princeton University are the other high-ranking U.S. University that provides quality Computer Science education.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom joins this list of the best countries to study Computer Science for many reasons. For starters, it goes without saying that the country is widely known for its advanced and modernized information systems. Industries and businesses in the U.K. highly depend on automation and computers, providing an excellent field of practice for learners.

Interestingly, the history and origin of computer science and related fields are highly entwined with popular English names. Therefore, studying in this country enables students to gain insights into various inspirations behind computer technology and its pioneers. That aside, the U.K. packs several universities and colleges that provide world-class computer science education.

Oxford University, which is the oldest institution in the U.K., is a modern learning center with computer science courses for aspiring computer scientists worldwide. The University of Cambridge is another great institution that provides computer science programs that meet modern-world demands. Other good learning institutions include;

  • The Imperial College of London
  • The University of Glasgow
  • The University of Manchester
  • The University of Warwick


Switzerland is another great place to earn your Computer Science degree. The country has top schools that deliver excellent education with quality learning facilities. Interestingly, tuition fees in Switzerland are the cheapest compared to other countries in Europe. This means that there won’t be a strain on your finances if you don’t secure a scholarship.

Among the many study options in this country are the ETH Zurich and Ecole Polytechnique Federale, which ranked fourth and sixth for Computer Science education according to the Times Higher Education World Ranking for 2021. These universities have a vast history in building software and computer systems for various applications.


China is another obvious option for international Computer Science students for many reasons. Being the leading developing country in the region, China has made several fast technological developments, specifically in computer systems. The country has top schools that offer various computer science programs.

Among them include Peking University and Tsinghua University, which compete with top-tier institutions globally. Apart from quality education, students get an opportunity to learn the Chinese language and culture.


Singapore is a lesser-known yet incredible country in Asia that is among the best and preferred destinations for international students. While the country has endless learning options to choose from, a degree in computer science is among its best offering. Nanyang Technological University and the National University of Singapore specifically stand out for these courses.

Singapore is also a preferred option for international students due to affordable tuition fees. The English language is widely used, making it easy for most learners to cope, but the blend of different cultures makes it a haven for learners.


Germany has been a top attraction for engineering students for years. However, it is increasingly becoming a fascinating option for Computer Science students. Besides the reality of studying in some of the oldest and prestigious schools in the world, German institutions offer quality education in various computer science fields. Some institutions to consider include;

  • Technical University of Munich
  • The University of Frankfurt am Main
  • Jacobs University Bremen
  • Humboldt-University Berlin

 The Bottom Line

Success in computer science degree and chances of being employed depend on the country of study. High-ranking learning institutions, great learning experience, multiple Computer Science programs, and many other exciting reasons attract students from various countries across the world to these countries.