UPSC EPFO 2021 Preparation Tips and Strategy

UPSC conducts EPFO(Employees & Provident Fund Organisation) exam for recruitment of posts like Enforcement Officer or Accounts Officer.

The exam is conducted for a total of 100 marks and those who pass the exam are eligible for the interview. The candidates who pass the interview will be recruited for various vacancies of the posts. With proper tips and techniques, it will be easier for the candidates to crack the UPSC EPFO 2021 exam. 

Knowing what to study

The first step in preparing for an exam is knowing the syllabus and exam pattern of the exam. UPSC EPFO exam has a wide syllabus including topics like General English, General Mental Ability & Quantitative Aptitude, General Accounting Principles, Indian Freedom Struggle, Current Events and Developmental Issues, Indian Polity & Economy, Industrial Relations & Labour Laws, General Science & knowledge of Computer applications, and Social Security in India.

The exam is conducted for 100 marks of multiple-choice questions in two hours duration. Passing this exam is the first step towards securing the post you are dreaming of. This syllabus may seem wide, but it can be completed with proper preparation strategies.

Manage your time well

Time is very precious during UPSC EPFO  examination time and preparation time. You want to be well aware of the time and create a study plan that suits you well. Allot time for each of the subjects wisely according to your difficulty level.

Each subject needs its own kind of study techniques and strategies. Give more time to the subjects which you are weak in, without losing focus in subjects which you know well of. During the writing examination, be aware of the time and use it wisely.

Always remember to not waste your time on questions you don’t know. Instead, invest your time in writing all the questions you know in pace, and then, only after completing the easy questions, move into the difficult questions.

Prepare a study plan

A good study plan can help you manage your time and cover all the topics. For General English, you can also depend on audio notes and podcasts too. But in the case of general mental ability and quantitative aptitude, you need practice and maintain speed and accuracy.

For subjects like Indian polity, economy, general knowledge etc, you need to read materials more and have a great memory to retain them. So, depending on the subject and its characteristics, you need to sort out all the subjects and allocate time for each one of them before the exams.

Remember to Revise 

You might have studied all topics. But it is important to revise and recollect them. It is very important for the human brain to revise the topics in order to recollect and produce them later. For the information and data to be thorough in your mind, it is very important to recollect all the topics.

Revising and recollecting the topics will always help you in performing well in your exams. 

Question papers and mock tests 

Have at least one previous year’s question paper or attend a mock test per day so that you can assess yourselves. Each day, you can evaluate your knowledge and accuracy. It can help you understand and analyze where to perform well and improve yourselves, were to stay consistent etc.

There are many study materials available online like sets of previous year question papers, mock tests and there are even mock interview questions to help you perform well in your interview.

Using proper use of time and information is very much needed for the preparation of an exam like UPSC EPFO. It’s okay to have doubts in the beginning. But, gradually, you will be able to keep up with the pace of the preparations, and eventually, you will be able to crack the exam with the highest score.

All you need to do is prepare well enough and then practice for your exams every day so that when the exam day comes, you can perform well and come out happily from the exam hall. Make use of hard work and smart work wherever needed. Always remember, it’s the decision and the way of executing is all that matters. Be determined, stay confident and perform well for your exams.