Bachelor Degree In 12 Months- Schools And Program

Getting a bachelor degree in 12 months is one of the best ways you can earn a degree for job progression without enrolling in the traditional four-year program. In this article, we will be exploring all that is involved in degree acquisition. Hope you’re okay with it?

Everyone wants to attain a great height in their various career sectors, however, the prerequisite needed most times is a degree. That is why upon completion of high school education, people are seen moving further into the university, while some take higher courses from free online courses with certificates.

Some people even look for how to get a master’s degree without a bachelor’s. If there are degrees for high school students who hate math and science, it simply means that a degree is very essential in your career journey.

Although there are fun jobs that pay well without a degree, you will still agree with me that having a degree will place you on a higher pedestal and can even get you one of the highly paid government jobs.

Now, there are key considerations to make when selecting a bachelor’s degree. It could be what are those top degrees that guarantee a job in Canada or where are the fastest online accelerated bachelor’s degrees.

Whichever is your choice, it is important to note that you don’t have to break a bank to get a bachelor’s degree as there is a cheap online bachelor’s degree program for both international and domestic students.

I find it funny when people ask if there are jobs you can earn with a degree in logistics or what are the things you can do with a history degree. The reason is that the answers to these questions are not farfetched. You just have to subscribe to this platform to be notified immediately that we update articles that answer all these questions.

Check out this article on short courses with high salaries, you can start from there while you strive to earn your bachelor degree in 12 months to further accelerate your career.

Without further ado, let me touch on some things you would love to know before I go into the top bachelor degree in 12 months programs.

What Is A Bachelor Degree?

A bachelor’s degree according to Wikipedia is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by colleges and universities upon completion of a course of study lasting three to six years. The bachelor of arts and the bachelor of science are the two most common bachelor’s degrees.

What Can I Do With A Bachelor Degree?

A bachelor’s degree is undoubtedly the backbone or bedrock of higher education as it is the basis for graduate degree programs and from it can one accelerate further in the academic sector.

Possessing a bachelor’s degree gives you a feeling of personal achievement as you have gained an in-depth knowledge in your field which makes you a sought-after professional for high-paying jobs and career development schemes.

How To Get A Bachelor Degree In 12 Months Fast?

This question is very essential for anyone who wants to possess a bachelor degree in 12 months. Below are some vital tips on how to do so.

1. College Course Work In High School

This simply means enrolling in some advanced placement or international baccalaureate classes that offer credit to students who pass the final exams, while still in high school. Some schools even offer dual-enrollment courses where you can earn college credit by taking the same courses as students at a nearby community college free of charge.

2. Test Out Of Classes

Some students test out of general education courses in their institutions once they can prove that they have mastered the subject matter. By this, you have saved a lot of time and the cost of taking the course too, while you will still be awarded the necessary credits. Students who have garnered some practical real-world experience can use this option while they now devote their time, energy, and funds towards other career courses that are needed in life.

3. Make Maximum Use Of The Online Or Blended Classes

As simple as this may sound, many undergraduates still have no knowledge of this until a late hour. if your school is part of those that offer online courses (part online, part classroom), you could calculate the cost for each credit course and enroll, and of course, it tends to be cheaper as it is an online class. By doing this, you have saved both time and money, as these online courses provide flexibility. You could even be working and studying at the same time. Though there are some courses that might not be advisable to take online, something like nursing programs can take their lectures online and then go for clinical or lab once a week.

4. Utilize Your Experience Outside Of The Classroom

There is no wrongdoing in asking if your work or life experience could go for credit as some institutions reward relevant work experiences and consider them much more valuable than the normal introductory level courses. Your school might allow you to forfeit the introductory level courses once they become aware of your mastery in those courses. In cases where your school does not offer credit for the past experiences, there may be opportunities to capitalize on internship opportunities where you can gain practical field experience, and be earning a paycheck too.

5. Using The Summer Semesters

Making good use of the summer school term will help you unlock another batch of credits, bringing you closer to completing your degree. The truth is, no one loves to be listening to lectures and writing exams while others are on holiday or spending their July gorgeously, but sacrificing that time can help you achieve your goal of getting a bachelor degree in 12 months.

6. Choose Schools With Competency-based Learning Programs

Enrolling in a school that offers competency-based learning options is another way to get your bachelor degree in 12 months fast as a competency-based program tends to give you the room to explore your courses independently, and complete most of them using your own timeframe. No doubt, the program varies depending on the school but using the option of competency-based learning has saved students their time and money, and helped them acquire their bachelor degree in 12 months or less.

Schools Offering Bachelor Degree In 12 Months

Here is the list of schools offering bachelor degree in 12 months. Follow through closely as I list and explain them.

1.      Western Governors University

Western Governors University, located in Salt Lake City, Utah is one of the prestigious colleges that offers bachelor degree in 12 months using the competency-based education.

The institutions recognize all who show mastery of any subject, thereby allowing the person to forgo the remaining months or even years for the subject. Once you have practical real-life experience, you can forgo the remaining years of your degree program.

