Cheap Online Colleges Without Application Fee

For those who need an international degree but do not want to leave the comfort of their home country, here is a list of cheap online colleges without application fee that you can apply for admission and be sure of an international degree at the end of your study.

Everything is basically done online in these colleges for those who chose their online program. You don’t need to spend money on flight or even worry about accomodation because you will be receiving lessons right from the comfort of your room.

Many international students preffer online colleges but one of the challenge they encounter is the fees. Most online colleges or universities are very costly; too costly that you would even want to make up your mind to travel out and take the course physical rather doing it online.

Though you cannot equal getting a degree online with doing so offline. There are advantages and disadvantages for both for any of the method you may choose.

Here, I want to focus on cheap online colleges without application fee and this will be very beneficial to those who want to obtain their degree online without travelling out of their country.

One thing is finding online universities or colleges and another thing is finding the ones that are cheap and yet another thing is finding the ones with no application fee!

Many colleges require an application fee to cover the postage, processing, and review of admissions forms but there are few who do not charge this fee.

You should learn to cut excesses as an intending college or university student because you are moving to face a burden of fees when you finally get admitted and should be saving every little coin for this battle. So why waste a fortune on applications alone? You are not even sure of being granted the application at the end of the day.

Do you know why you should look for the ones without an application fee? Some colleges out there charge application fees as high as $100! That’s a huge amount if you do not know. Imagine you are seriously in need of a degree offering college online and you had to apply for 10 different colleges paying the application fee of $100 for each; you will be spending $1000 at the end of the day. That’s a big chunk from your tuition fees.

So here, I will not only be listing cheap online colleges but I will also make sure they are those without application fees so you can apply for as many as is reasonable.

You know it is not all universities you apply that will accept you, that is more reason why I prefer that you apply for colleges or universities with no application fee so if at the end of the day they fail to give you admission you can gently walk to the next university knowing that there is nothing you’ve lost.

Like what I wrote when I was writing on Universities in Europe that does not require application fees, if you ever pay a fee as high as $50 to $100 for application and the university sends you a denial mail, the mail will look like a suicide note to you; being rejected after they have pocketed your money. Painful.

Cheap Online Colleges Without Application Fee

  • American Public University System
    Tuition: $6,880
  • Brandman University
    Tuition: $10,980
  • Brescia University
    Tuition: $8,250
  • Indiana Wesleyan University
    Tuition: $9,265
  • University of Scranton
    Tuition: $11,112

I have just 5 universities on this list because from my research these are the cheapest online universities that are reputable and yet do not charge an application fee. They are all open to international students so you can decide to apply for admission in any of them.

You can as well look out for the scholarship opportunities they offer or any other organisation offer for those intereted in studying in any of these schools.

I am certain this list will solve the problem of finding cheap online colleges without application fee and also give you a clue of what their tuition fees look like.