Top 5 Popular Majors Among International Students

As an international student choosing a major is one crucial decision. Selecting the right significant means, that’s the career path you would likely take after graduation. Some of the things that should determine your major are interest as well as passion. Emerging won’t be a problem if you are interested in a certain field coupled with a desire to succeed.

Reports have shown that about a million international students leave their home countries to pursue their education in the United States. With this number, many students find themselves in a dilemma to decide what course to major in. Not everyone may know immediately what to decide. This is why you can browse essay examples on studying abroad or get a list like this that will guide you on what top majors’ international students go for. Some of them include: 

Business and Management

With globalization, business management has continuously grown popular among overseas students. It ranks highly with accounting, international business, marketing, finance, business administration and management, and supply chain. Those who want to advance can pursue a master’s degree in business administration.

The career paths of business majors are pretty straightforward, and getting a job seems to be relatively straightforward for 85 percent of individuals. The salary depends on the organization and the industry because skills learned in business classes are transferable to almost any field and may lead to various opportunities. Marketing, advertising, sales, logistics, etc., are just a few examples of possible choices. 

Computer Science

With the advancement of tech, social media, Artificial Intelligence, etc., IT has seen the most significant growth compared to any sector. Information Technology or IT graduates or majors may expect high income and plenty of prospects in their career. 

With people like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and other CEOs of software and applications inspiring young adults, this has driven more interest in the study of Information Sciences.

As we spend more on technology, graduates with advanced technical skills and expertise are in higher demand, with a high employment rate. In today’s technology-driven world, a solid grasp and study of computer systems, coding, and programming is a must, as this will lead to even more innovations. A major in this field can also work in any industry because IT professionals are needed everywhere, even in education, business and agriculture. This is one common reason international scholars’ study this.


STEM fields – Science, Tech, Engineering and Mathematics, are also a top pick for international students. These are more intellectual and practical topics that have a high beginning wage and reasonable employability rates.

An international scholar who studies Mechanical engineering in college does well for him or herself after. They were rated as the sixth-highest beginning wage for graduates in recent research. The starting salary is roughly £25,000.

A degree in engineering may lead to careers in design engineering and others, or you can branch out into IT analysis or live to become an armed forces officer if you want to take a somewhat different path. 

Social Science

With the social sciences, international students studying abroad learn how Individuals and communities grow, interact, and change through time. Some specialized subjects here include; psychology, anthropology, political science, and sociology are included.

These areas are quite different, yet they all employ the same research tools and inquiry techniques taught in colleges and can be applied in any other country.

This degree opens you to a world of possibilities, whether you want to work in town planning, human geography, anthropology, or politics. Because of the wide variety of work options, over 85 percent of students obtain paid employment three years after graduation, compared to 80 percent of humanities graduates.

This, along with the analytical abilities you’ll learn in this course, makes it one of the most popular degrees, particularly among international students to study.

Fine and Applied Arts

Creative International students are most likely to be found here. This is for those who want to pursue professions in art and design, such as architects, writers, graphic designers, photojournalists, visual artists, videographers etc.

These students will find fine and applied arts to be a perfect match. Fine arts schools emphasize the history of aesthetics and the fundamental skills used in crafts such as painting, sculpting, and printing.

Over 63,000 international students studied fine or applied for arts programs in 2019. Fine and applied arts majors make up around 5.8% of all overseas students in the United States. Fine arts courses are a fantastic opportunity to hone your talents and launch yourself in art or design.


The academic journey of most international students is usually further propelled by the job opportunities and career paths available. Before they choose, a good understanding of the fields is required and the university you will be schooling at.

Most of the above majors are popular, but that doesn’t mean others you can study. You can also get an Open Doors report for detailed data.