This has enabled many graduates to complete their bachelor degree in 12 months, rather than the typical 4 years.

There are many degrees to choose from that fall under one of these four categories: Business, teaching, Information technology, and health and nursing.

Tuition: $3,225- $3,550 every six months

Accreditation: Northwest Commission on colleges and universities

Online bachelor’s degrees: 28

You can make use of the link below to apply

Click Here

2.      Capella University

Capella University, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota is also one of the prestigious colleges that offers bachelor degree in 12 months using the FlexPath format which enables signing up for two courses at a time- once you are through with one, you can sign up for the next.

You can get your assignment once the 12 weeks period commences (including projects and tests) to enable you to finish your courses as fast as you want. This method has helped the top 10% of students finish up within a year.

Capella University through FlexPath has seventeen online bachelor’s degree options to choose from, and you can also earn credit for relevant work experiences and certifications. The institution is known to be one of the best online schools in the U.S.

Tuition: $2,300- $2,700 every twelve weeks

Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission

Online bachelor’s degrees: 17

You can make use of the link below to apply

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3.      Liberty University

Liberty University, located in Lynchburg, Virginia is among the institutions that offer bachelor degree in 12 months through its virtual accessibility and plenty of options to speed up your degree.

When you have relevant work experiences, you can automatically earn credit (not limited to licenses in aviation, law enforcement, insurance, real estate, etc.) You can also submit an experience plus portfolio for credit.

Liberty University makes it possible to transfer up to 75% of your degree from another school.

Tuition: about $47,000

Accreditation: Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges

Online bachelor’s degrees: 121

You can make use of the link below to apply

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4.      Northeastern University

Northeastern University, located in Boston Massachusetts is one of the institutions that offer bachelor degree in 12 months through an online learning experience.

It has a wide selection of online bachelor’s degrees and options to complete them as fast as possible.

Your exam scores from proficiency tests like CLEP, DSST, Excelsior, and AP can be submitted. If you also have relevant work experiences in the field of business, health, liberal arts, information technology, etc., you can apply for an assessment of prior learning to forgo some additional credit.

Tuition: $61,000 total

Accreditation: New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

Online bachelor’s degrees: 10

You can make use of the link below to apply

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Bachelor Degree In 12 Months

6 Top Bachelor Degree In 12 Months Programs

Here are some of the top bachelor degree in 12 months programs

1.      Law And Criminal Justice

Law and Criminal Justice students serve as the bedrock of defense for targeted citizens and others in need. They are equipped with the skills and experience to participate in community service and protection.

The options you can choose from are cut across economic crime investigation, paralegal studies, criminal justice, etc.

Students who major in paralegal studies are trained in legal theory with the practical skills of helping legal officers while those in criminal justice and law are educated as professionals at the federal, state, and municipal levels of government.

2.      Business And Commerce

Acquiring a degree in the business and commerce-related fields is a very important aspect of the business and trade as you stand to get the skills to be acquainted with digits and calculations.

The degrees across this sector are accounting, hotel management, and tourism, business administration, entrepreneurship, sales and customer service, merchandising management, etc.

3.      Teaching And Education

This sector has degrees available from one-year degrees to granting colleges such as childhood education, educational psychology, adolescent education, etc. The jobs available are seen in public and private schools, daycare centers, etc.

4.      Math And Science

Degrees such as algebra, geometry, fundamental and advanced calculus, statistics, mathematics, etc. are available in this sector. Students can get one-year degrees across math and science fields which prepares them for jobs in a variety of fields.

Both basic and advanced math and science subjects are covered in this field.

5.      Computers And Technology

With all businesses going digital, individuals are needed to maintain computer and internet services in organizations, companies, and government sectors.

There are a lot of degrees you can complete under 12 months available at prestigious institutions such as computer information systems, computer repair, computer support and operations, computer systems and network technology, etc.

You can also enroll in computer drafting and design to help desk support.

6.      Creative Arts

Students studying creative art programs can major in theoretical performances, set design, soundtracks, dancing, writing, painting, sculptures, etc., which they can complete under 12 months and get immediate employment.

There are also degree options such as communications and media arts, digital art, fine arts, multimedia, musical theatre, theatrical technology, etc.

Bachelor Degree In 12 Months – FAQs

These are the frequently asked questions about bachelor degree in 12 months. Go through them carefully to help clear you more.

Can I Get A Degree In 1 Year?

Yes, of course! You can get a bachelor degree in 12 months. If you have followed me closely, you will see that I listed the schools offering such programs and the options they use.

Can I Go For A Master’s With A 12 Months Bachelor’s Degree?

Once you possess your bachelor’s degree, you can go ahead to get your master’s. A bachelor’s degree remains the same, whether gotten under 12 months or 6 years.

Can I Apply For A Job With An Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Certificate?

There are many jobs available for those with a degree or certificate. I listed most of the job opportunities above in this article.