Cheapest Online Bachelors Degree For International and Domestic Students

Hello everyone, today I want to talk about cheapest online bachelors degree available to both students who wish to study abroad and those studying in their own country.

Bachelor degree is a basic degree that everybody wants to earn as it stands as a basic prove that you had a university education and is also prerequisite to furthering your education, even to getting a teaching degree.

One good thing about getting a bachelor degree online is that it allows you enjoy the comfort of your country while studying for a degree from a foreign country. This way you can even earn two online degrees at a go.

The biggest challenge to getting international degrees online is fees, the fees are always scary but with the right information you can land on reputable universities abroad that won’t cut off your head before awarding you a degree online.

These universities despite their low fees are still recognized internationally and their degree programs span across several disciplines.

Here, I will be focusing on the online degree programs which are among the cheapest recognized degree programs you can get around the world.

My rating of the cheapest online bachelors degree programs would be based on the tuition fee amount the university offering the program charges per credit hour.

The tuition per credit our of these onlie programs is what would determine the amount an individual would have to spend to obtain the degree certtificate.

I will be focusing on the five online bachelor degree programs which is to say, the top 5 cheapest online degree programs among others.

Cheapest Online Bachelors Degree

(1). The University of the Cumberlands offering cheap online degree programs in the many fields including technology, religious studies, business, and education, charge a tuition per credit hour of $199. This is one of the cheapest around the world and a student does not need to visit the school for any reason before obtaining his or her degree certificate.

(2). The College of Coastal Georgia offering affordable online degree programs in the fields of workforce management and leadership, French language and literature, and non-profit management and charging a tuition per credit hour of just $136.

(3).  The Valley City State University—Edwardsville Offering cheap online bachelors degree in the fields of music, technology education, business integration management, and social science with Tuition Per Credit Hour at $177. Some of the programs may require students to visit school once in a while but not very neccessarily.

(4). The Georgia Southern University is one of the cheapest online bachelors degree offering schools in the world. Its low tuition online degree fees in courses like nursing have earned high recognition.
Though those offering programs in nursing are in some cases required to take some live sessions to help boost understanding. The university chrages a tuition per hour credit of $204.

(5). The Arkansas State University offering over 11 online bachelors degree programs spanning across different disciplines is among the universities of the world with the lowest fees for online bachelors degrees programs.

With a tuition per credit hour of $210, the university offers bachelors degrees certificate to international and domestic students who applys and completes any of the the online degree programs they offer.

If as an international or maybe domestic students you are looking for cheap online bachelors degree programs that offers the flexibilty and opportunity to obtain a degree online while working tolo or maybe attending to some other personal projects then this list should be your kick-starting point for a reputable online university search.

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